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Welcome to the InvestComics Hot Picks for new comic releases on 1-9-13.

In case you haven’t heard yet (you would have if you’re an InvestComics Facebook or Newsletter fan!), but it looks like InvestComics will be throwing the preverbal hat into the podcast ring. Shaun Cobble and Shaun Sorenson will front “Breaking down the fourth wall with Shaun & Shaun.” Look for fantastic banter about various comics as well as contest, giveaways and guest! Yes InvestComics is proud to be the providing host and home for the show. More announcements forthcoming!

There are plenty of comics to cover this week, so let’s get right to it.

Hot Picks

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One of the best idea’s not to come out of Marvel, but is cool anyways is Avengers Arena. As many of you know by now it’s the Hunger Games within the Marvel Universe. That said, this week in Avengers Arena (2012) #3 we get a new matchup’s including X-23 (vs. Cammi – Cammi covered in Hot Picks Avengers Arena #2) and Sentinel (vs. ?, they’re not saying. It’s a secret). So as previously said here on InvestComics Hot Picks, the fun of knowing that a character’s ultimate fate will be met out of a “game” is quite awesome. No pussyfooting around (yes the word pussyfooting was used, so what?). Secondly, these characters are fourth, third, maybe second rate players at best, so you know for the most part they will stay dead for quite some time if not permanently. This isn’t Peter Parker, Clark Kent or Steve Rogers. Everyone knew they’d be back. These Heroes/Villains…..who cares?! Right? So with that; death…. there had to be a birth someplace. X-23 stands a good chance of surviving the Arena, but things can happen! Find X-23’s first appearance in NYX #3 (2004) written by none other than Joe Quesada. Because X-23 is Wolverine’s daughter the comic in the aftermarket commands about $80. Really?? This comic is a bit overpriced, unless there is talk of her appearing in an X- Men film or breaking out anytime soon, stay away at this price. The second character who probably stands more of a chance of meeting his demise is Sentinel. Check out the first appearance in the much hyped at the time, but fell flat Sentinel #1 (2003) from Marvel’s Tsunami line. You can search the 25 cent long boxes at your comic shop for this one.

Value lesson coming up, I will start charging for this so appreciate this folks!

Much of the talk in the last couple of weeks has been about the death of Peter Parker, which in itself is completely silly. Haven’t we been taught anything with Rogers and Kent? Anyone that would pay a premium for Amazing Spider-Man #700, be it a regular cover or Variant is simply not a true comic book collector and has no idea how any of this works. Anyone who SOLD this comic at a premium, first off, you’re welcome (where’s my cut?), second; you are all learning a valuable lesson on the market. Myself, working on Wall Street for 14 years taught me that much is never what it seems and that many times you must strike while the iron is hot. Sometimes you lose though. It’s the nature of the beast, but if you are precise in your comic collecting abilities, you will be able to ONCE in a while buy that $3.99 comic and make an extremely easy profit on Ebay. Such is the case for this week’s Superior Spider-Man (2012) #1. Doc Ock inside of Peter’s body? Peter is not Spidey?? Hmm….unless you haven’t been paying attention at history or what you just read 30 seconds ago, Peter will be back. So what does this mean for Superior Spider-Man #1? Well it means that if you are looking to buy this comic and sit on it for a “value” reason, you’re wasting your time and that’s exactly what that comic will be good for is sitting on the porcelain throne. Here’s a quick tip (I want my cut), remember those people who bought those death of Parker issues for crazy money? Yea those people. Target them again, but with any variant you can possibly find on Superior Spider-Man #1. Those amateurs still believe that Peter will never be coming back and that this is truly the beginning of a “new era.” The 90’s speculation market never went away folks; it just shifted in a different way. If you don’t believe that, well then you’re missing out on easy money.

Marvel quickies: Scarlet Spider (2012 2nd Series) #13 gives us the return of Carlos Lobo! Carlos who?? Yea, remember that 25 cent bin you were looking through earlier? While you’re there, look for Spectacular Spider-Man #143 (1988). This comic will net you the mutant werewolf Carlos Lobo. Avengers #3 introduces the New Adam and on the ridiculous front we get to check out Punisher War Zone (2012) #3. Ready for this? Punisher vs. Thor. Okay bring it, should be a one panel fight, but okay.

DC Comics is set to bring back Steppenwolf in Earth 2 (2012 DC) #8. Who cares right? The real caring dates back to 1972’s New Gods #7. It’s a triple threat issue collectors! First it has the first appearance of Steppenwolf, second it has the origin of Orion and thirdly it’s all done by the King himself; Jack Kirby. Get all of that for a $60 price tag.

Ah…nothing better than seeing a villain take it to Superman once in a while. Take a look at the cover of Action Comics (2011 2nd Series) #16 and witness the new Superdoom villain (lame name no?) with his hand around Supes neck. Cool! Now stop the nonsense Clark, kick his ass.

Detective Comics (2011 2nd Series) #16 solicit states a new villain will be interrupting things. Do they mean the Joker? Hope not, saying a new villain means a NEW villain. This new 52 stuff really is silly sometimes. Okay maybe more than sometimes.

And on the independent front we have a relaunch or a “back to basics” sort of deal with Star Wars (2012 Dark Horse) #1 from IDW. With the announcement from Disney about 3 more Star Wars films coming our way, now is a better time than never to pick up the very first Star Wars comics from Marvel. Star Wars #1 (1977) goes for a cool $3,000. This of course is for the 35 cent variant, not the regular 30 cent cover that goes for $80. See cheapo, spend the extra nickel and get something back. Anyway as mentioned, with the new films on the horizon the Star Wars comics are about to get a major jolt. If you can pick up a Star Wars #1 issue for what the asking price is on Ebay, buy it. In 10 years you’ll be very happy that you did. Other interesting looks this week include; Jinnrise (2012 IDW) #1, Plume (2012 Devils Due) #1, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret History of the Foot Clan #1 and Mars Attacks Kiss (2012 IDW) #1.

Have a great week everyone. Invest wisely.

Jay Katz

Hot Covers This Week

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10 thoughts on “InvestComics Hot Picks #251

  1. hi there. great article. i always look out for your hot comics. So are you saying to buy the superior spiderman #1 for profit or the #700 issue of amazing?

    cheers, Jules

    1. Sorry about the confusion Jules. The Amazing Spider-Man #700 was recommended as a quick flip (already a flip that is too late to capitalize on unless you can get one for either cover price or $25), but only the variant editions. The same is probably going to work for the Superior Spider-Man #1. The variant editions will be the ones to flip.
      Thanks for stopping by Jules, appreciate you being a fan!

  2. cool. thanks got letting me know. do u also think buying star wars #1 30c version is still a good buy for the future then or just the 35c?

    cheers from little ol london

  3. London? Awesome!! The 30 cent regular version is a good buy now Jules. The better of the 2 would be the 35 cent variant, but the other is not a bad buy.

    1. Be careful though…There is a 35 cent cover reprint that is not the true 35 cent variant.I believe Marvel reprinted 1-3 and 4-6 in Polybags. they are still worth money (especially if they are still in the bags ) but now nearly as much at the real 35 cent cover variant! Note: cover has diamond shaped price box and an empty bar code box.

  4. The long term investment would be Marvel Previews 2 ( first appearance of Superior Spider-Man or possibly Daredevil 21 ( cameo ) Personally I think Slott’s storyline is crap and I can’t wait for the prices to bottom out on all the variants.

  5. Well My wife got me a Star Wars 30cent for 50.00 at a comic shop…it’s now selling for 80-100!!! Great news, and I picked up 2,3,4,5,6 just for fun and those are seeing big gains according to

    I still don’t really care to sell them, just seeing that I found something worth something while browsing one day.

  6. I still cry myself to sleep at night thinking about the first issue of Star Wars. When I bought it, I had the brilliant idea to remove the pages with advertisements. Let’s just say the value did not go up.

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