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Welcome to the InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for 10-10-12.

Very exciting week coming up, I will be attending the New York Comic Con for the third straight year as press for InvestComics! Every year brings a different vibe, but the main focus of my trip is always to see family and friends. Being a native New Yorker, it’s fantastic to get up there to see everyone. There will of course be video and picture coverage of the greatest comic convention on the east coast posted on InvestComics, so stay tuned for all of the goodie’s. Very cool giveaways as well, so like I said stay tuned!

InvestComics’ Robert Heske (IndieCreator/Consultant) is writing/producing a micro-budget feature film called BLESSID. The filming is going very well as I try to keep tabs on what’s going on because it’s all so very Interesting to me to see how a film is made from scratch. I tell you one word that comes to mind when I speak to Robert about the filming; Passion. Robert gives off a passion that exults an energy that is unmatched. His Indie film Blessid will display it. This week however, a teaser came out for the film and you can see it by clicking right HERE. So an early congratulation goes out to a great writer, a passionate screenwriter and a friend. Follow your dream Robert, I’ll support you every step of the way.

Yesterday on InvestComics a new video Interview went up. The focus was on a beautiful model named Trina Mason. Why interview a model? Are you serious?? Well besides being in the presence of an absolute down to earth gal, she is the star of a comic coming out called Death Fox from What The Flux Comics. You should really check out the video interview right by clicking HERE. You have a chance to WIN a poster signed by Trina herself too! Check it out!

Now let’s get to these Hot Picks!

…..Of course the much hyped Batman (2011 2nd Series) #13 will be the headliner on the shelf at your local comic shop. The much awaited return/reintroduction/reinvented villain known as the Joker. This comic will sell out instantly so expect many reprints to hit soon after. A collectors note here; ONE of these reprints will probably be a very cool variant that will most likely see a short print run, thus creating a “more valued” comic. Which one will it be? Who knows? Play it safe and give DC all of your money and buy all of the variant printings. That all said, will the reintroduction of the “new” Joker stick and be accepted by fans? Only time will tell and the variants as well as the multiple printings may become worthless collector’s items fast if fans give a big ho hum and interest wanes. Be smart…..invest wisely.

Hot Picks

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……Annnnnnd speaking of variants. One sure to be big waste of time variant cover pimping will be Uncanny Avengers (2012 Marvel Now) #1. Yes this new series will probably kick some ass as we all hope, but the abundance of variant covers is a huge waste if you’re looking to get any as collecting pieces to add to your collection. Big flip model here on Ebay if you want to make a QUICK buck. Do it fast because this series will be a good one (hope again), but will not sustain a back issue demand.

So let’s stick with the whole “this comic will change things” attitude since we were just talking Uncanny Avengers #1. DC promises the same thing this week’s Phantom Stranger (2012 DC) #1 and Team 7 (2012 DC) #1. Does anyone wish the drama would cease just a tad with the DC Universe? We get it…..we really do. Things are going to be different. And Marvel would you chill out with that too? Oh wait a minute, Marvel NOW! hasn’t even really begun yet…..geez. Here we go again.

Getting back to basics here; Avenging Spider-Man (2011) #13 will have appearances by Deadpool (which is obviously the new Wolverine appearing EVERYWHERE) and the not much used Hypno-Hustler. Isn’t that character just groovy? The Hypno-Hustler first appeared in The Spectacular Spider-Man #24 from 1978. Created by writer Bill Mantlo and artist Frank Springer!

Red She-Hulk (2012) #58 gives us the first self titled Red She-Hulk book. Was there a demand for this? Who asked for this exactly? Anyway, the Red She-Hulk debuted in Hulk #15 (2009) in case you were at all interested….yawn.

So let’s get to the pointless number one issues for this week shall we? AvX Consequences (2012 Marvel) #1 and Marvel Universe Vs Avengers (2012) #1 earn the dubious distinction of making this list. Uh, Marvel NOW! where are you….?

On the NOT so pointless number one issue front we come to Evil Ernie (2012 Dynamite) #1. Ah yes, a cool character Indie comic that deserves some attention. The comics’ storyline is named “The Origin of Evil”. Can this be any cooler?? And check out the ridiculously awesome variant from Adrian Syaf!! Simply awesome! The great Brian Pulido first introduced us to this enigmatic character back in 1991’s Evil Ernie #1 from Eternity Comics. Do yourself a favor and get into the world of Evil Ernie, if you’re haven’t already, you’re missing out.

More number one issues to check out, Point of Impact (2012 Image) #1 and Haunted Horror (2012 IDW) #1.

That’s it for this week. Not sure if we’ll be here with a New InvestComics Hot Picks next Sunday. I will be at the New York Comic Con!

Invest wisely.

Jay Katz 

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