Image Comics: On a Crusade with The Crusades!

Steven T. Seagle and Kelley Jones’ THE CRUSADES collected for the first time from Image Comics!

Berkeley, CA – 27 April 2010 – The Dark Ages begin again in the first-ever collection of the controversial crime series THE CRUSADES, written by Steven T. Seagle (Soul Kiss, it’s a bird…) and drawn by Kelley Jones (Sandman, Batman).

The first of two re-mastered volumes, THE CRUSADES Vol. 1: KNIGHT collects THE CRUSADES: URBAN DECREE and THE CRUSADES #1-9.

"This material has been out of print for about a decade, but — dealing with church scandals, shady land deals, shock media and social justice — it remains creepily relevant in its themes," says Seagle, "I get asked at every convention if the series will ever be collected, and now I can finally say ‘yes’ in a big way."

"We’ve really gone back in and made a great book even better for this edition," adds Jones, "We’ve redesigned everything, produced new covers, corrected some typos, heightened the color effects, upgraded the paper — this quirky book was mostly missed the first time around, but it is not to be missed this time."

"Image is proud to collect THE CRUSADES for the first time," says Image Publisher Eric Stephenson. "This is fantastic work by Steve and Kelley that deserves a top flight collection and the vast new audience this two-volume set will attract."

In THE CRUSADES, an enigmatic 11th century Knight has come to render terrible justice on the citizens of 21st century San Francisco. His acts of unspeakable violence spark a firestorm of moral soul-searching in the hearts and minds of the city’s most colorful figures. Putting together the pieces of the Knight’s mysteriously brutal puzzle is the voluptuous Venus Kostopikas, a fact checker for a dying newspaper who has aspirations to rise above her station and lead her own crusade.

THE CRUSADES Vol. 1: KNIGHT, a full-color 256-page hardcover for $29.99, will be in stores July 4, 2010.

Image: Crusades

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