InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 3-31-10

ic33110fp.gifX-Men die, old heroes return and the debut of a hot video game makes it’s Godly comic book entrance…..




Hot Picks 3-31-10 

xmensecondcoming.gifasm627.gifWhile at the Orlando MegaCon a few weeks ago, Dan Didio stated that from this point forward (what “point” exactly? Like as of RIGHT now…?) that when a character DIES in the DC universe they will stay DEAD. This was met with applause of course. Fans are tired of the soap opera approach on their comic book universe. Enough is enough. So with this in mind we are brought to Marvel’s X-Men: Second cloakanddagger1.gifspectacuspm64_1982.gifComing. The solicit reads; Many will be wounded, Several will die. Now we all know that the big 2 love to do things differently and do not want to follow in each other’s steps, but this in one time that Marvel needs to listen to DC and Dan Didio. If you’re going to “kill”, make sure we do not have another Phoenix on our hands. Please keep characters dead Marvel. We love having Steve back, but you should have kept him dead too. Sorry Cap fans, but comic storytelling needs to do away with the killing of characters to sell books. DC has recognized this and Marvel has to as well. Maybe they have already? If Joe Q said something about dead being dead, please email InvestComics™ and let me know. So after all the banter here, realize that this will be a very large X-Men event series. Second prints galore with this run. This will be a very cool event that will hopefully keep people dead. Speaking of cool, Cloak and Dagger #1 will be hitting shelves this week. Listen, if you were a collector back in the 80’s, you know how hot these characters were. With today’s comic world giving a lot of focus on the writing style as oppose to glow in the dark covers or overprints, Cloak & Dagger stand to have a very successful life in the new millennium. So much so that it will probably lead to a movie deal. Yes you heard it here first. Not blackestnight8.gifgoing out on a limb here since just about everything in the comic land gets looked at these days for a possible movie deal, but C&D will be a film one day and you need to get your paws (clean paws) on a copy of Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #64 from 1982 (1st appearance of Cloak and Dagger). Pick up a mint copy at your LCS for $10/$15 and you have yourself a gem. Sticking with Spider-Man for a minute here, something or someone takes down the Juggernaut in Amazing Spider-Man #627. Make sure to see who or what that might be. Geoff Johns’ Blackest Night #8 comes out this week. What more could possibly be said about the greatest Lantern story ever told? Kudos to DC and Johns for bringing this epic story to us! Anyone remember Atari 2600? How about Nintendo 64? ColecoVision? Okay if you remember any of these then you are as old godofwar1.gifas I am. If you’re scratching your head, then go Google those names and come back to reading (by the way I hate you for being so young and not knowing those names! Just kidding!). So anyway, nowadays the gaming world is just way out of my league and I wouldn’t be able to tell you the first thing about any of them. BUT, I could tell you that one of the biggest selling games of all time is God of War! I know that much! It might not be number one of all time, but its right up there! So what would happen if one would release a comic book at the same time the new video game release came out? Well God of War 3 video game comes out alongside the release of the God of War #1 comic book. DC’s imprint Wildstorm has it and this will be a very big comic book. Do not sleep on this one folks. Check out the sell up on InvestComics last year with the special San Diego Comic Con Hot Pick.

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