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A couple of ‘returns’ this week in different ways, with lots of awesome reading ahead as a bunch of hot series continue….

Web of Spider-Man #1 – The very successful Spider-Man series fromwebofspm1.gif1985 is making a comeback. The original series ran from 1985 to 1995 and still has till this day one of the most awesome Spidey cover’s ever. Charles Vess supplied the painted cover to Web of Spider-Man #1 in 1985 and it still remains a very recognizable one today. The cover to the new Web number one issue is a real nice one drawn by Pasqual Ferry. Nowhere near as nice as Vess though, sorry Ferry. You can get a hold of the first issue original series for only $10. That cover alone is worth the money. Look for a quick sell out on this book, so put together a nice side by side number one issue on Ebay and get more bang for your buck.
3 is a lucky number this week…… 

advcomics3.gifIt looks like a week for some heavy hitters as far as hot series go. Adventure Comics is burning up the sales rack as DC makes theirbatgirl3.gifmove on the new Superboy book, some serious changes about to occur at the conclusion or start of the Adventure Comics series in the next few issues. Keep your eyes and ears open on this one. A lot of speculation running amuck onto what might happen, let’s all wait and see while we enjoy the lead up to it. Looks as though DC has another hit on their hands! Don’t pass up on Adventure Comics #3. Speaking of changes, Batgirl will be doing some changing. It seems like she may have already changed her eye contacts color on the cover of Batgirl #3, but it’s not the eyes that are changing, it’s the costume. Like as if the costume she wore now isn’t hot enough! Look for some heat to hit on this series as Batgirl gets hotter in every way possible. Well since we’re all on the hotness topic, have you seen that Variant Jim Lee cover to Liberty Comics #2? Some of the greatest comic book creators have contributed to this comic and you should definitely help the cause. Any comic book that has the names Neil Gaiman, Jim Lee, Jimmy Palmiotti, Dave Gibbons and Paul Pope attached to it, it needs to bethemarvelsproject3namorcover.gif bought.  All proceeds from this comic will benefit the First Amendment legal work of the Comic Book Legal libertycomics2jimlee.gifDefense Fund. It’s for an awesome cause and this Jim Lee Variant is only $25. And rounding out our lucky number 3 books this week is The Origin of the Marvel Universe, with The Marvels Project #3. A beautiful Variant from Gerald Parel does not compare to a total pissed off Namor ‘regular cover’ from Steve McNiven. Good stuff from McNiven here. Uncanny X-Men #516 sees the return of Magneto. Greg Land gives us a great look into the eye(s) of the powerful Villain on the cover. Good to have Magneto back, X-Men probably don’t feel this way, but oh well!

If you’re in the mood to look through some $1 long boxes this week for anomadgirlwithoutaworld2.giffirst appearance, you’re in luck. Nomad: Girl Without a World #2 comes out with an appearance by Flag Smasher. The first appearance of the ‘first’ smasher is in Captain America #312. Smasher number 2 is in the more recent Avengers The Initiative Annual #1. Buying these comics will help solve that appetite you have to look for a first appearance this week. As far as the investment side goes on the character Flag Smasher though, well not much upside, but makes for some happy hunting.capamer312flagsmasher1.gifavengerstheinitiativeannual1flagsmasher2.gif

Detective Comics Annual #27 begins ‘The Eighthdetectivecomicsannual11.gifDeadly
Sin’ which leads right into the new Azrael ongoing series. Anyone remember when Joe Q was on the Azrael book? Ahh fun times they were!



theanchor1variant.gifNow we have arrived to the last Hot Pick of the week which is also thetheanchor1.gif‘Sleeper’
pick of the week. Anchor #1, brought to you by Boom Studios! Writer Phil Hester and Artist Brian Churilla bring a tale of War, Beast, Viking and Medieval Times. The solicit reads that fans of Hellboy & The Goon would get this comics’ humor and storytelling. You at home reading this, you should just ‘get this.’




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See you next week.

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