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Here are this week’s top Trending/Speculative Comics out this Wednesday 6-28-23.
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She-Hulk #14 – Comic readers have waited for this issue with bated breath! The origin of the newer character, Scoundrel. Yeah, maybe fans weren’t all that amped up, but it’s still an origin issue nonetheless.
Thor #35 – Speaking of origins, this issue will deliver the origin of Hela. A character comic fans care for more. Right?   

Carnage Reigns Omega #1 – All of these new Spider-Verse, Gwen-Verse, Venom-Verse, etc. comics feature a ton of first appearances in them. Most are meh or eh. Most are corny. Most do not care because they lack that certain “something” a comic fan is looking for. We don’t know the secret sauce, but we do know from time to time a new character gets the “way overvalued” treatment. The perfect time to make all of that money you spend on new comics back and then some. So, include all of the Carnage comics in this category too. Every single one of these new comics is an issue away from putting some serious bread in your pocket. All the hobby needs is that one breakout character and BANG, just like that, you’re out of the red. The new Carnage comic here is written by Cody Ziglar and drawn by Julius Ohta. Per Marvel, the story is going to set the stage for the new “Venom epic”.   

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Two new Marvel releases relate more to Disney than to Marvel. Our regular visitors know what we’re talking about, but the Disney franchises of Alien and Predator continue their quest every month with a new story, new characters, and storyboard for their eventual films. Not a matter of IF Disney will ever visit these franchises, it’s a matter of when. That said, will they look to their own brand and borrow from a storyline? A character? A new alien breed? Maybe or maybe not. The thing is, the folks at Marvel are putting out a good product anyway. So why not just follow the story, enjoy it and you may possibly own the next big Alien or Predator bag. Check out Alien #3 and Predator #4 this week and everything way before it too. Buy those back issues HERE and HERE
Darth Vader Black, White & Red #3 – These issues are badass. That is all. 
Action Comics #1056 – A new character makes their debut. Is that her on the cover? Also, the origin of Blue Earth. 
City Boy #2 – DC Comics may have a hit on their hands with City Boy. 

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Daredevil & Echo #2 – Learn more about the new character Creeping Death from the previous issue. Buy that first appearance right HERE.
Harley Quinn #31 – Harley Quinn goes Anime! Has this been done before? Can’t remember. Probably, but Harley goes Anime! 
X-Men Before The Fall The Heralds Of Apocalypse #1 – Writer Al Ewing provides fans with the origin of Arakko. 
Ninja Funk Bolo’s Playground #1A very noticeable Dan Quintana Transformers homage cover. 
Detective Comics #1073 – Has Batman ever revealed his Bat Swimsuit? Cover artist Pete Woods shows Bruce in his Batman Underroos. What are Underoos? Maybe before your time, but the coolest things ever. Google it.  








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