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InvestComics news and Hot Picks! A hint at 2 articles that will hit InvestComics next week and rock!! Click ahead now!

Last week Action Comics #1 became the very first million dollar comic. It was also last week that Detective Comics #27 was bidding around the $420,000 mark with a few days left to bid. So in the end, Batman proved to be a bigger draw than Superman as far as first appearances go selling OVER a million dollars. Congrats to the winners on their wins. Now only if Todd McFarlane could return that million dollar baseball…..Finally, check out who could be cast to play Captain America! I could care less at this point who they get. Every person Hollywood picks to play a part I used to say, nah Michael Keaton, Toby Maguire, Hugh Jackman, they won’t work. Apparently Hollywood knows a lot more than I do in this department so I have kept an open mind to any choice’s they have made as of late. Dying to see Cap, Thor Green Lantern, all of these are going to rock.

InvestComics newest IndieCreator article focused on “Working Title’s” Alex Rodrik of Comics Bulletin. A great article as always Bob! Coming up next week though, a HUGE article from Bob Heske’s IndieCreator with…..nah you’ll have to wait for this one. It’s going to be big!! I can tell you though that this creator has one of the hottest indie titles on the market today. His book will be coming out next week, so a little “food for thought.”
The hot new section on InvestComics 10 For The Pros came out with Tim Seeley. Tim is always an awesome interview and InvestComics looks forward to crossing paths with him again in the future. Another tease here, 10 For The Pros will have a big artist next week a creator that also has a very hot Indie title out right now. If you want any hints on this one go to the InvestComics Forum under the “Independent Comics” section. 

Hot Picks 3-3-10

kevinsmithsgreenhornet1.gifdetectivecomics862.gifOkay so Kevin Smith was in the news this past week for all the wrong reasons. If you don’t know what it’s about, I’m not telling you because I could care less about it. What IS to care about is Kevin’s new Green Hornet #1 comic from Dynamite. Looks as though Dynamite will be going with 5 different covers for this one. If you want to make some cash, look for Alex Ross’ 1 in 200 copy variant to ultimatecomicsnewultimates1.gifwolverineweaponx11.gifcommand some nice money in the aftermarket when this book sells out. Get it graded for some serious cash back on your investment.
Detective Comics is hitting on all cylinders lately. Creators Rucka & Jock are introducing a new villain into the mix. His name is Cutter. Check out DC #862 for all the mayhem. Marvel is continuing to reintroduce us to the Ultimate universe. Check out Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates #1 from Frank Cho and Jeph Loeb. The Ultimate line looks to be making a strong comeback.
Wolverine: Weapon X #11 will probably
be the sleeper sell out of the week. “Tomorrow Dies Today” part 1 with none other than cult fan favorite Deathlok. Deathlok will be making his presence known astonishingtales25_1974.gifonce again in the Marvel universe so once AGAIN InvestComics directs you to the year 1974. Astonishing Tales #25 -1st appearance of Deathlok & First published work of Legend George Perez-. This comic is a very strong buy at $75. This comic today remains one of the most undervalued first appearances out there right now. If you do not have this comic, buy it. A very good investment here.




Here are some more Hot Picks coming out this Wednesday…… 

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See you all next week. Invest wisely.

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