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Marvel’s Superman will be taking the next big step into Stardom. Be there to witness it.

This week brought the latest article from 2 Comic Book Guys. Check out The Casting Couch from Jay & Friday. The latest Comics & Cinema article from yours truly hit up on Project Fanboy as well as InvestComics. The STAFF page has been updated with more people that make InvestComics GO. Check out the updated bio’s of each member of the InvestComics team. There will be additional members added on this week and next so check back and see who else has been added to the growing list of InvestComics Crew members. 

And now the Hot Picks for 1-20-10 

darkavengers13_sentry.gifthesentry_2000.gifMarvel is about to let us in on the secret(s) to the most powerful character in their universe. Marvel’s Superman is named Sentry and he is about to take a big step up. Dark Avengers #13 is not only a Siege crossover, but it tells of the deep origin that we as fans do not really know of when it comes to Sentry. Look for this comic to be a turning point for the character. Marvel has a strong and powerful hero that needs to be explored and exploited. Sentry’s first appearance came in his self titled mini The Sentry #1 about 10 years ago. Get this comic at a cheap $8 or less. You will not regret spending your collector’s money on this one. So with his “S”, Sentry will be making his mark, don’t miss out. Marvel has their Superman and his name is Sentry. Going to the opposite side of the spectrum here, the next character has been around for 46 years. Mysterio will be making his triumphant return to the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #618. Say what you will if you are one of the naysayer’s regarding a weekly Spidey book, but lots of Spidey villains are coming back into the fold. Mysterio is the latest to come back and is no amzsm618_mysterio.gifamzsp13_1964_ditko_lee_2000.gifstranger to the Spider-Man books. You’d have to go all the way back to 1964 to Amazing Spider-Man #13 to find the first appearance of Ol’ globe bowl head. This first will cost only $2,100. Not so bad considering that a new reboot to the Spider-Man series will be coming up in a few years. What does this mean? It means that with a reboot, anything is possible in the sense that we could possibly see Mysterio in the next movie. So a $2000 first appearance of a Spidey villain from 1964 done by Steve Ditko & Stan Lee is not such a bad deal. Maybe you’re looking to spend a little less these days. So how about 50 cents? Phantom Stranger #42 brings a hero from 1984 back into the limelight. Blue Devil will be making the appearance and his debut happens in The Fury of Firestorm #24. You probably could get this comic for a quarter at your local comic book convention if you look hard enough. Blue Devil is one of those characters that fall right in line with the Atari Forces’ of the world. Remember them?? Wow showing the age here! If you’re in the market for a new first appearance, look for Joe Casey’s Superman/Batman #68. thefuryoffirestorm24_1984_1stbluedevil.gifphantomstranger42.gifThis issue comes out this week with a new villain attached to it. Joe usually brings it, so let’s all see what we get. Speaking of greatness, Mark Waid’s brings the second issue of his hot new series Incorruptible #2. Look for this issue to sell out as quickly as the first did. The GREEN Hulk gets one week closer to a reality of becoming the ONLY Hulk. Fall of the Hulks rages on at a comic book store near you. One stands to be the winner and it better be lean, mean and GREEN.








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