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Here are this week’s top Trending/Speculative Comics out this Wednesday 12-27-23.
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Titans Beast World #3We talk this event up every week stating there will be a bunch of new characters coming out of here. This cover shows the Batman as Batwolf? 
Book Of Butcher #1 – Writer James Tynion IV and artist Werther Dell’Edera continue their path of their Slaughterverse.  
Timeless #1 – This debut issue will feature the first appearance of two new Marvel characters. One we do know of is the NEW Moon Knight. Not too sure who the other dude is. Probably Google it, but we’re pressed for time, so go knock yourself out. 
Predator Vs. Wolverine #4 – Marvel is asking the question, “Who will take the final trophy?” We really don’t care, we want to see a battle fought hard and ruthlessly. We hope you collectors were on top of these issues because this was the entry point of Predator entering into the Marvel U. 
Power Girl #4 – The origin of Symbio.
Duke #1 – Built from the essence of G.I. Joe, writer Joshua Williamson and artist Tom Reilly will introduce this Image Comics miniseries to readers. 
Harley Quinn #35arrives with a couple of fun variants. Both paying homage to significant comics within the speculation market. One is of the first appearance of Harley Quinn in the comic book medium and the other is of Marvel’s first full appearance of Knull in Venom #3 from 2018. 

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Star Wars Dark Droids #5 – The last issue of Marvel’s Star Wars Dark Droid crossover saga. Will it end big of on a whimper? 
Action Comics 2023 Annual #1 – Three years of storytelling will conclude here. That’s a long story to follow. Who’s stuck around for that? Everyone raise your hands out there.  
Batman Beyond Neo-Gothic #6 – The final issue here and a new future for Batman will rise. 
Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu Gang War #1 – These Kung-Fu books never quite pan out the way they intend to. For some reason, Marvel, DC and many other comic publishers feel that the Kung-Fu genre is still a thing. Yes, it’s a thing if your name is Keanu Reeves. But Kung-Fu is the way of the western, no one give rip like they used to. Seriously though, monster comics, westerns and Kung-Fu are a thing of the past, but one saving grace being dealt with this number one issue is its writer, Mr. Greg Pak. That dude can tell a story, so we’ll stick around a bit on this one.   
Avengers Inc. #4 – This issue will pride itself on being the last issue before the death of the original Moon Knight.  
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars – Battleworld #2 – Learn more about the inner workings of Marvel’s Secret Wars from back in the day. New angles and insight about the greatest Marvel Heroes battle in MCU history.

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…….And here are some more Peach Momoko Nightmare variant covers. Our favorites this week…..













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