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(Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. If you are here on the notion that you will make money ALL the time, you are in the wrong place. Please do not read this article. Although this article is used as a guide for investments, it’s more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments in this article should be used as the sole discretion and judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. Please use your own discretion when investing and have fun.)

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 9/17/14

HP91714_ICPICS (4)We’re back from the Baltimore Comic Con last week. Good show. Our man Rafael “Doc” Rosario will have an in-depth look into all of the shows that InvestComics has covered this year. Look for that article after we do one of our final shows at the New York Comic Con!

Has anyone noticed lately that Archie Comics have made it onto the InvestComics Hot Picks more often than not these days? And for good reason too. Archie Comics has brought readers Kevin Keller; the first openly gay character, zombie Archie, the death of Archie, and then Kevin Keller as the first openly gay superhero in Riverdale, and they also are bringing a new “serious/dark” imprint called Dark Circle. Each and every one of these comics not only brought readers some great material, but also a return on their investment as well. If the speculator listened to InvestComics, they would have bought and sold the aforementioned comics in a quick fashion as suggested, thus making some extra cash. I informed the readers of this column a few articles ago that the Kevin Keller #14 Variant cover (Dark Knight) was one of those comics to grab and flip. It was not only a hard variant to get a hold of, not only a fantastic homage cover to Frank Miller, but it was Kevin Keller’s first appearance as a superhero. This would mark Archie Comics’ first openly gay superhero. So is this a silly one shot story Archie will be going with? Well by the looks of it, Archie Comics is hitting full throttle here. Check out the homage cover this week on Kevin Keller (2012 Archie) #15. Yes this cover has been used so many times I have even lost count (Uncanny X-Men #141 -1981). Doesn’t matter here HP91714_ICPICS (5)though, this homage cover is SOLD OUT already. Kevin Keller and Archie Comics are hitting their stride. Best be on top of this. With their imprint Dark Circle coming too, you best be on top of that as well.

Sticking on topic for a minute here, Archie Comics releases Sonic the Hedgehog (1993- Ongoing Series) #264. This issue debuts Sonic the Werehog. Look at the awesome cover. Archie Comics is bringing it.

Marvel fans will have a new epic saga to follow this week on top of the Spider-Verse saga. This one is called “Time Runs Out”. It’s an eight month jump ahead in the Avengers title. What this means exactly I’m still a bit confused. Nonetheless, the big story begins in Avengers (2012 5th Series) #35.

A couple of debuts within the Marvel Universe maybe you’d want to check out. Daredevil (2014 4th Series) #8 has the first look at the Purple Children. Yes that’s correct, Purple Children. Then you have Kurn in Superior Spider-Man (2012) #33. Yes Kurn. I don’t make this up, I really don’t.

How about Gwen Stacy as Spider-Gwen in Edge of Spider-Verse (2014 Marvel) #2? Yes, I really really don’t make this up.

[scrollGallery id=371]

Thor God of Thunder (2012) #25 will have a bunch of very talented creators all over it in this extra sized issue. The All New X-Men (2012) #32 cover pays homage to Uncanny X-Men #139 (1980). Funny thing that Archie Comics is paying homage to a cover that appeared two issues later (Uncanny X-Men #141) this week.

Legend George Perez will debut his new series; Sirens (2014 Dynamite) #1. If you happen to be in the South Florida area on September 30th George Perez will be at Tate’s Comics in Fort Lauderdale between the hours of 5-7pm. He will be signing his new Sirens book and hanging with fans. InvestComics will be there!

Some other comics to definitely check out; Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candy Land Save X-mas (2014) #1, Storyteller Witches (2014 Boom) #1, and Oddly Normal (2014) #1.

Invest wisely. Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

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