InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 6-22-11


Ultimate Spider-Man #160 – Death of Spider-Man

New Mutants #26 – New Team


Flashpoint Titles

FP – Kid Flash Lost Starring Bart Allen #1

FP – Lois Lane and the Resistance #1

FP – Reverse Flash

FP – The Ousider #1

Superman #712 – Introduction of Sharif

Action Comic #902

Brightest Day Aftermath The Search for the Swamp Thing  #1


Rage #1

**Music from Green Lanter Movie**

From Mark Petrie “Kara Kul”

1 thought on “InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 6-22-11

  1. The music for this is seriously fitting! Death of Spider-Man is getting pretty intense! Aunt May got serious on Electro! Lol, I swear that cover for Green Arrow. His face and hair really reminded me of WWE’s Christian! And the final piece of the music playing at the last cover with Peter and his Uncle. Is very fitting as well.

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