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This week: Hulk’s son is looking for some love, Heroes and villians kill each to wear a certain someone’s cape, the 90’s version of the X-Men return and Steve Rogers is still dead…..

battleforthecowl3.gifBattle for The Cowl #4  Well here it is fans, the winner gets the cowl. A new Batman is crowned. Sounds like a big deal right? The sad part here is that it would be a big deal if DC were to play their cards right. Did anyone hear about the death of Batman? Did anyone know that after DC sort of played the death card, Batman then went ‘missing’? Herein lays the problem why this particular comic will not be as big as it should be. Batman, Bruce will be back. Unlike the Captain, Steve won’t be back for quite some time. DC needs to have Batman either really be dead or bring him back in a few years. We all know that whoever wins the cowl will be fighting Bruce in a few months. Gotham needs new blood; let’s see if DC can give Gotham and its fans a good story here without another meek ending. According to the track record it does not look well.


firstskaarwhatifplanethulk.gifPlanet Skaar: Prologue  It cannot be said enough times here on InvestComics. Skaar is a force to be reckoned with. Not only as a Marvel character in the MU, but as a very sound investment. Greg Pak has continued to make Skaar a character for the ages. With this issue, this prologue, Skaar is introduced to the Marvel Universe. No more is he in his own realm. No more is he caught up in his emotional battle about his daddy (HULK) leaving him. Son meets Father and it’s going to get ugly quick. Yes Skaar is coming to the MU and you should be looking at the first appearance. What in Skaar’s name are you waiting for? Buy his first appearance and buy this book too. Welcome to the Marvel Universe Skaar!


invincible62.gifThe Boys: Herogasm #1  Garth Ennis brought the highly touted Boys back from the dead after  fans demanded  it. Well now here is the very first spin off of that series. Herogasm? Wow….that cover is um…..explosive! 


Invincible #62  New villain Conquest continues his onslaught.

Here are some quick hits coming at you this week as well. X-men Forever Alpha brings names like Jim Lee and Chris Claremont  back on an X title. Red hot Wolverine Noir series continues. Thunderbolts brings in a new recruit to kill Wolverine, Mr. X. Dark Avengers shows no signs of slowing down at all and the Captain America comic reaches its milestone 50th issue. 25 issues after the death of Steve and still no signs of him coming back. Good job Marvel keeping people dead.















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