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Special thanks goes out to Robert McClelland, Benjamin L. Akers, and Richazey for making the InvestComics™ Forum as amazing as it is.

Thanks guys!

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Spotlight #47 – InvestComics

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I can’t believe I neglected this forum for so long. I’ve always thought InvestComics was a heck of a forum. It’s unique and a generally fun place to be. Let’s face it. Almost everyone likes comics. Young or old, guys and gals. Whether you love the classic Spider Man or the new spin-offs, this is the place to talk about anything comic related.

It seems like there is always the classic Marvel vs. DC debate. Both have released some amazing characters. Sorry, but Marvel wins in my book. With characters like Spider-Man, Deadpool, Wolverine, Hulk, Thor and The X-Men, how can you lose? Marvel is the single greatest thing to happen to comic books. DC is great, don’t get me wrong, but Marvel is superior.

I like the layout of the forum. I like how comics are separated by Marvel, DC, Independent, etc. I might add that Marvel has the most posts, woohoo! It’s just an organization thing, so you don’t get Spider-Man anywhere near the Justice League and vice versa. Seeing a large independent section is great. It shows that IC isn’t just about the big name comics but about comics as a whole. All forms of comics are discussed here, so it’s a great place for true fans.

It never hurts to have an excellent theme or full website at your disposal. I guess those are some talking points for InvestComics. It’s also a very active forum. As a whole, InvestComics has all the parts to being a great forum. For any comic lovers, this is a forum you just can’t turn down. It’s time to sit back, pick up your favorite comic and find a great new forum.

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