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These articles focus on comics that no one is talking about or speculating on anymore. Sometimes for good reason though. There are some hidden gems among the non-elite here, but that said these are comics that have been long forgotten and simply not thought of anymore. Most of the comics in the article here are comics to be found in long box sales, but so much fun nonetheless. Some are actually a little tough to hunt down and worth some extra cash in the aftermarket, but isn’t the hunt fun too? If interested in any of these comics, most can be found by clicking the red links provided in this article or comic cover, that’s if you don’t feel like hunting or you simply cannot find it. Will any of these comics ever be of monetary value? Or again? Probably not, but with the influx of television and movies these days you never know. Here are a few InvestComics oddities to check out. Enjoy and happy hunting/reading!

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Quasar #1 (1989) Mark Gruewald writes. Origin of Quasar. Lasted 60 issues.
Pitt #1 (1993) Dale Keown pencils, cover art. 20 issues. This would be a fantastic movie one day if ever made.
Iceman #1 (1984) Four issue mini-series. J.M. DeMatteis writes, Alan Kupperburg pencils. Mike Zeck/John Beatty covers. Lots of creative firepower here.
Love and Rockets (1982) This critically acclaimed series is often forgotten. Fantagraphics Books. The Hernandez brothers brought a different way of comic book reading and vibe. They were way ahead of their time. The series was nominated for multiple awards throughout its 50 issue run. An ultra-rare B&W cover (number one) is a hard get.

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Grim Jack #1 (1984) The creative team of John Ostrander (writer) and Timothy Truman absolutely killed it here in the first 19 issues. John went on to write the rest of the series with various artists at the helm and continued to give comic book readers a great read month after month. The series lasted 80 issues.

Starriors (1984) This long-forgotten four-issue series was a fun read back in the day. Written by Louise Simonson, art by Michael Chen, and all covers by Bill Sienkiewicz. Probably just a matter of time before the Starriors make a comeback.

Elementals #1 (1984) Talk about a great series. This team was Comico’s version of the X-Men. The first 25 issues; written, penciled, and cover art (most) by Bill Willingham. The series ended after 29 issues. The Elementals first appeared in Justice Machine Annual #1 (1983) Texas Comics. Bill Reinhold penciled and Michael Golden provided the cover. The Elementals were fabulous.

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Invest wisely. Read comics.
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