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Blackest Night carries on as Siege does as well. Also, check out some InvestComics news and of course this weeks Hot Picks…

In InvestComics news, The Secret Identity Podcast will be airing an InvestComics ad spot into their regular rotation. Check out the Secret Identity Podcast as they bring a very polished show every week. 

There was plenty of original content to peel your eyes to this past week. The Brokers Corner had 2 articles this week, check them out here and here, while The Secret Identity Podcast reeled off 2 game reviews here and here. An extremely awesome Bob Heske interview occurred on Comics Bulletin, check that out right here and an extremely awesome new IndieCreator article hit as well! Finally, 2 Comic Book Guys gave InvestComics a movie review of Wolfman. Read this review and know why fans anticipate their next article ALL the time. These 2 guys simply bring FUN into their articles! 

Hot Picks 2-24-10 




Short week, but with Blackest Night and Siege, it’s an awesome time to be reading comics ain’t it?!?!
Last week, SuperginraiX of the Outhouse pointed out a glaring mistake in the Hot Picks. It was stated that the Blackest Night epic was on its final issue. This is obliviously not true and was a big error. These things happen once in a blue moon and InvestComics apologizes for the misstep. …..So with that, Blackest Night #7 comes out this week with a ‘Top Secret’ cover. The
flashrebirth6.gifthor607.gifseries DOES press on and continues to be the hottest comic event on the planet. Follow MORE Lantern in Black Lantern Green Arrow #30. It looks like Flash: Rebirth #6 will finally come out. Although many fans have been disgruntled about the delay, watch this comic fly off the shelves as the second and third printings will be following very shortly.
Marvel’s own epic Siege is living up to its hype so far. Thor #607 looks like THE Siege book of the week. Don’t miss this one! This week brings the end of a Marvel comic. Ms. Marvel #50 will be a fight to the finish between Ms. Marvel & Mystique. Look for this comic to sell out quickly.

captainswing1.gifmsmarvel50.gifOne Independent title jumps out this week. Captain Swing #1 from Avatar, written by the awesome Warren Ellis.




Here are some other comics to check out this Wednesday…… 








See you next week, Invest Wisely.

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