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Supergirl reaches a milestone, Green Lantern:Blackest Night continues, Marvel’s Siege continues and much more!


On the InvestComics front page. IndieCreator Bob Heske (Heske Horror,2012 Anthology) was interviewed by Comics Bulletin Alex Rodrik. Check out the great interview right here. Jimmy Palmiotti stopped by to the 10 For The Pros column! Next up…..Joe Linsner!! Look for it THIS weekend. Also look for The Brokers Corner and a 2 Comic Book guys articles as well!


Hot Picks 2-17-10 

greenlantern51.giftinytitans25.gifsupergirl50.gifjla42.gifWhat will go down as one of the biggest events in comic book history is concluding. The Blackest Night will continue in Green Lantern #51. Be there for the continuation of the most prolific run on Green lantern ever. Geoff Johns has simply turned the DC Universe on its head and we have enjoyed the ride. Thanks Geoff! So what’s next for Geoff you ask? Tiny Titans #25 of course… Yes that’s right; Johns will do a special co-writer guest spot this week. This will be one of those comics, that by the end of his long career, you’ll scratch your head saying “huh? He did a Tiny Titans book?” With all of the hoopla surrounding the Lantern book, this Geoff Johns comic will without a doubt fly right under the radar.
Supergirl reaches a milestone this week. Supergirl #50 will introduce a new villain, which is always good from a collector’s standpoint. Also check out the Michael Turner cover provided here. Man, we sure do miss you Michael.
Justice League of America #42 lets us know who Dr. Impossible really is. With a name like Dr. Impossible do we really care?

Dark Avengers #14 continues the Siege event as the character Sentry goes front and center for this issue. With his secrets revealed, will he drop dead now or will he truly become the Superman of the Marvel Universe. I’m opting for the latter. Don’t forget to pick up Sentry’s first appearance in his self titled book for an affordable price. So will Hercules demise happen or not? Incredible Hercules #141 is set to reveal something, but what that something is remains a mystery. Greg Pak chasevariant_oneshot.gifsimpsonscomics16_1996.gifsimpsonscomics163_sergioaragones.gifsaid a whole lot of stuff this past week, but leaves us with unanswered darkavengers14.gifincrediblehercules141.gifquestions. This issue might answer some of them.

Simpson’s Comics #163 will be the first FULL issue done by Sergio Argones. Sergio will handle the art, writing and cover. If you want Sergio’s first Simpson issue ever, look for Simpson Comics #16 (1996). Sergio writes a backup story in here. Images unveils Chase Variant #1 with a variant Rob Liefeld cover. A female assassin with 4 arms? Wow this has fail written all over it. Then again, it’s such a silly premise it’ll probably be a hit! …..And thanks for the boob variant cover Rob!

Check out some other comics coming this Wednesday…….

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