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Here are this week’s top Trending/Speculative Comics out this Wednesday 5-3-23.
Please note: All new comic releases can and will change release dates from time to time. Check with your local comic shop for the guarantee of arrival time. If ordering from eBay, check with the seller or post details.
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Batman #135This is a big 900th anniversary Batman issue, but the silly numbering and relaunches have destroyed/robbed the lure it should really have. But we all press on and don’t lose sleep over it. A ton of variant covers accompany this new release, so choose your favorite. There are “limited” gold and red foil covers to choose from as well. Those limited copies, and shiny covers, will be completely meaningless as far as the speculation side goes if this new release doesn’t bring the interior candy. A major first appearance will be the only draw to sustain the limited edition price tags later on if there is an aftermarket grab here at all.     
Assuming all of these titles arrive on time this week, there are three Spider comics this week to look out for. Edge Of Spider-Verse #1 – Marvel promises new spider characters throughout, so you best keep on top of this series. A Top 5 comic for sure. Cult Of Carnage Misery #1 – 1st appearance issue and probably more new characters coming out of here too. Spider-Man 2099 Dark Genesis #1 – And more of the same here too. So basically what we have is a bunch of new Spider-Man/Spider-Verse/Carnage-like characters debuting on new comic book day this week. All of that and a Rob Liefeld Secret Wars #8 Deadpool homage cover: Spider-Man #8 
Groot #1 – Get the inside scoop on the origin of Groot. Writer Dan Abnett and artist Damian Couceriro. 

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Batman & The Joker The Deadly Duo #7The final issue of the Marc Silvestri Batman story. 
Shazam! #1 – A new series from top comic creators, writer Mark Waid and artist Dan Mora.
Star Wars #34 – This Star Wars comic will focus on the Lightsaber’s origins, the Galaxy- Kyber. Marvel is sending its readers to a Star Wars issue from a few weeks ago; Hidden Empire #5 regarding the secrets in this issue. Click our link and pick it up to stay in the story loop and possible speculative loop as well.      
Moon Knight #23 – Moon Knight teams with Venom and a variant Moon Knight Spider-Verse variant catches the eye too. Always watch for these Spider-Verse variant covers, a first appearance is extremely likely. 
Star Wars Return Of The Jedi – Lando #1 – Here’s a Star Wars comic no one really asked for, but we receive it anyway. It’s only a one-shot, so there’s that at least. And Stephanie Phillips writes, that’s good and Alvaro Lopez draws, that’s good too. See, not all is lost. 
Astrobots #1 – The original writer of the Transformers comics way back when, Simon Furman, writes a new series about, what else? Robots! This new Mecha type story is drawn by Hector Trunnec and is from WhatNot Publishing. The comic is centralized on a toyline here. Does this all sound familiar?  
Peacemaker Tries Hard! #1And DC gets in on the action with “comic stories no one asked for”. Look for a first appearance here. Written by Kyle Starks and penciled by Steve Pugh.  
Demon Wars Scarlet Sin #1Comic creator Peach Momoko continues her wonderful assault at Marvel Comics. She’s literally created (written and drawn) an entire new Marvel universe and it concludes here. Go Peach go!  

Click on ANY Red-Highlighted LINKS/Comic Covers to BUY/BID from ALL available eBay sellers now (always buy from high-rated eBay sellers).




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