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1aasolarmanGet ready to look through the back issue’s and the wall of your local comic shop this week. Hot Picks has plenty for you to look for. Plus The Invest Network gives you a rundown of what you might have missed this past week.


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This week, InvestComics Hot Picks will have you going to the back issues bins and the wall of your local comic shop. As you can tell by the Slideshow picture on top of the site for the Hot Picks 7-14-10, Solar Man of the Atom gets the top billing.







Anyone remember Valiant comics? Jim Shooter? Okay if you don’t, let InvestComics tell you that the 1aasolarman1Valiant brand back in the early 90’s was probably the hottest comics to get your hands on. Jim Shooter (Founder of Valiant alongside Bob Layton) created great storytelling combined with great art. It was an awesome time to be reading comics, but unfortunately, the speculative market crashed and took Valiant with it. Those were back in the days that certain investors thought they’d buy comics and sell them to put their children through college. Thank goodness those days are long gone, and a new, resourceful, wiser collector has come along. So with the New Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #1 from Dark Horse coming out this week from none other than Jim Shooter himself, there stands to reason that this comic will be hot and sell out very quickly. Let’s go back in the time machine and check out some books that you should be picking up along with the Dark Horse #1 issue. The first obvious choice here is the Doctor’s first appearance which is from Doctor Solar, Man of The Atom #1(Gold Key 1962). The Comics Price has this comic at $300. An extremely nice bargain, when (not if) this Dark Horse comic heats up. Set your sights next on the 1991 Valiant comic that drops the ‘Doctor’ in its’ title. Solar, Man of The Atom #1 from Valiant goes for $10.

1aaTheMightyCrusaders1_1965_85Dark Horse will be setting the stage for more comebacks of the very popular Valiant comic line with Magnus Robot Fighter and Turok, Son of Stone. So why not get a jump here and get the original comics now?  1963 Gold Key, Magnus, Robot Fighter 4000 AD comes in at the $400 mark according to the Comics Price Turok, Son of Stone (Four Color 596 -Dell 1954) has a price tag (CBG) of $1000. Now the Valiant comics are less expense but not the bargain that the originals are set at right now. Here is a quick rundown of the Valiant’s that you should be seeking right now. Magnus, Robot Fighter #0 (1991) $50, Magnus, Robot Fighter #1 (1991) $10, Magnus, Robot Fighter #12 (1st Turok in Valiant) $12, and finally Turok, Dinosaur Hunter #1 (1993) $10. (NOTE) All of prices shown on InvestComics™ are current market prices courtesy of Comics Price So that’s the quick list that should be on your radar. Be warned, delay too long in getting any of these and the Valiant comics will become scarce again, and the older original first appearances will be a little further out of reach.

1aaMC11aaFlyman31_1stmightycrusaders_1965_25DC reaches back into the past as well this week. Mighty Crusaders #1 will be a new take on a team from the original Red Circle line. 1965 Fly Man #31 is the first appearance of The Mighty Crusaders. This comic in NM condition goes for $70. The Mighty Crusaders #1, also from 1965 is priced at $85. Although the new Mighty Crusaders will fare well in the market, do not expect a major increase of interest in the market for the older books. The better buy here are the Gold Key books previously mentioned. The Jim Shooter/Dark Horse comics will probably attract the interest of investors more so than the DC Crusaders.

1aaxforceSexandViolence11aanewmutants98_1991_80With the release of Marvel’s X-Force Sex and Violence #1, there is a character that will star alongside Wolverine named Domino. You have to go all the way back to 1991 (yes well it’s “way back issue” theme week, c’mon now) to catch a glimpse of this beauty. An issue that could arguable be one of the most sought after comics in recent memory. New Mutants #98, yes it has that 1st appearance of that Deadpool guy, but it also has a first look at Domino. Here’s the thing. Domino was portrayed by “Copycat” in that issue, so it’s not technically her first appearance. Okay so let’s move on to find her next appearance. X-Force #8(1992 – $2.50), there you go that’s her right on the cover (again). This too will not be her “first appearance”. You see, that was a flashback thingy issue, so no dice on that Domino. Okay so 1aaxforce8_flashback_1992_2501aaxforce11_1stdomino_FULL_1992_2501aaxmenorigins_deadpool1let’s try X-Force #11, that’s her (once again) in some deep stuff with Deadpool on the front cover this time. This, this would be her first full appearance. This comic could be yours today for only $2.50! Oh forgot to mention, a CGC 9.9 New Mutants #98 in November 2009 sold for $12,250. If you want to see the full story from Comics Price Guide, click right here. If you want to buy a copy at your local shop, you’d find one in the $80 range. If you think you have a 10.0, well do you really need to be told what to do?  Speaking of Deadpool, do check out X-Men Origins Deadpool #1. The issue promises to reveal a bit more on Deadpool. Even if it’s not the real deal origin reveals, it’s still going to be a great read.

1aauncannyxmen201_1986_INKER_1stmodernage1stbabycable_281aauncxmen2671aauncannyxmen1_whilceportacioUncanny X-Men The Heroic Age #1 will be brought to you by Whilce Portacio. Just in case you missed it, he did a 10 for the Pros™ spot for InvestComics™. Click here to check that out. Whilce is no stranger to the X-Men. His very first stint on the X-Men came 24 years ago. Yes that’s correct, 24 years ago. The calculation adds up to 1986 on Uncanny X-Men #201. The issue would become Whilce’s first work on an X-Men book, as an Inker only. This issue also happens to be the 1st Cable baby, as well as the first Modern Age X-Men comic. All of this adds up to $28 in today’s market. It wasn’t until 4 years later he got a crack at the inside of the X-Men book in Uncanny X-Men #267. Whilce does the cover art and the pencils here. Whilce went on to do countless X titles across the board, but these 2 X-Men comics are the crème de la crème when it comes to Portacio X books.

3 independents make the Hot Picks this week. The most fun will be found in America’s favorite comic book guy in Comic Book Guy The Comic Book #1. This will be the first of a five part series. It will be very surprising not to see this comic do well in the sales department. Cry for Dawn artist Joseph Linsner (who also has a 10 for the Pros™ spot, right here) gives us a new Dawn story; Dawn Not to Touch the Earth. And finally the police officer on steroids Officer Downe from Image comics looks like fun.


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Have a great week. Remember, Invest Wisely.

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