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Here are this week’s top Trending/Spec Comics out this Wednesday 2-23-22.
Please note: All new comic releases can and will change release dates from time to time. Check with your local comic shop on the guarantee of arrival time. If ordering from eBay, check with the seller or post details.
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Carnage Forever #1 – Here’s another number one Carnage comic for the masses. This particular book celebrates the 30th year within the Marvel Universe. The special occasion brings in a ton of Marvel creative talent to showcase the Carnage years. Past, present, and future. 
Ghost Rider #1 – Speaking of another number one comic, here’s a ninth volume number one issue of the Ghost Rider. Marvel promises to “go back to basics” here. Do they finally realize that should do this with Johnny Blaze? No matter really, while Ghost Rider has a decent fanbase, the series will not last that long. Absolutely nothing to do with the creative team on the book, It has to deal with the character itself. Ghost Rider makes for a good team character, not a solo series. Like Moon Knight. Same deal.     
Captain Marvel #36 – It’s the finale of “The Last Of The Marvels” story, with a super-secret cover.  
Aquamen #1 – Arthur Curry and Jackson Hyde team up…….Aquamen! Yeah, we’re here to report the new issues to check out, not name them.

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Carnage Forever #1
Captain Marvel #36
Ghost Rider #1
Aquamen #1

Deathstroke Inc #6 – Deathstroke is the leader of a new army. Let the fun begin! 
Star Trek Klingons #1 – Looking back, there aren’t many headlining Klingon comics in the broad spectrum of Star Trek comics. So, enjoy the rarity of a Klingon comic this Wednesday. A $7.99 price tag though? Ouch.
Power Rangers Universe #3 – Confession time. We aren’t really Power Rangers fans, but we think there is a new team appearing here. Is that them on the cover? Help……    
Step By Bloody Step #1 – New from Image Comics. Writer Simon Spurrier and artist Matheus Lopes.
The Killer Affairs #1 – New series/story of the soon-to-be Netflix series. 
All New Firefly #1 – A new direction for the Firefly franchise. Written by David M. Booher and artist Jordi Perez.

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Deathstroke #6
Power Rangers Universe #3
Klingons #1
Killer Affairs…#1
New Firefly #1
…Bloody Step #1

Here are some of the cool first appearance covers of X-Gwen this week. Who knows if one of these alternate X-Gwen covers will ever produce an ongoing character in the Marvel universe? If only one does, it’ll pop in the aftermarket for reasons that are not explainable anymore. Most everything is or becomes hot and eventually loses its luster. Just click the comic below and buy it right now if you feel compelled to try and beat the system to the possible punch that may never happen. Or happen.

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