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Barack Obama: The Comic Book Biography

Groundbreaking, fact-based graphic novel
includes acclaimed
Presidential Material comics

In stores today


[Barack Obama: The Comic Book Biography cover]San Diego, CA (October 28, 2009) – In stores today, IDW Publishing is proud to offer Barack Obama: The Comic Book Biography, the only graphic novel telling the life story of our country’s 44th president, from infancy through the first 100 days of his historic administration.  Barack Obama: The Comic Book Biography features the smash hit Presidential Material: Barack Obama,
which started a craze of Obama comic books when it launched in October
of 2008. The new hardcover graphic novel also includes the follow-up
series chronicling the heated presidential campaign through the
inauguration, and goes on to detail the first 100 days of the Obama


Obama proved change can happen," said IDW editor Scott Dunbier. "Now
young people can discover how this man rose from humble beginnings to
become the President of the United States. It’s a compelling story and
we’re proud it has gotten so much positive attention."


In July of 2008, IDW announced the first comic book series about the historic 2008 presidential campaign. Presidential Material
was a smash hit with both fans and critics, featuring the life stories
of both then-Senator Obama and Senator John McCain. Demand for the
Obama book was so strong that it went through five printings. As Geoff
Boucher in The Los Angeles Times said: "I’m happy to report that the stories and art inside were far
more compelling than I anticipated and that these short-form
biographies… deliver savvy and nimble life stories for both
candidates and mostly succeed in stripping away overt partisan spin, be
it home-team puffery or us-versus-them venom. The books, while short
(or maybe because they are short), are fairly ideal introductions to each candidate, especially for teen readers."


IDW followed Presidential Material
with a two part series that covered the Democratic National Convention,
Obama’s historic victory in November, the Inauguration, and then the
newly-elected president’s first 100 days in office.  Barack Obama: The Comic Book Biography collects all three stories, written by Jeff Mariotte with art by Tom Morgan. Award-winning artist J. Scott Campbell provides the cover.


Barack Obama: The Comic Book Biography (80 pages, $14.99) will be available in stores on October 28th. Diamond order code NOV09 0841; ISBN 978-1-60010-530-2.

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