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Check out this week’s InvestComics Comics & Cinema article over on Project Fanboy for the complete Green Lantern Comic book check list on Monday 1-11-10! Sticking with the movie theme, looks like Thor will lay the hammer down on the Spider-Man movie, check it out right here. Thanks to SuperHeroHype for that nice nugget. InvestComics has 2 trailers running on the front page right now, one is the new Kick Ass trailer in HD and the other is an A-Team trailer. The Kick Ass movie is going to be awesome and I cannot wait for it!

InvestComics had 4 new articles go up in the last couple of days. You could click the links in here to go directly to the articles. Topher Seal’s Brokers Corner has some back issue treasures to check out. Chris Winters brings his
in-depth album reviews to Lil Wayne’s new one in the ChrisToPhenom column. The IndieCreator himself Bob Heske gives us part 2 of Stephen Downey’s Making of Demented.

Check out ALL of the IndieCreator articles right here if you’d like to learn about the business or need some sort of connection someplace to get started. The IndieCreator columns are extremely informative! Last but not least, InvestComics debuted a new column called 2 Comic Book Guys. The column is written by Jay and Friday. They share a unique perspective on the comic book world and will bring that to InvestComics. The first article is written by Jay with another article coming from Friday very shortly. These articles MAY seem offensive to some, so I do warn anyone that if you are easily offended, do not click on the link when it shows up on the front page of IC. These guys are raw, but are A LOT of fun!

…And now on to the very short list this week on Hot Picks! 

amspm41_1strhino_1966_500_romitasr.gifamspm617.gifIt looks like the Rhino is coming back in a big way. Judging by the Amazing Spider-Man #617 cover he looks pissed. Get the heck out of the way! One comic you should not be getting out of the way is Rhino’s first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #41 (1966). This beauty is brought to you by the living legend John Romita Sr. The delay in the new Spider-Man movie only means that maybe Rhino is one step to becoming a reality instead of whoever else might be the villain(s) in the movie. So for a very affordable $500, you could score on an early Spidey comic and have the first appearance of a character that seems to be pissed off an awful lot. Then again, if you had a huge horn sticking out in the middle of your head, you’d be angry too.

conanthecimmeriantheweightofthecrown_darickrobertson.gifsuperherosquad1.gifpunishermax3_1stmennonite.gifDarick Robertson of The Boys comes to Dark Horse comics this week to deliver a One Shot that will probably sell out quickly. Conan the Cimmerian The Weight of the Crown might be the longest winded title of the week, but don’t expect this comic to last too long on the shelf.
With Disney now leading Marvel by the hand, it’s no surprise that we will see more of the Super Hero Squad. A new number one issue comes out with a real hot cartoon series behind it. Look for this one to be gone quickly. Hero up!
PunisherMax #3 introduces a villain named Mennonite. Who or what is a Mennonite? Don’t know, but that name doesn’t sound promising. Stranger things have happened….

Check out these IC extras coming at you this week: 

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 See You All Next Week, Invest Wisely.

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