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Amazing Spider-Man #29We truly love all of the Disney variants with various first-appearance Disney heroes and villains gracing the covers. We make it a point to try and alert fans with each new release. One thing that has us a bit perplexed and maybe it was explained already (we missed class that day), why are most of the covers reading a completely different title than the one it actually appears on. Minnie as Captain Marvel, with FULL Captain Marvel title dress… the variant cover to Amazing Spider-Man #29! Huh? Kudos to artist Glada Perissonotto for the homage cover here.
What If Dark Loki #1 – Over many many many years, InvestComics has always explained the significants of particular creators with characters they either write or draw. Sometimes even both. Names like Mcfarlane, Miller, Byrne, Starlin, etc. The few names mentioned can be matched up immediately with a particular character(s). Their vision brought a new light to already established characters and propelled them into the characters they are today. We’re talking 30, 40 years ago. Yes, these creators are that special. One creator literally brought back the Thor character from the doldrums of obscurity. Walt Simonson’s Thor #337 is the single most important Thor comic in the history of Thor comic books. The Thor you see today is because of Mr. Simonson. Full stop. Now Walt comes back to solo up (write) Loki in a “What if..” story. Actually, we need to clarify.  Walt Simonson was responsible for all of Asgard and what it is today, not just Thor. Walt Simonson is a living legend and should be revered as such, so when you see him at the next comic convention this summer, thank him for making Thor, Loki, Odin, Beta Ray Bill, and the rest of Asgard gang so badass. And Batman, and Manhunter, and just being a badass period. As for the Loki comic this week, Simonson will weave a tale we will love and we cannot wait for it.
DC Manga Sampler – A free comic sampler from DC Comics representing three Manga stories due out in September. Originally available in Japanese read format only, will now be converted to English format. If this hits off in a big way, this freebie will be very sorted after. The comic will be presented in standard Manga format and even read right to left. 
Moon Knight #25 – This issue will lead directly into the very first Moon Knight series event. Hard to believe it’s been 48 years since MK first appeared and this will be the first event storyline for him. 
World’s Finest Teen Titans #1 – A new Teen Titans comic from writer Mark Waid and artist Emanuela Lupacchino. A new take on the team, a new origin story. This comic will be seeing a second print real soon.  

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Batman Incorporated #10Find out more important stuff about the DC villain Dai Laffyn. 
Fallen Friend #1 – Marvel “killed off” one of their more popular young heroes in Amazing Spider-Man #26 a little bit ago. Now the Marvel Universe will mourn the death of Kamala Khan. November 10 2023 is the release of Marvel Studio’s new film; The Marvel’s. It’ll feature all three Marvels within the cinematic universe. One is, you guessed it, Kamala Khan. Our big, huge, bold prediction is that Kamala will return right before that film debuts. Although, a new costume will accompany the NEW Ms. Marvel. So, essentially what we have here is a small money grab, but hopefully, a good enough story to not feel like we’re being had. We are, but don’t make me feel bad about myself while reading it. Writers Mark Waid, Saladin Ahmed, and G. Willow Wilson, along with artists Humberto Ramos, Takeshi Miyazawa, and Andrea Di Vito will definitely ease the pain of both knowing Kamala is deceased and will be back.       
Web Of Carnage #1 – Every single one of these Spider-Man-related universe comics has first appearances within them. Whether it’s the first issue or the issues thereafter, something or someone always pops up. Writer Ram V and artist Francesco Manna begin the new Carnage story. 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Stranger Things #1 – The very first team-up. It should be fun. 
X-Men Days Of Future Past: Doomsday #1 – Revisiting one the most important X-Men stories of all-time. Writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Manuel Garcia.   
DC’s Knight Terrors event goes into its second week, full-throttle. Many nightmares, many first appearances, pay attention to all of these new releases each week. Knight Terrors #1, Knight Terrors Zatanna #1, Knight Terrors Flash #1, Knight Terrors Shazam! #1, Knight Terrors Green Lantern #1.

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Fishflies #1 – New horror mini-series from artist/writer Jeff Lemire. Image Comics. Yes. 
The Hunger And The Dusk #1 – A new 12 issue sci-fi fantasy tale from writer Gwendolyn Willow Wilson and artist Christian Wildgoose. This will sell out, you better get a hold of this IDW comic. 
Miles Morales Spider-Man #8 – A first appearance Hellfire Club Spider-Man variant cover? Artist Bernard Chang. 










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