InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 8-3-11

Welcome to InvestComics Comic Hot Picks for the week of 8/3/11

Marvel cranks out the hype machine once again (seems like they do every week…….wait a sec, they do) with 2 “must get” comics. One they claim will be talked about for the next 10 years; S.H.I.E.L.D. #2. What happens on the exact day after day 3650? Do we stop talking about it? The second “must get” comic of the week is Amazing Spider-Man #667. Why is this comic one you should not pass up? -According to Marvel-. Maybe something to do with everyone having Spider powers and the whole Spider-Island push. Doesn’t sound like anything major, but probably a cool story nonetheless?

Rob Liefeld leads the way for the Independents this week. JUST like the old days too! Image Comics releases Infinite #1 with 6 variant covers! Ridiculous isn’t it? Who cares?! Like it or not it’s happening. Check out the Deluxe edition cover from Liefeld. Doesn’t that remind you of days gone…….ahhhh the absurd 90’s. In the NOT so absurd department is another Image comic coming out this week called Severed #1. A horror comic from Eisner nominated Scott Snyder with art by New York Times best selling artist Percy Jackson makes THIS comic a “must get.” Titan Comics releases a comic book of one of the most downright politically incorrect cartoons to ever hit the airwaves; Family Guy #1. If the inside of this comic is as disturbing as the show, it’s going to be……….awesome!!

Okay too many great covers this week, so if you’d like to check them out, click on the video.

Enjoy the music and nice pictures.

Music (Score)from the newly released Comic Book movie Cowboys and Aliens

See you next week! Invest wisely.

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