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A huge week that comes with 10 InvestComics picks. Click ahead to see what’s what and who is where…..

52_6_1stgreatten.gifthegreatten1.gifPlenty to choose from this week as InvestComics gives the top 10 picks and The Great Ten # 1 comes out. This was pure Coincidence, so enjoy this big week because it’s usually not this crowded in here. So let’s get started!  If you are a fan of Greg Pak, you’ll know that he has basically created an entire addition to the Marvel Universe with ‘his’ character Skaar. DC is about to embark on the same route but in a cultural way. The People’s Republic of China (government) backs the Super Team named The Great Ten. Most of the characters from this team come from Chinese Mythology. It’s a very interesting premise as far as ‘how far could DC bring this new Universe along?’ Grant Morrison is responsible for the Introduction of Great Ten and this one could get big in a hurry. Great Tens’ first appeared in DC’s Epic 52 series in issue number 6. Buy this back issue at $5 and hold onto it. The Great Ten will be a force in the years to come.
deathlok1.gifastonisingtales25_1974_70.gifWell it looks like Marvel will take another crack at the cyborg Deathlok. After 2 failed attempts to get a series going, Marvel will be handing over the writing chores to Charlie Huston. Some of Charlie’s work includes Deadpool, Punisher and Moon Knight. Deathlok is much like the Moon Knight character that he has written in the sense both heroes have been second rate their whole career. Both of these characters need to be more front and center in my opinion. They have tremendous potential if they are written and done ‘right’. While Moon Knight has always been on the cusp of breaking through, Deathlok could also be on the verge of a major breakthrough. His first appearance has been recommended on InvestComics before and will be recommended once again. Astonishing Tales #25 is also the First work of Legend George Perez. All the way from the year 1974 at a price range from $65 to $80, this is
a steal. After all he did appear on the first ever InvestComics magazine cover from 2007. Don’t believe? Click on the ‘About’ tab on top of the InvestComics page and see for yourself!
lobohighwaytohell1.gifomegamen3_9.gifAnyone here remember how hot Lobo was back in the 80’s? The character lobo was as hot as any DC anti heroes in the Universe at one time. If you are not a collector from the 80’s and don’t believe this, ask someone that was around back then collecting every appearance of Lobo possible. He appeared in just about every book DC put out and was the ‘Wolverine’ of DC as far as popularity goes in appearances. DC and collectors had a love affair with the bounty hunter that seemed to fade away never to return. Although Lobo has been ‘around’ since his popularity dropped off, he’s never made that impact again as he once did. Fast forward to 2009, a new Lobo comic comes out this week; Lobo Highway to Hell #1 and it’s written by a New York native by the name of Scott Ian. Don’t know who Scott is? Ask those same fans from the 80’s and they might be able to answer you. Well if they were into the Heavy Metal music scene they will. Scott Ian is the founding member of the Thrash Metal band Anthrax from the early 80’s. Anthrax was a huge success with Scott leading the way. He also recently appeared on NBC Celebrity Apprentice. Ian has his name and brand out there so he tries to make sure you don’t forget who he is! So the reason this Lobo book cracks the Hot Picks this week is simple, two words ‘Umbrella Academy’. Gerald Way of ‘My Chemical Romance’ caught the comic scene by surprise when he wrote for the Dark Horse label. Why wouldn’t an established guitarist/TV personal be any different here? If anything this might be a book to watch a little closer this week. Oh and Lobo’s First is in Omega Men #3

supermanworldofkrypton9.gifjemmsonofsaturn1_1984.gifSticking with the 80’s theme, we arrive to a few comics that are very affordable and should be in your collection for the mere fact of having a ‘first appearance’. Superman World of Krypton #9 brings in strange DC dude from 1984. Jemm, Son of Saturn is playing the part of Michael Corleone (Al Pacino – Godfather) on the cover. If you look deep enough into those 50 cent boxes you’d probably come up with the 1984 first appearance in Jemm Son of Saturn #1. Will Jemm ever become a major player in the DC Universe? Most likely not, but funnier things have happened. Speaking of funny, Deadpool Team up #899 will be coming out this week. It’s always a fun read when it comes to the Merc with the mouth. One of the villains making an superspidermanandcaptainbritain248_1starcade.gifmarvelteamup65_1978_8.gifappearance this week
in Deadpool will be Arcade. You talk about second rate villains, wow! Here is a funnier thing, try finding his rare first appearance it the UK comic Super Spider-Man & Captain Britain #248 from 1977. No pricing available on this one, but Arcade’s first U.S. appearance in Marvel
deadpoolteamup899.gifTeam-Up #65 from 1978 comes in at around $10. Don’t let the price of this comic deceive you because it’s not the Villain Arcade that makes it a 10 dollar book, its Captain Britain’s first U.S. appearance that does it. Sorry Arcade, you’re a loser. So you have Jemm and Arcade, any ‘locks’ in the captainbritain8_1976_10.gifnewmutantsannual2_1986_10.gif80’s era this week? Well, maybe not a lock but the best pick of the liter has to go to New Mutants Annual #2 from 1986. Let’s first go back 10 years to the UK again to Captain Britain #8. It was here that Psylocke made her first appearance, only to appear again in the U.S. some 10 years later. It took
her a while to get here; she must have taken the long way. You could purchase either one of these comics within the $10
psylocke1.gifarea. Why is it that the 1976 book is the same price as the U.S. book? Well mostly likely due to overprinting on their part. It’s a win/win here either way you go with Psylocke. This Wednesday Psylocke #1 comes out, but see where and how it all really began at only 10 bucks.
secretsix15.gifbatman59_1950_1000.gifMarvel is bringing Deathlok to the mix again this week, so DC is bringing back Deadshot. Coincidence, probably not, but what would a week be without some sort of battle between the big 2? Secret six #15 will focus on Deadshot with special guest writer that helped ‘defined’ Deadshot, John Ostrander. Find Deadshot’s first appearance way back in 1950 in Batman #59. It’s a $1,000 book which seems relatively cheap considering DC will probably be moving ahead to get Deadshot back into the mix because of Marvel’s Deathlok. An almost 60 year old first appearance (of a character still used today) in Batman for $1000 is a Buy with InvestComics. 


scarlettjohanssonas.gifblackwidowdeadlyorigin1.giftalesofsuspense52_1stblackwidow_1964_1000.gifHere is another $1000 book that should be on your radar. Tales of Suspense #52. This 1964 comic introduces the world to Natasha Romanov A.K.A. Black Widow. With the new Black Widow #1 coming out, it looks as though Marvel is doing an early gear up of the Iron Man 2 film. Scarlett Johanssonas will play Natasha and boy does she look good. Movies do not tend to give second rate characters a boost, there would be no acceptance here. This is a slow progression comic book in terms of an
investment. Buy this now for $1000 and sit on it for 15 to 20 years, you’ll see
a nice return by then.

In surprising news, Todd McFarlane’s Haunt #1 sold out! (Sarcasm folks, sarcasm) So what to do with Haunt #2? Buy it, Slab it, and sell it. There will be plenty of these to go around when you want to buy it again for your collection. It looks like Archie Comics has made it to the Hot Picks again. Check out Pals N Gals Double Digest #136 for the first appearance of Bernadette Brownlee. Will Archie dump Betty and marry her?? Yea Archie is a dog, but he wouldn’t do that. Right? 


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