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There’s an Instagram page that exposes the fake teaching/training within the word of MMA. The page also features other fun videos, but the main focus is on the calling out of many fake MMA teachings and training techniques. This Instagram page is called McDojoLife. It was created by Robert Ingram. McDojoLife has a huge fanbase following and has been mentioned by Joe Rogan on his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ several times. Popular before Joe Rogan dropped the name, McDojoLife had been and continues to be a tremendous appeal to anyone that comes across the Instagram feed, you immediately get drawn in and an immediate follow ensues.
The McDojoLife Instagram page is now well over 81k followers. That’s a whole lot of fake MMA watchers out there. Let’s catch up to Robert and see how things got started, his motivation, what’s going on now and what is in store for the future.

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Trending Pop Culture: Hi Robert, how are doing? Thanks for stopping by!

McDojoLife: Doing great! Thanks for having me.

TPC: Okay, you obviously can spot fake from real mma. What background do

you hold in the arts?

McDL: I have been training in the martial arts for over 21 years. I have a 3rd degree black belt in Karate. 3rd Degree blackbelt in LissaJous-Do (Which basically mean I can swing nunchucks well lol). 6-0 amateur boxer. 4-2 amateur kickboxer. Was on a sport karate team called Full Circle. Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

TPC: What drove you to pursue martial arts training?

McDL: I was born with a cleft lip/palate which left me with scars on my face. Because of this I was picked on and beaten up a lot in school. In middle school I was beaten badly by a group of boys for over 5 minutes. Two teachers just watched and didn’t break up the fight. A friend handed me a card for martial arts lessons afterwards and I have been training ever since.

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TPC: Do you still train on a regular basis?

McDL: Still train and work in the martial arts daily.

TPC: Do you have a day job or is McDojoLife the nuts and bolts for you?

McDL: I’m a full time martial arts instructor. And I would love for McDojoLife to be my full time career.

TPC: Recently Joe Rogan mentioned McDojoLife on his podcast (The Joe Rogan Experience) AGAIN as one of his favorite Instagram places to visit. How does it that make you feel knowing Joe loves your feed that much? And how has it changed things for the McDojoLife Brand?

McDL: It’s amazing to know that you have people follow and like what you do no matter what you do. Joe has shouted the page out a few times and it is always amazing to hear!! Would love to be on the podcast one day. A lot of opportunities open up when someone with so many fans tells them to follow you. It’s a great feeling and it opened a few doors. Excited to show everyone what’s next!  

TPC: We’re excited to see! What makes you want to expose these frauds in the first place and why is it important to you?

McDL: The martial arts have been such a great influence in my life I feel this is my way to give back. So many people are being hustled by frauds. I feel that if I can shut at least one of these schools down then I have done the right thing.

TPC: Being an advocate of practicing and being in a real part of the mixed martial arts world, is this the reason you’re able to spot the bs right away?

McDL: I think that most people who have trained in any martial arts can typically spot the BS. However, I do think that the average person who has never trained and is naive may fall for this kind of garbage.

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TPC: How do you find these videos?

McDL: Sadly, they are all over the internet and not hard to find. I do however have the best followers on the planet and they love to share stuff with me.

TPC: Have you ever approached a fake person teaching mma and expose them?

McDL: Currently, all of those types of interactions have been online. Luckily even online I have been able to get frauds exposed. I will be going to schools in person now to start working on exposing more.

TPC: When you see a video for the first time and you are convinced what you are seeing is complete bull, what does it do to you emotionally? Does it make you laugh, get angry, or something else?

McDL: All of the above. It’s almost always funny until you think about the fact that these people are being taking advantage of and then it turns to anger.

TPC: What advice can you offer anyone that may want to learn an art form of any sort but aren’t too sure if the place they want to go to is teaching in a proper way.

McDL: Go with your gut and do your research. The internet has really helped give you a library of competent instructors. Take a look and follow your instincts.

TPC: How often do you post and find things to post?

McDL: I try to limit my posts to once a day but I’m constantly interacting on live feeds and Instagram stories. I will always answer anyone who sends me a message as well. It’s might take me a while, but I always will get back.

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TPC: Are you on other social media platforms besides Instagram?

McDL: Currently Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but I’m always looking to expand and grow with what’s trending.

TPC: Fans of McDojoLife absolutely love your brand. Are there any plans in the future to expand on what you’re giving them now or are we going to continue to just get amazing content?

McDL: We will be continuing with interviewing martial artists, doing skits and of course doing school call outs.

TPC: Thank you sir for taking some time with Trending Pop Culture, you have the last word…..

McDL: I really appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us for this interview. I would like to say that no matter what martial art you do, whether it’s to be a fighter or just for fun. Simply enjoy it. As long as you’re having fun that’s all that matters. Most arts are legit in one way or another. Keep training, learning and sharing your love for the martial arts. But if there is a scam artist teaching out there just know that we are coming for you and we WILL SHUT YOU DOWN!!

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