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It’s Indy Comic Book Week 2009. Check out the standouts for the coming week from all of the Independent publisher’s.

bn6.giffreesiege.gifThe big 2 take a week off with only Blackest Night #6 and Origin of Siege (Free) getting released. Marvel is also giving out a free 2010 calendar with an Avengers ID card. This all sounds great, since the big 2 are taking a back seat this week; the Indie’s will be stepping in. Yes it’s Indy Week 2009! Many local comic shops are participating, but one in particular is InvestComics’ very own Comic Book shop partner Zaldiva!

This week InvestComics will give a quick rundown of some titles coming out, but will then focus on a small Indie comics list that you should have in your collection.
So let’s look at some of the releases from this week first. Here’s the thing, since little is really known about most of these Indie books coming out, the actual solicit will be next to the comic that has made the Hot Picks list this week.

onenightstand.gifOne Night Stand; 

Antihero Comics “ONE NIGHT STAND is a collection of one-page stories, all about “”casual encounters.”” This mini-comic will explore sex and intimacy, guilt and anonymity, risk and fantasy.”


hermithill.gifHermit Hill The Comic Strip; 

Bramble Vine Comics Hermit Hill is an ongoing humorous comic strip about a geezer recluse dealing with the world… or trying not to. This limited edition comic strip sampler book collects several pages worth of Hermit Hill strips from the serialized comic into print for the first time.

macabro.gifMacabro;  Alto-Shorter“Created by brothers Carlos and Jose Esquivel,is a short story influenced by Italian horror movies. It tells the story of Selena, a high school graduate, who moves to Milan, Italy to attend the Lombardi School of Arts. Believing she’s now on the path to fulfill her dreams, she becomes tangled with the harsh reality of her choice, the alienation from her classmates, and gruesome murders



unstoppable.gifThe Unstoppable Force Indy Comic Book Week Special; 

Yellow Mailbox Comics“When a living statue of Josef Stalin attacks New York City, only some of history’s greatest men and women can stop him! Together, Mr. President (Abraham Lincoln), Human Dynamo(Nikola Tesla), The Carthaginian (Hannibal Barca), Saint Joan (Joan d’Arc), Ronin (Miyamoto Musashi), and Pharaoh (Cleopatra) are… THE UNSTOPPABLE FORCE!”

teddyandyeti.gifTeddy and The Yeti #1; 

Wagon Wheel Comics “The origin of Teddy and the Yeti starts here! After Ted is kidnapped, the Yeti must risk her life to save him! What does this have to do with the Dragon’s Tooth and a mysterious figure from Ted’s past? Plus: Andromeda Jones with Ryan Stegman and an interview with cover artist Phil Hester!”


lavaroid.gifLava Roid #1; Lava-Roid Link “Phillip Manchester was just a normal cop until his big twin brother was murdered in cold blood by crime lord Ruggard & his mistress, Ms. Pantalara. They wanted to close his Community Center where all the local kids went to break dance. Depressed and angry he did what any one of us would do: ask his best friend/ex-ninja/scientist to inject him with his untested super serum. But what Phillip forgot to mention was that he was suffering from a bad case of hemorrhoids. The serum fused with them, causing his skin to become rock hard, aka bulletproof. And it gave Phillip the ability to shoot fire out of his hands and butt. Then with some gift cards from the local fabrics shop, he makes a costume to become the vigilante known as LAVA-ROID! Now with the power of fire, he hunts down those who murdered his brother and fights to keep the Community Center open so that the unfortunate few can “”Pop N’ Lock”” once more. In this world, only one rule exists: kick their butt…..with fire.”

greenmonk.gifGreen Monk; Brandon Dayton “Green Monk follows the adventures of a Monk cast out of his order, wandering a mythical Russian countryside. His only companion is a magical blade of grass that draws him into a brutal struggle against a terrifying foe. 132 pages.”



arthur.gifArthur: The Legend Continues #1;  Cosmic Times “On an ancient battlefield King Arthur gives his final order – Excalibur is to be returned to the Lady of the Lake. As the last shadows fall on Camelot Arthur is carried off to Avalon where he will wait until his people need him once more. On a post-apocalyptic battlefield a mystical sword appears – is this the return of the once and future king? Can the prophecy finally be fulfilled before all hope is lost? Faith and courage are put to the ultimate test in this self-contained pilot issue of Arthur: The Legend Continues.
With the world as we know it gone, mankind is on the verge of extinction yet still struggling to find purpose and hope. From the ancient past a glimmer of light shines and a legend returns to claim his throne. Facing challenges never imagined in his time, King Arthur shall rise again and bring the mighty Excalibur to the throats of all who wish to do harm to his people.”

dusk.gifDusk One Shot;  Dusk Comics “Eve’s life is a living hell of her own choosing. She struggles to survive in a dark world of magic and horror, all in an attempt to please her vampire master. Now Eve has crossed a line and and innocents have been harmed. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by a well meaning cabal of occultists whose mandate is to police the occult world. What will happen when these two forces clash? Is there ever a””winner”” in the supernatural underworld of Dusk?”


spudandharry.gifSpud and Harry;  Ultraist StudiosThis story tells the secret origin of the two most menacing villains of the SPY GUY Universe. A bank robbery goes horribly wrong in this prequel to SPY GUY #1 of the Unlimited Series. Flip-book format includes a colour insert poster!

spyguy.gifSpy Guy #1 Platinum Foil Cover; 
Ultraist Studios “Deep in the midst of a police sting operation targeting contraband being smuggled across the U.S. and Canadian border, things take a dramatic turn for the worse as the shipment is hijacked by two shadowy villains. Part mystery, part action-adventure, part social commentary, part satire, all fun! Also contains the 16 page essay The Ultraist Manifesto.”


lifewithfriends.gifLife (with Friends) #1;  Twofold Comics “With graduation behind them Drew, B, and Kyle decide to hold a housewarming party to celebrate moving into their new apartment. It’s a party of shocking revelations, unprecedented entertainment, and a morning after sure to leave all their heads reeling.”

americansuk.gifAmericans UK #1;  “AMERICANS UK begin their sci-fi, rock adventures when Jef UK wakes up after a night of debauchery to discover his bandmates dead! Well, mostly. It turns out that JTR3 is actually an android from the future sent back to our time to stop these murders from ever happening, alter history, and save all of rock n’ roll. Boy, has he blown it!”



“What would you do if you woke up in a pool of blood and your loved one was no where to be found? Dreamers tells the story of a young man that tries to figure out what happened in the middle of the night. Based on a short poem by Matt Houk, Dreamers will make you think, scare you, and wrap it all up with one big twist.”

horsemen.gifHorsemen Book of Olurun #1; Griot Enterprises “The Horsemen, seeing that their mission had been perverted, set about to free us whether we want them to or not. But what if there were others; not Orisha, not Deitis, not Human, but something more: a new Race? What side would they choose in the coming war?
And who truly controls the Eight Immortals but the number seven?”


troubleguts.gifTrouble Guts & Noir Book One: The Replacement;  Jesse Mesa Toves “One night, she disappears without telling a soul, but she leaves behind a trail of clues that only one man knows how to follow.
She’s perfect from head to toe, and trouble from start to finish.
The Replacement is the first book in a three part future noir adventure written and illustrated by Jesse Mesa Toves.”

night1.gifNight #1; Jester Press “David Skinner is a young werewolf on the run. Things only get worse when he runs into a group of gang members calling themselves the Phreaks. Meanwhile, Special Agent Sabrina Voght is fast on his trail. Inner city gangs meets werewolf action with the first issue of this vampire, werewolf, indy horror comic.”



turb.gifTurbulence #1; Ronin-Studios “Super powers are not granted through freak accidents or genetic defects. They are granted by a force known only as ‘Efflux’ which finds people (regardless of good and evil) that are dedicated to…well….anything.
The story follows our hero Turbulence: he has had the powers since he was a kid (but didn’t realize it) and has finally decided to join the leagues of super heroes…the only issue is that everybody seems to be a part of a team that beats him to the punch.
But Gravnos, the leader of a local super team might have an eye for Turbulence joining….there’s just one problem- and it involves a lady (doesn’t it always?).”


senryu.gifSenryu; Space-Gun Studios “Take an abstract journey into the mind, dreams, and subconscious of the artist told through freeform shorts, sequentials, poetry, and haiku. Part art book, part prose and told in sequentials it’s a look inside the artists fears, dreams and inspirations.”



solomonazua.gifSolomon Azua #1; Space-Gun Studios The luckiest adventurer in the galaxy wants to prove his fame isn’t all just good fortune when he sets out to retrieve a prize so grand that even his luck won’t explain his success.
So there are the standouts for the Indy Comic Book Week 2009. 

techjacket1_1stinvins.gifsdcc_2_1sthellboy.gifNow here are just a few Indie’s that should be in your collection. In no particular order of course….
Tech Jacket #1 from 2002 is the first appearance of Image Comics’ Invincible. A 9.8 slabbed copy of this comic comes in at the $40 mark. Not a bad buy considering that Mark Grayson is Image Comics’ “Peter Parker”. He will be around for a long time, so get this comic now. Hellboy’s early first appearance happened in San Diego Comic Con Comics #2. It’s a rare nugget that would be a great addition to any collection! In 1984 an indie book from Mirage Studios titled Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 debuted. This strange looking oddity turned out to be one of the most sought after Indie comic in history. This comic today could command some big bucks if found in near mint shape. Look for the asking price to start at about $2000. This is a collector’s item that rivals Cerebus The Aardvark’s
tmnt_1.gifcerebus_1.giffirst appearance. First appearing in 1977 (Aardvark Vanaheim) in his self titled comic, it’s an extremely rare find, so rare in fact that a price tag on it cannot be found!

Thank you everyone for making this the “Breakout Year” for InvestComics. For all of those who made this 2009 a great year, 2010 will be even better! Thank you to the entire InvestComics Staff and a special thank you to ALL of the InvestComics fans!
Look out 2010, InvestComics is coming!


See you next week, Invest Wisely.

Jay Katz


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