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Captain Marvel Dark Tempest #2Writer Ann Nocenti, is a badass. She’s a veteran comic book writer and is highly underrated in our humble opinion. She’s been in the industry since the early 1980’s. Had an awesome run on the Daredevil series in which she first introduced Typhoid Mary. Her first comic book work, outside of the six-page anthology story in the magazine-type release; Bizarre Adventures #32 (1982) for Marvel, was later in 1982 in Spider-Woman #47 (Marvel). She’s also responsible for introducing comic book characters; Mojo, Blackheart, and Longshot. She’s a badass. The Spider-Woman comic is probably sitting in some dollar bin at your local shop. If it’s not there, we suggest you click our link and just get it that way, very cheap. A collector’s piece most definitely. We’ve always spoken highly of Ann on InvestComics, for many years we touted her talent. Fast forward to this Wednesday, Ann will re-introduce the villain better known as Nitro. There will be two first-appearance covers of the new Nitro (both pictured here). She’s a badass.          
Spider-Man Annual #1 – It’s Spider-Man vs Wolverine as the “Contest of Chaos” begins. Agatha Harkness will have several superheroes battling each other and this first one here is dope! Let’s go! Writer Stephanie Phillips and artists Alberto Foche and Duarte.  
Knight Terrors Shazam! #2 – The first issue was so well done. Riveting and compelling. Writer Mark Waid really brought the scariest story within the nightmare realm in Knight Terrors books sprawling across many titles right now. Here we witness more of the best nightmare character; Nightmare Captain. If you have yet to read the first issue, Knight Terrors Shazam! #1, do yourself a favor and do so.       
The Amazing Spider-Man #31 – A special double-size issue. A wedding issue that’ll lead into the next Spider-Man event. Marvel will include special extras in this comic. One is said to be images of unannounced Spider-Man projects. Can this lead to an inadvertent first appearance? Maybe, never know.   
Miles Morales Spider-Man #9 – Miles Morales will possess new powers. And what’s with that sword? 

Click on ANY Red-Highlighted LINKS/Comic Covers to BUY/BID from ALL available eBay sellers now (always buy from high-rated eBay sellers).







Superman 2023 Annual #1 – DC Comics states this story will lead right into a “massive” Superman crossover. 
The Madness #1 – From AWA Publishing, writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist ACO deliver a vengeance story built around a person named Sarah Ross. We’re talking superpowered operatives, government attempts on her life and she’s a thief. Sounds like we’ll definitely check this out. 
Two Star Wars comics to check out this Wednesday. Star Wars #37 is a tie-in to the Dark Droids event and Star Wars Return Of The Jedi: Max Rebo #1. Marvel says that Max Rebo will lead right into Return of the Jedi. That’s interesting.         
Guardians Of The Galaxy #5 – As we touched on last week, Marvel’s G.O.D.S. story event from Jonathan Hickman will happen very soon, but until we get the very first issue, we’ll get a “G.O.D.S. bonus page” in certain issues and we’ll also get a lot of first appearance covers of new characters appearing in the event. This comic here will have one of those variants. Mia is her name.  








Ghost Rider Wolverine Weapons Of Vengeance Alpha #1 – A first appearance of a new villain. Writer Ben Percy and artist Geoff Shaw. 
Children Of The Vault #1 – New mini-series from writer Deniz Camp and artist Luca Maresca. 
Dwellings #1 – New from Oni Press. Written and drawn by Jay Stephens. 
Mech Cadets #1 – All you really need to know about this new Boom Studios comic is two things. Writer Greg Pak and artist Takeshi Miyazawa.  It’s going to be must read. That is all.










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