Hot Picks Top 5 #64


Every  week before new comic book day, here are the Top 5 NEW comics to speculate/read from this Wednesday. This list is pulled straight from the latest (weekly) InvestComics Hot Picks article.  Hot Picks Top 5 based on InvestComics Hot Picks #426 and new comics coming this Wednesday 5/25/16. We recommend viewing our great site on Google Chrome!

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Deadpool #13 – The awesome four comic crossover solo comic is creating a nice buzz among readers. The Rob Liefeld incentive variant is sold out.

Green Lanterns Rebirth #1 – Look for the characters; Jessica and Simon to lead the charge to mega interest with fans in this Rebirth book.

Lookers #1 – …..And speaking about looking at things, Lookers (Boundless Comics) has sold out across the board.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink #1 – Expect sellouts with Pick getting her own solo comic.

Spider-Man 2099 #11 – The introduction of Sinister Six 2099.

Deadpool #13 Rob Liefeld
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Spider-Man 2099 #11
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Green Lanterns Rebirth #1 - Copy
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Lookers #1
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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink #1
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Here are the rest of the comics appearing in this week’s InvestComics Hot Picks #426. Click the link for more details!

IC 100 Club Pick: Detective Comics #871 graded 9.6.

New 52 FCBD Special Edition #1 (2012)

Justice League #30 – (2014) – Fanboys, keep calm. This is a cameo, not the “official first appearance”.

Green Lantern #0 – (2012)

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Sub-Mariner #5
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Detective Comics #259
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Superman Rebirth #1

Batman Rebirth #1

Detective Comics #259 – (1958)

Batman Beyond #13

Batman Beyond #2 – (2013)

Civil War II #1

Invincible Iron Man #10

Spider-Woman #8

Sub-Mariner #5 – (1968)

Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything #1

Control #1

Death Force #1

Revisionist #1

Bolts #1

Warriors Creed #1

Night Trap #1

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