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An introduction of a new hero in an Ultimate title by Brian Bendis makes for a quick sell out. Also the week that was and more news on InvestComics.

It was another very busy week in the comic book market place, movie discussion in particular. So let’s jump right in! 

nealadmas2.gifSuperman movie news came out and it’s news that many of us have all been sort of waiting for……well not ALL of us, but many of us. More on the movie front with Flash getting a writer for his film. Angelina Jolie killed the Wanted sequel and Mark Millar said different, looking to possibly replace Jolie as he said that the Wanted sequel is NOT dead. Who to believe? Guess we will find out eventually. You could read about some Justice League movie news right here and then shoot over here for some Captain America movie news. Follow the link to IGN for the possible candidates for the Cap role. Dynamic Forces (remember them?!) are putting out a bunch of Kick Ass movie variants for a limited time special of only $10! Check out all the details and buy buy buy, then sell sell sell QUICK if you want to make a quick buck. Finally as the movie news winds down here, check out Mark Millar’s new movie venture right here with a Spider-Man announcement.
In Comic book news (yes there was news on this!) hit last week with a preview of
nealadams1.gifSiege #3 , get linked to preview the issue. Check out a very nice preview (no link to follow here!) of DC’s First Wave right here. The biggest news this week was that Neil Adams is doing a possible Wolverine comic. This guy is as awesome as awesome gets. I’m a huge fan so take a look to your left and right of this section and you’ll see just a smidgen of what this guy brings. The article also mentions that he is still currently working on the Batman book with Frank Miller. Wow cannot wait for this as well!! Peter Parker will join the unemployment line. Check out the details of the firing right here with covers. 5 Teasers for the New Avengers rolled out here, here, here, here and here! Marvel also teased an X-Men spot, check that one out right here. Geoff Johns talks about the new Flash, read more about Thanos Imperative and Gail Simone leaves Wonder Woman, but better things are in store. Check out the cover to Blackest Night #8, also check out a preview of the Free Comic Book Day Cap/Iron Man book. The winners of the first annual Outhousers awards were announced, check out who won right here. MUCH more news on the pages of InvestComics, so check all of the other articles not mentioned here.

The latest articles to hit InvestComics were simply awesome. Bob Heske brings in another great performance with his superb IndieCreator column interviewing Chew’s John Layman. Bob will not stop here; next article will be a biggie too. 10 For The Pros keeps bringing in the hottest names in the Industry as well. Artist Georges Jeanty of Buffy the Vampire Slayer stopped by to answer the 10 questions and then some. Chris Winters of the music review column ChrisToPhenom stopped by to review the newest Gorillaz album. Topher Seal brought a new Brokers Corner article that hones in on some variants. Our friends over at Cosmic Book News introduced us to “The Uniques”. The Uniques is an awesome comic book that needs your attention. Check out the details right here and get the first issue for free!
Speaking of Cosmic Book News, InvestComics™ will now be syndicating IndieCreator over to our new friends. This new team up venture will ensure fans get more of the awesome Bob Heske of Heske Horror and InvestComics will be doing more collaborating with Cosmic Book News in the future. Stay tuned for that…
InvestComics will be attending Orlando’s MegaCon this year, thanks to our friends at Project Fanboy. I’m really looking forward to attending the event as well as being a part of the announcements for the winners of this year’s Project Fanboy awards. I’m looking forward to meeting all of the PFB fans as well as the IC fans. You’ll get a full report in next week’s Hot Picks.
As always the InvestComics™ Forum is still growing! Want to join a community that doesn’t have ridiculous drama? Want to go to a forum and actually give your opinion and not be cursed out or be told you’re a tool? Want to just have FUN and hang with collectors like yourself? Then the ICF is for you! A special thanks to Rob, KK (Collectors Alliance) and our newest mod Ben Akers for making the ICF such a fun place to hang.
Well that’s it for NOW. Look for more InvestComics™ news coming your way soon….

Hot picks 3-10-10 


batmanrobin10.gifwolverine159.gifwolverinemisterx.gifA very cold winter here in Florida and a breezy week as far as Hot Picks go, but we forge ahead and find “some stuff” in this week’s cold front . As previously mentioned just a little while ago on InvestComics™ the week that was Peter Parker will be getting fired in Amazing Spider-Man #’s623/624. Look for this comic to garner a little bit of attention. Marvel knows how to tell a story and have it relate to the times we are currently living in. DC’s new Batman & Robin #10 has a blurb on the cover that says “The Return of Bruce Wayne Begins Here!” That with the sick Frank Quitely cover has enough to grab my attention! Wolverine: Mr. X will be a fun knock em’ down drag them out type fight comic. If you want to find Mr. X’s first appearance look for Wolverine #159 in the $1 bin at your LCS. ultimatecomicsspm8.gifUltimate Comics Spider-Man #8 will be introducing a NEW hero into the Ultimate universe. Let’s see…New hero (check), Spider-Man comic (check), Brian Bendis attached to this book (check), Sold out on Thursday (check), Hot Pick of the week status (check).  




Here are some more Hot Picks coming out this Wednesday…… 

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See you all next week. Invest wisely.

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