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Free Comic Book Day will be on May 2 2015. So many cool comics to read and a few to speculate on too. There will be two tiers this year. The Gold Tier and the Silver Tier. The Gold tier comics will be available at every comic shop. The Silver tier comics will be available at select stores. So you know what this means right? If there are any possible speculative comics to maybe grab, it would be from the Silver pile because only comic shops that participated will be getting those particular books, thus leading to the possibility of a shortage on a demanded free comic.

Let’s check out some of the speculative highlights.



Click on the RED links or comic covers to buy/bid on Ebay. Most of these comics are not available yet. Come back here after new comic book day if you missed out on any of the books you wanted. The links should bring a better search then.


Gold Tier

Dark Circle Comics Preview – Archie Comic Publications

Archie Comics is about to turn it up a notch in 2015. InvestComics did an interview with Alex Segura: Senior Vice President of publicity/marketing of Archie Comics in September right HERE. Alex told us then that there are very big plans for Archie Publications. We know this and are on board 100 percent. There have been some naysayers over the years that InvestComics has encountered on its platform regarding Archie Comics. Not quite sure why that is exactly, but uninformed collectors do not see a value in the speculative marketplace and that could not be further from the truth. Those people will be eating their words by this time next year. Please quote InvestComics on this if you’d like. Archie Comics will in fact arrive in 2015. This Dark Circle imprint is only a backdrop that will eventually lead to bigger things as well for the soon to be 75 year old company. More on why and on Archie Comics on InvestComics in the near future, stay tuned…..

Fight Club – Dark Horse Comics

There are several stories going on in this free preview book. The Goon (new story), The Strain (New story from Guillermo del Toro) and the premiere of the Fight Club. This is a good one to pick up.


Marvel Secret Wars – Marvel Comics

Most likely this new spin on the Secret Wars from Marvel will be a big draw. Maybe this free comic will feature a first appearance or something extremely important regarding the event. Who knows? But it’s worth getting regardless because he story will kick ass anyways.

DC Comics

….Will remain mum on their free comic book day release. Get it, same protocol as the Marvel release. We’re quite sure the DC freebie will be leading up to something huge. Stay up to date with DC’s secret on

Silver Tier

Captain_Canuck_InvestComicsCHAPTERHOUSE_CAPTAINCANUCKCaptain Canuck – Chapter House

Canada’s very own “Superman/Captain America” makes another attempt at trying to capture the hearts of American comic collectors. Will our friendly neighbors succeed this time remains to be seen. In the meantime, if you have a few bucks, anywhere from $4 to $75 you can own a Captain Canuck first appearance from the 1975 self titled Captain Canuck #1. You never know….

Mercury Heat Debut – Avatar Press

This sneak peak looks like a fantastic story brewing. Pick this up.

TMNT: Prelude To Vengence – IDW Publishing

All new material that will lead to a huge Turtle story line.

AVATAR_MERCURYHEAT IDW_TMNTTales of Honor – Image Comics

Here is a self contained story of a series that will debut in May.

Kodansha Comics Sampler – Kodansha Comics

This freebie includes a few samples of KC’s Anime/Manga line. Attack on Titan is one of the samples to be featured. Interesting comic that Attack on Titan is. The number one issue has gone to 6 printings already. Pretty sweet.

Stan Lee’s Shakra The Incredible – Liquid Comics

Based on the cartoon short we get the debut of Shakra in comic book form. Awesome for the kids!

Lady Justice #1 – Super Genius

IMAGECOMICS_TALESOFHONOR TH3RDWORLD_THESTUFFOFLEGENDThis is a reprint of the original Lady Justice (“Neil Gaiman’s”) from 1995. You can get the first appearance of Lady Justice (Wheel of Worlds #0) in a 50 cent bin someplace or buy it on line for a buck.

The Stuff of Legend – Th3rd World Productions

Here’s a possible sleeper in the making……

Hip Hop Family Tree – Fantagraphics Books

If you’re a Hip Hop fan, this comic is for you. If you’re not a Hip Hop fan, this comic is for you too. Check out some hardcore history of the Hip Hop world. This comic has all of the greats on the cover. KRS-One, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Easy E, Tupac…..yes this is awesome beyond awesome. Meet some of these guys and get them to sign your book (witnessed of course) and grade it. You’ll have a one of a kind!

PAPERCUTZ_LADYJUSTICE Wheel_of_Worlds_InvestComicsDC Comics

They remain mum here as well on the Silver side. Get your fix on what they’re up to by visiting

Avengers #1 – Marvel Comics

Marvel isn’t very secretive about their plans. Check out the Avengers #1 comic for free. And the best part of this freebie is the a “new threat”? Is this an introduction? If it is, you better get this.

All and all a terrific free comic book day is headed our way. So many comics to read, so little time! Well we make time to read, but so little time before May 6 hits!

Be sure to bring the little ones if you have any. Comic books are a very good reading tool for the children. Have them read the Shakra comic to you or any comic they look interested in, it’s amazing to share the excitement with a child this way. It’s like Christmas in May!

Read wisely. Carpe Diem.

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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. If you are here on the notion that you will make money ALL the time, you are in the wrong place. Please do not read this article. Although this article is used as a guide for investments, it’s more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments in this article should be used at the sole discretion and judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. So please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

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2 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day 2015 Hot Picks

  1. Great stuff as usual. Not to critique, but more because I have a 10 year old myself. Stuff of Legend is a comic I am currently enjoying, but it is not an all ages book. On the surface, it looks like a kid’s comic, but the writing is very dark and fairly adult oriented.

    Comixology lists the age as 15+. To compare, they list Guardians of the Galaxy: Original Sin as 12+, but Saga as 18+. I will not let my 10 year old read it, but around 13-14, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

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