Hot Picks Top 5 #66


Every  week before new comic book day, here are the Top 5 NEW comics to speculate/read from this Wednesday. This list is pulled straight from the latest (weekly) InvestComics Hot Picks article. Hot Picks Top 5 based on InvestComics Hot Picks #428 and new comics coming this Wednesday 6/15/16.

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Spider-Gwen #9
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Life and Sorcery #1 – This Chapter House Publishing book is sold out. Written and drawn by Danny Zabbal.

Joyners #1 – From Boom Studios. Sold out.

Spider-Gwen #9 – New story line ‘Weapon of Choice’ kicks in. Spider-Gwen vs. Frank Castle happens here. Also, InvestComics has teamed with ComicXposure to giveaway TWO different J. Scott Campbell Exclusive variants!! Click HERE to find out how to enter.

Batman Rebirth #1 – David Finch draws the new Batman title. Tom King writes. This will be a great starting point for Batman fans and collectors to jump on. And look at those very cool Batman costumes on the cover!

Astonishing Ant-Man #9 – The first appearance of a new team; Ant-Man 11. 

Batman #1
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Spider-Gwen #9
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Astonshing Ant-Man #9
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Life and Socery #1
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Joyners #1
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Here are the rest of the comics appearing in this week’s InvestComics Hot Picks #428. Click the link for more details!

Green Arrow Rebirth #1

Superman Rebirth #1

Spider-Man Unlimited #8
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Superman #1
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Titans Rebirth #1

Smosh #1

Smosh #2

Tales From the Darkside #1

Spider-Man Unlimited #8 – (2005)

A Year of Marvels Incredible #1

Guardians of Infinity #7

International Iron Man #4

Star Wars Han Solo #1

Uncanny Inhumans #10

Inhuman #4

First Hero Wednesday’s Child #1 – Sold out

Steam Wars Princess Legends #1

Sixth Gun #50

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