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InvestComics is Number One! Well according To Spidey. Check Out Why We Go Back To 1984 This Week. No It’s Not For The Van Halen Album…..
mtu141.gifspidermanandthesecretwars1.gifsecretwars4_1984_4.gifIf you’ve been collecting comics for as long as I have, you’ll remember the
original Secret Wars series from Marvel back in 1984. It was really the first major event in the Marvel Universe to take place. These days it’s the norm to have an ‘event’ or a ‘crisis’ at least once a year, in some cases more than once a year. Marvel is going back to the well once again this week with Spider-Man and The Secret Wars #1. This time around the story of Marvel Superhero Secret Wars focuses on specific events that happened during that war. Looks like this issue will be diving into the heads of these heroes to see what was going on in their brains at the time of their crisis. The number one issue gazes at the time the Hulk had to hold a billion ton rock from killing just about everyone in the MU except for Rom the Space Knight. That lovely occurrence of the boulder about to kill everyone happened in the original issue of Marvel Superhero Secret Wars #4 ($5). The original Secret Wars was a great ride. It brought us the introductions of The Beyonder, new Spider-Woman and best of all the Black Alien costume; Marvel Superhero Secret Wars #8 ($30) which also did appear in the Marvel Team-Up #141 ($15) at the same time, but who’s nitpicking? If you don’t already own this classic limited series, you are seriously missing out on some good old fashion comic book fun. This was the start of it all folks, the start of the Marvel crossover’s. Plus you really can’t be considered a comic book collector if you don’t have it!

secretsix16.gifbirdsofprey76_1stblackalice_3.gifdarkxmen2.gifxman1_1stnategrey_1995_5.gifA couple of characters from DC and Marvel are making their comebacks. The Black Alice will be returning in the pages of Secret Six #16. You can find her first appearance roaming the pages of Birds of Prey #76 ($3). Then you have Nate Grey appearing in Dark X-Men #2, his first could be found in X-Man #1 from 1995 for only $5. Two X books will be debuting this week with one of them being a one shot. Nation X #1 looks very interesting and should be on your pull list nationx1.gifxnecrosha.gifpilotseasonmurder1.gifgodcomplex1.giffor 4 issues. While X-Necrosha #1 hits up at a one shot anthology. It’s always a good time when many artist and writers collaborate on an X book.  This week take a glimpse at a couple of possible sleepers. The much delayed Top Cow’s Pilot Season Murder #1 from Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri. Then take a look at God Complex #1 from Image Comics from Michael Avon Oeming. Here
are some InvestComics extra’s coming this Wednesday…..








All and all a very short week, it’s a good time to catch up on some back issues. It’s also a good time to catch up on the stack in your room you have sitting there ready to be read, bagged and boarded. So what are you waiting for? Chop chop!

See You Next Week, Invest Wisely.

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