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Disclaimer: all comic recommendations are from a speculative vantage point. Not all comics are to guarantee a return on your investment. If you are here on the notion that you will make money ALL the time, you are in the wrong place. Please do not read this article. Although this article is used as a guide for investments, it’s more so for entertainment purposes. Any opinions or expression of investments in this article should be used at the sole discretion and judgment upon the investor, not InvestComics. So please use your own discretion when investing and have fun. Also; Not all comics will be chosen as an InvestComics Hot Pick for a particular week. There will in fact (guaranteed) to be some missed opportunities. The speculator not only has to be accountable forspeculative their gains and loses, but their own research as well. If the speculator is here with the thought that InvestComics will pick every comic that hits, even ones that sells out weeks later or become hot after the weekly article; is mistakenly off. This is in fact an entertainment/speculative site. Bottom line though, we have and always will be the best speculative web site on the planet.

What you are about to read is 100% authentic. This material is 100% original content from InvestComics and does not borrow from any article(s) or comic website(s) for its content. Anything you read  from here on any other site that seems similar probably and most likely originated from here.

InvestComics Hot Picks – New Release Comics on 1/14/15

This Wednesday, comic book collectors will probably witness record breaking history (or an extremely close second). Not so sure a record breaker one could be proud of, but it’s a first. This InvestComics Hot Picks contains the most questions ever posed in one article, so get ready for lots of answers too!


Star Wars (2015 Marvel) #1 will have the most variant covers ever released with its debut. As a regular reader of InvestComics, most of you know we feel about variant covers. A little reminder; variant covers are an awesome addition to the hobby. You go on Wednesday to your local comic shop, see a cover (eye candy) you like and you buy it. No one is forcing you to buy it, but you have an option to purchase it if you’d like. Continuing; are variants really necessary? No they are not. That said, as mentioned, they not only give the customer an option, but it also gives the possibility of an investment. The investment part is where many speculators fail miserable in building their collection. Speculators need be reminded as InvestComics has spoken about time after time that most modern variants will not hold their value. There is however a way to make some very good cash flow on some of them. InvestComics readers know this by following this article each and every week for 9 years now. Buying random variants for $50 or $100 or more because they look pretty will probably have you in red. Getting in the black actually requires some thinking and knowledge when you’re buying modern comics, especially the variants. InvestComics has been here for you regarding these guidelines and we’re going to be here again when the record breaker hits this Wednesday.

Another thing that is said on InvestComics repeatedly is the ridiculousness of the variants. It really is not necessary to have so many variants for any comic book, but here’s the thing. Marvel Comics (Disney) and any other comic company are here to make money and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Money is what keeps the machines rolling. The artist, writers, inkers, colorist, printers, etc all need money. Most comic companies want to deliver the best product they can to their consumer. Another way of reaching a wide audience, creating hype and to make money is to give consumers variant covers. The comic companies are not making $500 on that Joe Quesada Star Wars variant, but they’ll make it on the back end by getting the store owners to order more of the regular variant covers, thus creating the more expensive variant the consumer wants so bad. So in the end, the house always wins and the speculator is left guessing what to gamble on. The question; should I pluck down $200 for a Star Wars #1 variant or shouldn’t I? Long term? Short answer, no way.

What about Star Wars #1 should the speculator know? Well let’s get the first and most important thing out of the way. Buy this comic no matter what because it’s going to be a fun story. It picks up after Star Wars Episode IV The New Hope. We’ve all been down this road before as far as a story picking up within this time frame, however it’s a new spin. Artist John Cassaday and writer Jason Aaron are bringing their A-game. Have you’ve seen the previews? Very impressive.

Now the “other stuff”. When you arrive to your local comic shop you’ll probably notice that one entire section of wall or space where the new comics are will be dedicated to Star Wars #1. The option to purchase one of the gazillion variant covers will be available to you. So many choices, what to do what to do the speculator will ask himself/herself. Well the answer lies within the old expression back on my Wall Street days; Buy low sell high. But in this case it’s going to be a bit of the opposite. Why you ask? Because if you’re going to want to make any sort of money here, a few hundred bucks, you’ll have to buy the more expensive variant, get it signed and graded (must be a 9.8 or higher. MUST) and flip it. You’ll have to flip the comic so fast that the comic grading company’s plastic will still be warm. Can this also be done with the “cheaper” variants? Yes, but there will be very little money there because you and every other speculator will be doing those comics. It’s the $200+ variants that will bring the most for your buck during the crazy short lived aftermarket. Supply will exceed demand.

Why is it that the aftermarket will be short lived? Well, first the supply and demand issue will be a huge factor. Also, the hype of this comic will be the driving force (no pun intended) behind the book. Once the dust clears and speculators realize that this particular Star Wars comic bears no redeeming value, it’s a dump fest. By redeeming value I mean that there is absolutely nothing holding on the INSIDE of the comic to keep its value. Is there a first appearance? Is there a major story plot line that will appear in the new films? Is there an error on a certain variant and recalls will occur? Is there a lawsuit pending for any reason on this comic? Did John Cassaday sneak in a DC character in the background someplace? None of these do not seem likely right? So ask yourself, where does the true value (besides a fantastic read) come in?

So where does the value lie then if any? As already stated, one of the values will be in the more expensive variants. The true value in this lies in the past though. 1977, 1980, and 1986 to be more precise. Here’s the thing. If judgment prevails for the speculator they will take most of that extra money they want to spend on a pretty variant and buy a Marvel Comics Illustrated: Empire Strikes Back (1980). This would be the first true appearance of Boba Fett. How about you get a Star Wars #42 (1980) too? The first appearance of Boba Fett in an actual Star Wars comic. Or even still, how about a Star Wars #68 (1982)? The origin of Boba Fett. The original Star Wars #1 (1977) from Marvel? And how about the RARE last issue (we like rare don’t we?) Star Wars #107 (1986). There are so many other Star Wars comics to invest in for long term as well, do your research, speculate. Here is the thing this speculator is leaning towards, If you feel so inclined to buy a Star Wars Variant, buy a Boba Fett one……

So why the mention of Boba Fett so much? Rumor has it that in-between the new Star Wars films will be a possible Boba Fett film. So why not cash in on this now? Yes the film would be 3 or 4 years out from now if it ever does happen, but buying the first appearance(s) of a character as popular as Boba Fett is always a good thing. Better than pouring money into a variant that will probably meet the same fate as the Death Star.

Buy what you like. One lesson InvestComics will always preach as well. If you like a certain variant and it cost $300, then buy it. If you are tired of seeing the variant covers, stop buying them. It’s your will and right to do so. If you think that variant will sustain its value, then it’s your right to think that too. This speculator will look at the other wall this Wednesday at the comic shop, you know the one. The one with all of the cool Bronze age back issues on it. Boba Fett will be pointing that gun at me daring me to buy that issue for $75. Yes Boba, lets dance for a while. The 2015 party will be short lived.

Doctor_Strange_InvestComicsFor weeks and months InvestComics has given the speculator a heads up about the entire Spider-Verse platform. A great story accompanied by a boatload of introductions and reintroductions. So many that it’s almost impossible to keep up with.Spider-Verse (2014) #2 will be another crazy issue with a ton of things going down inside of it. We cannot stress enough, buy the Spider-Verse comics, cross-overs and all, just like the Gwen book, another character will break-out. The Spider-Verse story is Dan Slott at his finest.

Amazing X-Men (2013) #15 will have Cyttorak as a focal point in part one of The Once And Future Juggernaut. With Dr. Strange being so hot these days, this comic gives us all a great excuse to buy a Doctor book! Check out Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #44 (1992) for the first appearance of Cyttorak. Although earlier mentions and a stone figure of Cyttorak exist in other comics, this is his first true appearance.

DC Comics will compete with Marvel this week and have their own huge number one debut with Mortal Combat X (2014 DC) #1. Just kidding of course. Seems DC is staying out of the way of Marvel this week. But they forge ahead nonetheless with the release of a Mortal Combat comic. History shows us that Mortal Mortal_Kombat_InvestComicsKombat has always been spelled with a letter K as opposed to a letter C in the word Kombat. A DC solicit error? What gives here? Anyway, DC gave the Mortal Kombat lure a crack once. That occurred in 2008. Now they are back at it again 7 years later. Why? It’s to hype the new game coming out and why not really? Everyone loves a good butt kicking comic don’t they? And just for the record, the first Mortal Kombat comic debuted in 1992 from Midway. It’s a hard get in NM condition. $60+ on Ebay.

Marvel continues their hyperbole with All New Ultimates (2014) #12. A comic that guarantees the “Marvel Comics to end all Marvel Comics”. Check it out! Awesome read here probably.

Secret+Wars_Spider_Man_WWE_SpiderMan_InvestComics….In issue number eight we learned that Miles is an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Learn more in Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man (2014) #9! Look at that Dale Keown cover to Avengers (2012 5th Series) #40. Thanos is awesome right? No reason to mention this comic other than the awesomeness of the cover.

Oh yes, maybe there actually is a reason to mention that cover. A perfect lead in to checking out the cover to WWE (2013 Papercutz) #11. Boy does that homage cover look familiar!

Thanos_Dale_Keown_InvestComicsSee you soon. May the force be with you.

Invest wisely. Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

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