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Here are this week’s top Trending/Speculative Comics out this Wednesday 7-19-23.
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Extreme Venomverse #5First appearances all in this one. Check out Jeff The Land Shark; Venomized. Also, Major League? We think that’s his name, but it’s a baseball player that gets Venomized. He keeps his baseball uni on and his bat is included in the Venomination (see cover). Who knows if a shark and a baseball player will ever move the VenomVerse speculative needle, but you never know. Look for more possible first appearances in this issue.
Hawkgirl #1 – New series from writer Jadzia Axelrod and artist Amancay Nahuelpan. DC promises new characters to be introduced throughout the new adventures of Kendra Saunders. The first issue will definitely have a new villain.   
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #34 – Starweird first appeared on 5 panels last issue, including a splash last page, unnamed. This issue Starweird will appear on its first cover(s) and possibility be named. Probably one you’d want to pick up if you’re a Star Wars speculator. 
Big Game #1 – This comic will be sold out by the time you reach the end of this article. Image Comics will gather up ALL of the Mark Millar franchises into one universe story. Some of the named franchises are Nemesis, Kick-Ass, Kingsman, and The Magic Order. Image Comics says there are some major surprises headed our way here with this debut issue. It’s very simple actually, Mark Millar is a badass. The man has literally created his own superhero universe with characters young and old, sane and insane, from worlds not of our own. Hopefully we’ll see Jupiter’s Legacy, Wanted, and his latest just a month ago, The Ambassadors. (UPDATE: We did not see some of the variant covers until after this article was written). This comic will be a huge hit. Maybe a major villain will be introduced in Millar’s story to unite all of his universe. A Thanos/Galactics/Darkseid type. Well, guessing on that last part, but a big comic no matter what happens. Big Game is going to be Big Time. Mark Millar writes and Pepe Larraz will draw. And the Kick-Ass cover paying subtle homage to the Dark Knight is lovely.        
Deadpool Badder Blood #2 – Marvel promised new villains and new characters throughout this series when this series debuted. We suggested you keep an eye out for each new release. This is a friendly reminder that there is a new issue coming out this Wednesday.
Spider-Gwen Shadow Clones #5The final issue of Gwen’s clone saga. Or is it? Always a possibility of a first appearance popping up.   

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Harley Quinn Black White Redder #1 – Harley Quinn is back in three colors. A ton of creative talent here makes for a must-get comic. 
Black Panther #2 – Readers learn the secrets of the character named Beisa. 
Star Wars Return Of The Jedi The Rebellion #1 – New Star Wars story from Alex Segura and Matt Horak. 
Blade #1 – A new Blade series from writer Bryan Edward Hill and artist Elena Casagrande. This issue marks the first appearance of Adana.
Scrapper #1 – The speculative world never expected Stray Dogs to bounce in the upswing it did when it came out. InvestComics did give you a heads-up on that series. Stray Dogs even made our Top 5 Comics of the Week too. We’re here to inform collectors that the dude responsible for one of the biggest-selling video games in history (Fortnite), Cliff Bleszinsi, will make his comic book writing debut here. Who knows where this goes, but welcome to the first appearance of Scrapper and his world. Also on writing duties is Alex De Campi and drawing pictures will be Sandy Jarrell. 

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Moon Knight City Of The Dead #1This number one issue immediately follows the events in Moon Knight #25. Writer David Pepose and artist Marcelo Ferreira.
DC’s Knight Terrors will continue to introduce new characters within the dream realm of the characters involved in this event.  Most notably, the first appearance of Super-Reaper in
Knight Terrors Superman #1, and there is a solo first appearance cover too. Here are the rest of the nightmare Knight Terror comics this week. All of these issue are supposed to be only two issues. Knight Terrors Punchline #1, Knight Terrors Wonder Woman #1, Knight Terrors Nightwing #1, and Knight Terrors Catwoman #1 
Void Rivals #2 – Last issue brought in a little bit of shock value to where the story was headed. We won’t spoil it for you, but two franchises begin their new combined universes….from Robert Kirkman. That’s muy bueno.  
Tales Of The Titans #1 – New Titans series from writer Shannon Hale and Dean Hale. Artist Javier Rodriguez. 
Star Trek Day Of Blood #1 – The new IDW Star Trek crossover event begins here. 

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