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Here are this week’s top Trending/Speculative* Comics out this Wednesday 7-26-23.
Please note: All new comic releases can and will change release dates from time to time. Check with your local comic shop for the guarantee of arrival time. If ordering from eBay, check with the seller or post details.
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Spider-Man India #2 – We think Spider-Man India has the potential of a Miles Morales run. In terms of popularity. It’s an interesting cultural twist on the Spider character with an upside. Collectors should get in early here. This week, the first full appearance of the new Lizard is headed into the Spider-Man India universe.   
Venom #23 – The new Toxin is about to truly shake things up. And a new character will be making their debut. You best pick this one up. 
Silk #3 – A new character is introduced. 
Cult Of Carnage Misery #3 – A “mysterious” villain will reveal themselves in this issue. 
Ultimate Invasion #2The new Ultimate Marvel is being built again by writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Bryan Hitch. Does anyone remember how scorching hot the Ultimate universe was back in the day? That’s not likely now, but it’s still good to have the old creative team back to weave a tale once again. We’re here for it.
She-Hulk #16 – Although a ridiculously gorgeous variant cover is provided by artist Jeff Dekal in of Best Comic Book Covers This Week 7-26-23 post, Marvel is paying homage to the late George Perez. His artistry was unmatched, impeccable. One of, if not the nicest person you’d ever meet at a comic book convention. One of our favorite George Perez variants this week is this comic with Jack Of Hearts donning the cover. Somehow with all of that garb and the color scheme, Mr. Perez makes him look badass instead of goofy. You are missed dearly old friend.     

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What If Dark Spider-Gwen #1 – The Marvel writer originally responsible for Gwen Stacy’s death back in 1973 returns to the scene of the crime. Writer Gerry Conway undoes Gwen’s death in a What If… story, thus killing off Spider-Man instead. Wait what? Gerry Conway is joined by a fellow modern-day writer, Jody Houser, for this twist on a classic story. Art by Ramon Bachs. We’re looking forward to how Gerry will approach things differently here.
Purr Evil #1 – Here is a potentially hot new mini-series from Image Comics. Writer Mirka Andolfo and Laura Braga.
Cosmic Ghost Rider #5 – A Marvel character will undergo some crazy transformation in this issue and become a “new character”. 
The Invincible Iron Man #8 – The new Stark Sentinels make their presence known and start kicking some ass. 
BRZRKR Poetry Of Madness #1 – Here’s a one-shot BRZRKR comic from Boom Studios co-written by the man himself, Keanu Reeves. Steve Skroce is the main author and artist. Remember the speculation run this series had when it first came out? Wow, so many lost so much money. We of course were trying to correct the oversold/hyped market by warning sellers to “sell now” and for buyers to not buy the top. We love to help make money for readers, but we also point out the bottom for buyers too. We protect both ways, always have. We hope we saved some monies for some and made some for others, but so many got toasted on this one. It was a speculative blissful bloodbath. It was a good learning experience for many.  
A new set of DC Knight Terrors comics are hitting this Wednesday. ALL of the Knight Terrors releases will have the most likely potential of a first appearance within the said characters’ dream realm. DC won’t announce every single first appearance within this storyline event, but sometimes they will. The Knight Terrors Angel Breaker #1 is an actual first appearance number one issue of the Angel Breaker character. That’s possible speculative joy right there. Here are the rest of the Knight Terrors releases, Knight Terrors #2, Knight Terrors Harley Quinn #1, Knight Terrors Titans #1, Knight Terrors Detective Comics #1, and Knight Terrors Action Comics #1. There are probably more, we missed them inadvertently. If you see one that’s not listed here, check it out for a “first”.

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Alice Never After #1Boom Studios with a twisted take on the classic Alice and Wonderland story. Writer Dan Panosian and artist Giorgio Spalletta.
Star Wars Darth Vader – Black, White & Red #4 – New Vader stories from writers Frank Tieri and Steve Orlando. 
Poison Ivy Uncovered #1 – Just a comic with pictures. Literally. The greatest Poison Ivy variant covers collected in one comic. 
Predator #5 – Each new Predator or Alien comic from Marvel adds to the new Disney franchise. Be it now or years from now, the storyboards are being created and something/someone, from these new stories can and will probably make it to the big screen. We’ve gone over this time and time again here on this website. We hope you’re listening.   
X-Men Hellfire Gala 2023 #1 – The Fall of X starts here. Writer Gerry Duggan will begin the festivities of the Hellfire Gala. We’re not too sure about the $8.99 price tag though. What gives with that? Artists R.B. Silva and Luciano Vecchio join in on the big event.   
In addition, there are many new Marvel variant covers this week pertaining to Hellfire Club. Each one is of a Marvel character as part of the “Club”. They’re essentially first-appearance covers. We have two favorites out of the few that are hitting on Wednesday. Deadpool #9 and Ghost Rider #16

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