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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 6/17/15

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We’re back from Special Edition New York Con 2015. What a fantastic show. Be sure to check out all of the InvestComics’ social media to see lots of images from the event.

There is no shortage of comics to choose from this week. There are plenty to read and speculate on this week. Let’s dive right in shall we?

Runaways #1 1993 InvestComics
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Runaways #1 InvestComics
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Wonder Woman #41 InvestComics
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Wonder Woman #41 Variant InvestComics
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The creative team of Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu will be on Black Canary #1. Writer Brenden Fletcher has turned things around for the Batgirl title and looks to make some noise with this title. A great read coming here.

Look for a quick sell out as Amanda Conner leads the way with Harley Quinn and Power Girl #1. Always a great book with all the girls; Amanda, Harley, and Power Girl.

Justice League of America #1 features superstar creator Bryan Hitch as writer/artist. A fantastic way to kick things off. Having over 9 variant covers is not. The over saturated variant cover market is taking a huge hit these days. There are too many variant copies with no takers. Too many times dealers are either left with them or the “want to be speculator” is left with them. There is an art to collecting the variant market. Not every single variant will produce an aftermarket buzz. Be vigilant in knowing the difference in a variant comic and a hot aftermarket variant cover. About 4 or so months ago, an $800 Spider-Gwen variant existed. That same 9.8 sold for $575 yesterday. All the other 9.8’s within the $550-$700 range last sold in either March or April. The same with all the Star Wars variants. Those were a hot ticket when it hit. The thing InvestComics pointed out with that comic was this; if the guts (inside) of the comic brings nothing relative to the market, be it an introduction, a new villain, a new plot twist, or anything pertaining to the possibility that it will appear in the new film, then you are dead. Too many copies having the exact same guts brings nothing to the speculative table except for those nice covers. Covers don’t sell books. At first they may, eventually there will have to be substance. Although a fantastic story is told in Star Wars #1, all 100+ variants are the same story. This is only one of the few factors in buying variant comics. And as for the Spider-Gwen, the market is correcting itself. While the inside offers the first appearance, the market is a bit out of its league right now. Don’t get caught up in the hyperbole. So let’s circle all the way back around, if Justice League of America #1 has something to offer on the inside of all of those pretty covers, then you’re on to something. If it’s just great storytelling from Bryan Hitch with no significant introduction or otherwise, you have yourself a nice variant for $50 that will be worth $10 in six months time. Be aware of what you are buying.

A new 12 issue series from DC; Prez #1 will be on the shelf this Wednesday. Last we checked, Prez #1 (1973) was a he not a she. Every new comic these days seems to be an introduction of a new female character or what was once a HE is now a SHE to some degree. Thor, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Iron Man, Nova, etc….

Gwenpool variant
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Harley Quinn and Power Girl #1 InvestComics
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Justice League #1 InvestComics
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Prez #1 1973 InvestComics
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Prez #1 InvestComics
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Writer Paul Levitz brings Doctor Fate #1 to life. Always a great read with Paul at the helm.

Finishing out the DC number one issues; Doomed #1 and Martian Manhunter #1

A speculative book to watch for this Wednesday will be Wonder Woman #41. A new villain is introduced. Must check this one out. The Brian Bolland variant (cover B) is quite awesome. Here is a perfect example of what was spoken about earlier regarding variants. The guts of this comic has something to offer. Although the variant is a cover B cover price, if it was a $15 variant, it may be worth the pick up. Something more to offer than a pretty cover. The print run is a huge factor in the variant market as well. Like I said, there are a few mitigating factors that go into purchasing a variant comic.

Marvel’s Deadpool Secret Secret Wars #2 will be part of the Spider-Gwen craze. How about Gwenpool? Spider-Gwen as Deadpool sounds like a match made in aftermarket heaven doesn’t it? Let’s see if Gwenpool ever gains traction, if she does, she first appears right on the cover as part of the Gwen cover variants all over Marvel’s books right now. Only one of these available on Ebay right now.

Squadron Sinister #1 looks like a great book. Probably looking at a second print here soon. Check out the first appearance “cameo” of Squadron Sinister in Avengers #69 (1969) (Last page). First full appearance in Avengers #70 (1969).

Armor Wars #2 InvestComics
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Avengers #69 1969 InvestComics
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Avengers #70 1969 InvestComics
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Squadron Sinsiter #1 InvestComics
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Tales of Honor #1 InvestComics
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Marvel’s Runaways comic back in 2003 was a hot ticket at one time. Runaways will get their restart button pushed with Runaways #1 this Wednesday. First appearing in Runaways #1 (2003) with writer Brian K Vaughan. Many first appearances throughout all of the Runaway titles. The variant this Wednesday is sold out.

A real cool book with lots of different Thor characters. What’s not to love? Thors #1 will be a great read and as always with these new titles and relaunches, look out for the sneaky hot intro.

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The Spider-Gwen craze continues with the Gwenverine variant (Cover B) on Old Man Logan #2. No really, we’re not making this up.

Magneto #19, here’s comes the Sugar Man! This whacked out villain; Sugar Man, first appeared in Generation Next #2 (1995). Starting bid on this comic right now? One penny!

Armor Wars #2, who is Iron Hand?

Empire of the Dead T.V. Show is coming, here’s the last of the series; Empire of the Dead #3.

Black Canary #1 InvestComics
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Generation Next #2 1995 InvestComics
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Last Days of Magneto #19 InvestComics
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Old Man Logan #2 InvestComics
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Ravenous #2 InvestComics
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Ravenous #2 from Creature Entertainment sold out is sold out across the board. Regular and variants. How about a contest for the rare number one variant signed by the entire team? Check out the image in this article. That beauty could be yours! Look for the contest on the InvestComics Facebook page coming up very soon.

Astronauts in Trouble #1 from Image Comics and artist Charlie Adlard. The original Astronauts book; Astronauts in Trouble Cool Ed’s appeared in 1999. This also from Charlie Adlard.

Tales Of Honor Bred To Kill #1 from Image Comics is completely sold out.

Other comics to definitely check out this week; Empty Zone #1 from Image Comics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Casey & April #1 from IDW, Fiction #1 from Boom Studios and Plants vs Zombies Bully For You #1. A Dark Horse anti-bully comic. A couple of stories from Dustin Nguyen, help support the cause.

Ravenous #1 InvestComics
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Click on any red link or comic in the article to buy/bid on the comic right now. A new page will open, so you will not lose your place here.


Invest wisely. Read comics.

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