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When Diamond Distribution takes off for a week in December, the Indy Comic’s are jumping in!


Comics Creators To Hold
"Indy Comic Book Week"

Independent comic book creators to have unique opportunity to showcase their work

(Dallas, TX) September 28, 2009 – In response to the weeklong shutdown by Diamond Comic Distributors at the end of December, a group of independent comic book creators is holding "Indy Comic Book Week" (ICBW) to showcase their work during the "no-ship" week. Though begun in the DFW Metroplex, the event has now become a national call to independent comic creators.

"With the new release shelves empty of all the mainstream comics, independent comic artists and writers can fill those spots with their work," said Matthew Warlick, a Dallas-area comic artist who contributed the website and will be putting out a book for ICBW.

Diamond Comic Distributors is the primary distributor of comic books in North America, and their weeklong shutdown will allow independent and small press comic book creators to take the place of the mainstream books usually released by Diamond.

"This week will be a great opportunity to show the importance of independent and small press comics as compared to the larger mainstream industry," said David Hopkins, comic author and ICBW contributor. "Often, indy and small press comics get overlooked. But this week will give lesser-heard-from talent a chance to shine."

Local writers and artists are being recruited by the ICBW founders to self-publish new material and offer it to local stores.

"We’re asking creators to develop new work, retailers to put it on the shelves, and fans to try something new," said Jake Ekiss, another local comic artist.

There are now over 20 participating retailer locations in 6 states and the event keeps growing.

Creators currently signed up to participate include David Hopkins (, Jake Ekiss (, Paul Milligan ( Nate Bramble ( and Matthew Warlick (

For more information, visit or follow the event on Twitter #indycomicbookweek


Matthew Warlick or Vinh-Luan Luu 

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