InvestComics Is Now Trending Pop Culture

InvestComics website will become Trending Pop Culture.

After 13 years, InvestComics LLC will start a new venture and change the industry once again.

West Palm Beach, Florida

(West Palm Beach, Florida; March 29, 2018) – Speculative entertainment comic book and information website InvestComics has announced plans to change up their brand, direction/format and become a new entity; Trending Pop

“When InvestComics started this venture back in 2005 as a website, no one was doing what we were doing.” says Jay Katz, CEO and Founder of InvestComics. “The main objective from the start was to provide an entertainment outlet for speculative comic fans to be informed: Provide a network, a location fans can come to to grab some knowledge.”

The InvestComics magazine debut in 2003. The magazine source material was then transferred over to the website in 2005 where it has blossomed into a larger audience.
“Within the first couple of years, I never thought InvestComics would have a bumper from Stan Lee, let alone an interview” says Katz. “The magic that has occurred within this venture with the InvestComics brand has been immeasurable,” Jay continues, “The brand morphed into a larger scale and I could not be prouder of what InvestComics has achieved. InvestComics started the speculative website revolution”

“Since the inception of InvestComics, the market has changed gradually, and now it’s a very crowded space,” says Jay Katz. “There are only so many times one can look over their shoulder and see some site recommending to purchase an Amazing Spider-Man #300. InvestComics refrained from doing this many years ago, we’ve seen the change arriving and took measures to compensate for the ever-changing speculative information market.”

Trending Pop Culture’s main objective will be to inform about current trends, create trends, notify the Pop Culture elite on what is trending on the web, social media and Ebay. The transition from InvestComics to Trending Pop Culture does not mean the fan favorites, “Hot Picks, Top 5, Best Covers, New Comics video, Checklist, Creator Spotlight,” etc will go away. They will simply be adjusted (renamed) and the same scheduled information fans receive every single week will carry forth. What will be added is the array of Pop Culture trends that fans may or may not know of. Trends ranging from Anime cards to superhero spinners. Anything that’s within the trending pop culture market place right now or what we deem ‘should be’ trending.  Most of the non-comic book related trends will be featured on our social media outlets. The Trending Pop Culture website will still be extremely ‘comic book heavy’. The focus will shift from speculation to trends when it comes to comic books.

“We’re going to start the next phase, the new TREND for everyone to follow,” says Katz. “InvestComics led the way once before, we’re going to do it again. It’s very exciting and I know our great fans that have been with us since the beginning will be excited too.”

A note from creator of InvestComics LLC/Trending Pop Culture; Jay Katz.

When I started InvestComics back in 2003, It was innovative. The site was the only of its kind for years. My inspiration was drawn from the back of the Wizard magazine back in the 90’s and my father.
Here is how the journey of InvestComics became and where the idea of speculation/comics arrived into my life.
When I first started collecting comics back in 1984, my father and I frequented a small comic shop in Brooklyn named Pinocchio’s. I was all about the new comics. The new releases, while my dad was about looking through these old comic book boxes stashed in the wall. You had to literally pull them out and place them down without causing a hernia or killing yourself, but he managed.
One day, while looking at this weird looking comic, named Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, I told my father that it was too strange and put it back on the shelf. Yes, I did that. Could have had ten 9.8’s or better, but it didn’t tickle my fancy. That day was like no other though, not because of the putting back that weird turtle comic… I proceeded to place a small stack of NEW comics on the counter, my father placed his Thor #126 on top. I looked at it as though it was Kryptonite. I said, “dad, what’s that?” He said, “I like Thor comics and I’ll explain later.” I said, “but it’s like $8. That’s a lot of money for an old comic like that.” He said, “no it’s not.”
When we arrived home, I took out my NEW comics and put that OLD comic to the side. I reached back for it and asked dad, “why did you buy this comic again? It was expensive.” He went on to explain that there are different aspects to collecting comics. One is the enjoyment of reading them, two is the enjoyment of collecting them as a stock. “A share” as he put it. I was intrigued. I asked to explain more. Dad explained that the expensive $8 comic he bought will someday be worth a lot more money and that by taking care of it, not mishandling it, it would be worth more. He introduced me to the ‘bible of comic books’; Overstreet Price Guide. He went on. “This Thor #126, according to Overstreet is the first time Thor has his own title comic, dropping the ‘Journey Into Mystery’ name in front of it.” I said, “and what does this mean exactly?” He replied, “What it means is that, this Thor #126 is essentially Thor #1.” I found it a bit odd at first, but then realized, wait a second, he’s kind of right. I was hooked, because the explanation my father offered was a valid one and made complete sense once I rolled it around in my head. Things changed a bit after that day for me. Who knew less that ten years later I’d end up on Wall Street within the commodity market for 13 total years. It was in the veins and I owe everything to my father for the beginning of the InvestComics venture. If only he were alive to see it take shape and take off like it did, he’d be so proud. I lost the majority of my collection back in the mid 90’s due to my lapse in judgement (a long story on to itself), including twenty New Mutants 98’s in pristine condition, 10’s and 10’s of Teen Titans #2’s, bunch of Amazing Spider-Man #300’s and on and on….but I did salvage one small box with a few comics that never sat too far from me. That small box contained my holy grail, my Thor #126. Not the most expensive comic in the world by any stretch, but the most sentimental/priceless comic I will ever own. I decided one day to have it graded, to preserve the integrity of the book. It came back a 9.0. Awesome job dad. I then met with Stan Lee, had a CGC person bust it open and had Stan sign it. It’s now an 8.5. Not a great job CGC. Oh well, doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things though. Dad would have still loved it.
Dad actually took my sister and I up to the Marvel bullpen in New York City back in the 1970’s. Back when you could do things like this. I met Stan Lee back then too. I was about eight years old. Dad obviously had an affection towards the comic book landscape/business. Maybe because he himself was a decent artist. Maybe because my older sister actually had an artistic talent, thus how we got in to meet the bullpen and Stan and Jack and Sal and so forth. It was amazing. Never forget that.
My father would have loved to see that Thor #126 signed by Stan. I know he would. It would have made him smile so much. He would have smiled as well to see what I did with his inspiration in explaining the speculative side of collecting.
To you dad, thank you.

It’s been 13 years since the InvestComics website debuted. It was two years prior that the InvestComics idea was put forth with a FREE magazine with the purchase of an Ebay win. The magazine was then distributed throughout some local comic shops in Florida. From there, the FREE magazine was not conducive in bringing in income. I decided that I needed to figure out a way to make some money if I’m dedicating so much of my time. The website was born to alleviate cost of printing a magazine and to reach a much larger audience. Again, thanks to Wizard magazine (and dad!) for laying the foundation/idea for the website. I just picked up the ball and ran and ran and ran…….I have given thousands of thousands of thousands of free advice to many speculators for the 13 years. Some were clunkers, but most were on point and fans have been rewarded mightily for the FREE advice. Who was recommending to purchase Iron Man #55 on line in 2005? InvestComics was. So many like this. So many.
Now I have arrived at a crossroad. After debuting InvestComics so many years ago, being the first and longest website of its kind, the innovation of InvestComics is a proud achievement, but the speculative comic book market place has become a crowded area on the internet. How many times can someone recommend to buy Amazing Spider-Man #300 or X-Men #94? Too many are recommending these comics as though they are the go-to to buy. If a collector does not know by now to buy these comics, given a chance at a good price, then it’s going to be very easy to find someone on-line these days recommending it. What about the NEW collector one might ask. Again, a crowded place, easily found information and a violate modern market. InvestComics has not recommended to buy, with reverence, a modern book to make money in a long time. In fact, we haven’t done it in many years within our articles. It was a slow methodical process in weaning out the thought process of MUST BUY or BUY THIS NOW type of thinking we escaped from.
InvestComics was and will always be a site that many have emulated themselves from. Innovation is the sincerest form of flattery.  I prided myself in being different than most of the new kids on the block. Why? Because I learned from observing the market, the trends, casing the chatter, assessing the audience. So many secrets to the game, that I won’t make anyone’s job easier for them. It’s what separated InvestComics from everyone else. Now I plan on separating even further, but in a good way. I have arrived to the conclusion I do not want to be associated with the speculation market as deep as the name INVESTcomics. I no longer feel it viable to hold the name of INVEST and COMICS within the same name (or switch the two names around and become another website like someone actually did). It’s not the brand anymore. InvestComics will become TRENDING POP CULTURE. A new name to recognize the changing landscape and the changing market.
Trending Pop Culture will be a site in reference to what InvestComics has been doing for years now. Informing collectors of TRENDS instead of investments and speculation. What MAY trend, what IS trending and what we deem that NEEDS to be trending. The speculative side has and was always up to the individual when they visited the InvestComics website. No peer pressure; but I always provided the tools to recognize and realize a trend and then guided the readers. I realize now too that trends are the mainstay, the main focus of InvestComics today and thus a change will happen.
Comic books will be the biggest part of this new venture. Comics have always been a big part of my life, this will never change. The speculation, the investment aspect of things are being altered to inform about the comics and other pop culture materials that people are talking about.
The sister site; Social Media Giveaway will also become more of a player in this new venture. Trending Pop Culture and Social Media Giveaway will work in tandem during certain times. Be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW all of the Social Media Giveaway media as well as the new media for TRENDING POP CULTURE.
So, with that, join in the new revolution as InvestComics changes the landscape once again and has the collector’s world follow us…..again. Trending Pop Culture has arrived.


Always Invest wisely and read comics.
Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz
CEO Trending Pop Culture

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