InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 3-24-10

icfp32410.gifThe wait is over, Nemesis is here. Do not miss the first HOT book this year from Marvel!




 Hot Picks 3-24-10 

nemesis1.gifasm626.gifThe much anticipated, much delayed Mark Miilar/Steve McNilven Nemesis #1 will be hitting this week. This is probably the very first BIG series to hit marvel this year. Yes Siege is big, but that’s an “event”. Nemesis will be a quick quick sell out and will command some extra cash in the aftermarket so don’t get caught with a couple of them in your collection. This series will fire up in a hurry and will not let down. Check out the variant covers right here and judge the book by its cover. Then click here to see some interior art provided by Comic justiceleague_theriseofarsenal1.gifnewtitans99_1983.gifBook Resources. The artwork from Steve McNilven is unbelievable. The variant covers actually live up to the inside of this comic and with Mark Millar telling the story? Well this has success written all over it. The cover has a blurb that says “Makes Kick-Ass look like S#it!” This is going to be a fun ride, so don’t miss out. So try to get your hands on a variant, this will be a better Investment in the short and long term when THIS comic is made into a movie. Actually come to think of it, InvestComics™ did call it with Kick-Ass way back in 2008. The prediction was that Kick-Ass would be made into a movie. Click this Hot Picks link and see for yourself (Hot Pick: Week of 02-27-08). Amazing Spider-Man #626 features the return of the Scorpion. Except this time HE is a SHE. This never really works, so newavengers63.gifuncannyxmen522.gifwhy does Marvel insist on trying it again is simply a hope that ONE day one of these HE into a SHE will work. Maybe this time it will. Maybe it won’t. DC releases Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #1 this coming week. Does he really deserve solo book? Well one will find out with how sales go. If you want to check out the first appearance of Arsenal, check out New Titans #99 from 1983……..and yes his first appearance was 17 years ago. Feel old yet? Not getting old is the great Siege event. New Avengers #63 promises to shift the balance in the Marvel universe. Sounds like fun! And finally, Uncanny X-Men #522 features the return of Kitty. If you haven’t been living under a rock you already knew this so if you didn’t know, too bad for you. Now you know. 

Here are some extra Hot Picks heading your way next week……







See you all next week, Invest Wisely.

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