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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 11-28-12.

Be sure to visit the new section from time to time on InvestComics called “Hot Picks & Hot Chicks.” In there you will find your regular weekly Hot Picks and then some Hot Chicks from past events that InvestComics has covered. Comics and Babes! The first Hot Chicks went up and can be found by clicking right HERE!

Hot Picks

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A couple of number one issues from Marvel hit your local shop on Wednesday. Astonishing X-Men Annual #1 gets the Annual treatment. This issue doesn’t promise any new characters or a “death”. What it will provide is some good ol’ fashion storytelling. FF (2012 2nd Series) #1 puts together the oddball team of Medusa, She-Hulk, Miss Thing and Ant-Man in lieu of Fantastic Four’s absence. This series, with this lineup should last about 12 issues max. Not a Debbie downer, just truth here. So with that, let’s have fun with this lineup and find the first appearance’s of this “stellar” cast. We’ll go from the least significant comic to the comic that should be on your Christmas list. Miss Thing, we first saw her in Heroes Reborn: Remnants #1 (2000). You could probably find this comic at your comic shop sitting in the 25 cent bin. The She-Hulk character is one of those characters that never seem to catch on, but yet Marvel seems to always cram her down our throats. She’s a good supporting player, but not a solo player. Hence why a graded 9.8 Cgc Savage She-Hulk #1 (1980) can be bought right now for only $125. Too many grades at that level and not enough demand as well. Medusa’s first appeared in Fantastic Four #36 (1965). You can purchase this on Ebay, a 9.2 CGC Graded for $575. Medusa is not a character in demand and if you invest in her first appearance, you will have to wait a while for a payback to occur on your investment. On the contrary is Ant-Man’s first appearance in Tales to Astonish #35 from 1962 (in costume). If you haven’t been paying attention, Ant-Man will finally be making his appearance on the big screen. This movie will be huge (no pun intended). The investment here comes in around the 45k mark for a graded CGC 9.2. A solid buy right now considering how much potential upside there is to this comic, definitely a worthy investment for your collection.

A new villain to check out graces the pages of Thor God of Thunder (2012) #2 this week. The “God Butcher!” Fun times we hope as Marvel NOW! introduces new characters to their catalog. Speaking of new, the Lizard-Ock? Check out Captain America and Black Widow (2012) #639 for more on that. Ultimate X-Men (2011 Marvel) #19 starts a new direction as a new epic storyline starts up.

Be sure to check out DC Comics’ New 52 Savage Hawkman (2011) #14 as Hawkman and Green Arrow meet for the first time.

There are a few number one issues to definitely check out this week, Masks (2012 Dynamite) #1, Mortifera (2012 Sea Lion Books) #1, Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi Prisoner of Bogan (2012 Dark Horse) #1 and Witch Doctor Malpractice (2012) #1.

That’s it for this week. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

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