InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 10-26-11

Welcome to InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 10-26-11.

It seems fitting that with the video release of New York Comic Con 2011 coverage here on InvestComics that it’s called “Small Publishers Part 1”. This week there are more Independents to check out than anything else.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Indie’s you should definitely be checking out.  

Helldorado #1 from Ape Comics, 215 Ink’s The Alternate #1, Dark Axis #1 from Diezel Punk, Action Lab’s Snowed In #1 and Dynamite’s Dark Shadows #1.

If you were a collector back in the 90’s, you’d probably be one to say that you couldn’t wait for the new Wizard Magazine to hit. We all remember that first issue with Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man wearing the Wizard hat. That 1991 issue can be found for only $5 these days. In many ways, Wizard Magazine was responsible for the birth of InvestComics. The price guide section became such a staple in the purchase of that magazine. Many of us couldn’t wait to see what comics were going up in value, what comics were hot, and the best part was the “hidden treasure” where they would tell you about a first appearance of a character that was about to break out. Those were fun times, but enough of the nostalgia……..

This week we see the return of a magazine that has the looks and smell of the old Wizard magazine. Behold! Thunder magazine #1! (Like the dramatics?). Understand by no means are we comparing the old Wizard to the new Thunder magazine, but the comparisons will arise because it does resemble it……A LOT. There is one huge sticking point with this magazine and its success, the price point. At $7.99, it’s a bit on the high side which may keep fans and collectors apprehensive in purchasing it. 

Marvel hits us with more Hawkeye (wonder why that is? Hmmm?). Avengers Solo #1 features the marksman. With all of the Avengers movie hoopla, it really won’t make much of a difference in Hawks previous appearances. But if you feel so inclined to get his first appearance, it could be found in Tales of Suspense #57 (1964) for a mere $600. The low price tag will stay put because this Avenger has nothing more to offer than…….well his bow and arrow. He’s not a first tier character, and the Avengers movie probably won’t change that. No demand for more Hawkeye keeps this book at bay for the long haul.

Another month, another Wolverine number one issue. This time with the ongoing Wolverine and X-Men #1.  Maybe InvestComics should rename to Jay Katz and InvestComics. Yes that’s as ridiculous as this new X-Men title. InvestComics is a “team effort”, why is Wolverine a separate enity to the X-Men? Why is Marvel insistent upon slapping Wolverines name on everything? It was nice when he made appearances every 3rd week of the month in a different title with his name on two titles instead of every week and his name on a slew of titles……..Incredible Hulk #340 anyone? Rant over. 

Oh wait, speaking of Incredible Hulk and the number one issue overkill. Marvel’s Incredible Hulk Vol 4 #1 comes out with 7, that’s right 7 variant covers. Why? Are we talking about those good old days of Wizard magazine again? The digital age may come quicker than previously thought. Okay rant over again.  

DC – Spaceman #1 (of 9) written by Brian Azzarello looks like an interesting pick up. 

Check out some covers of the week above……. 

See you next week. Invest wisely 

Jay Katz

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