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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 6/24/15

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So what exactly will Marvel’s cinematic Phase 4 look like? Here are a couple of potential plot lines, one of which was mentioned here on InvestComics quite a while ago. And the way the rumors are swirling and the movies are possibly lining up, it’s probably coming to fruition. But we’ll get to that potential in a little bit because we want to get to our newer speculation on Phase 4 or maybe part of the next Avengers phase first.

The speculation has to to be met with a huge entity to battle on the screen. The Avengers cannot battle Juggernaut because that wouldn’t make for a compelling movie. The fight would last one scene. And Fox owns the rights, but that’s another story for another day. Galactus? Oh wait, another story, another day. How about Korvac? Yes. Korvac caused a lot of problems back in the late 70’s in the Avengers title. So much so that the Guardians of the Galaxy (not the present team) showed up in an Avengers title to help out. Avengers #167 was the first time the Guardians of the Galaxy (not the present team) appeared in an Avengers book, as did Korvac. So what ties does Korvac have to the Marvel films? How about the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Cosmic universe, and Captain America. Yes there are plenty of villains that have ties like this, but none are of a big enough entity (Thanos, Doomsday, Darkseid, Galactus) to warrant a movie based around it that includes so many ties to so many things going on now within the Marvel cinematic universe. With the release of Korvac Saga #1 coming this Wednesday, why not get on top of some of the older Korvac books instead of thinking about that silly $20 variant? Giant Size Defenders #3 (1975) is the first appearance of Korvac. Avengers #167 (1978) is the beginning of the original Korvac saga and the first first time the Guardians team joins the Avengers in their title. Art and cover by George Perez. Another great Korvac book, What If? #32 (1982). A story that asks the question “What if the Avengers Had Become Pawns of Korvac?” A superstar lineup of inkers on this comic. All of these comics are at affordable rates. Maybe we’ll see Korvac in Phase 4. If you don’t, you have some great storytelling comics in your hands, so it’s a win-win.

Avengers #167 InvestComics
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Giant Size Defenders #3 InvestComics
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Korvac Saga #1 InvestComics
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What if #32 InvestComics
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Back in 2006 the Planet Hulk story line made for some great reading. Writer Greg Pak was the creator of Hulk’s new universe. Greg Pak is to the Hulk what Jim Starlin was to Captain Marvel and the cosmic universe. Creating an entirely new platform to which a character really expands their realm of story telling outside of the normal Marvel universe. Regular readers already know that InvestComics brought up a Planet Hulk movie years ago before anyone even fathomed the thought. This place has a knack of having a hand on the pulse and predicting things like this. Although still a rumor for the most part, no official announcement as of yet, but Planet Hulk might be one of the next phases in the Marvel cinematic universe. So you still have time to grab those Planet Hulk back issues as InvestComics has recommended for years now.

Which brings us to this coming Wednesday. The Planet Hulk story is a big one once again. Get these comics not only for the obvious movie tie in possibility, but for the kick as* story. Planet Hulk #2 will bring back Devil Dinosaur again too. Marvel knew a popular movie with big dinosaurs was going to hit around this time; Jurassic World = making dinosaur’s cool again. So they timed it perfectly to get their red T-Rex character front and center. Back in 2010, InvestComics spoke about Devil Dinosaur’s first appearance in Devil Dinosaur #1 (1978) for the simple fact of who created the character and who puts it down in the comic. Jack Kirby writes, pencils, does the cover art, and is the editor. Talk about different hats, the legend was all over this book. The comic is still very affordable due to its lack of interest, but why wouldn’t a collector be interested here? A cool looking red dinosaur created by Kirby, first appearance in a self titled Bronze Age comic, and with Jack ‘King’ Kirby all over the first issue. Granted it’s a silly red dinosaur, but who cares? Comics are meant to be fun, not so serious all the time. Graded copies in the low 9’s are very low in pricing, while the raw copies are extremely low. With the success of Jurassic World, could you imagine if Marvel Studios ever tried their hand on a dinosaur type movie? And Devil Dinosaur (with Moon Boy!) being the main character? Yes, Moon Boy also first appeared in Devil Dinosaur #1 in case you’re wondering. Bottom line here, rather see this than a Howard The Duck movie any day. Yes we said it.

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Speaking of the duck. Did you see that Howard The Duck #4 Spider-Gwen variant from Jason Latour? It’s the already classic(?) Gwen cover, but with Howard in her place. Okay.

Another Gwen variant; X-Men 92 #1. A Ryan Stegman X-Gwen variant cover. As InvestComics has said about these Spider-Gwen variants many times, maybe one of these silly Gwen crossover characters will catch on. Stay on top of it just in case…..

Devil Dinosaur #1 InvestComics
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Howard The Duck #4 InvestComics
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Planet Hulk #2 InvestComics
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G.I. Joe #215; the funeral for Snake Eyes. A fantastic story from IDW continues to compel the fanbase and some speculators. These comics will be hot for a little bit, but a year from now many collectors probably won’t care. Many dealers are limiting fans to only one copy per customer this Wednesday. By this time next year they won’t be able to give them away. Get in, get out speculators.

On the DC front this Wednesday; Green Lantern The Lost Army #1 written by Cullen Bunn. Justice League 3001 #1 written by Keith Giffen. Superman #41 written by new series writer Gene Luen Yang. And We Are Robin #1. A new series that begs to be cool. The idea is, will fans think so?

Venture #1 from Action Lab Entertainment is a winner. Writer Jay Faerber and artist Jamal Igle have another hit on their hands. The regular and its variants are sold out.

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And finally, but not least. Evil Dead 2 Beyond Dead By Dawn #1 from Space Goat Productions looks interesting.

The sold out rare Ravenous #1 variant from Creature Entertainment (signed by 4 creators) will be given away this week on the InvestComics Facebook page. We were supposed to do it last week, but real life stuff impeded this from happening. This week instead. Thanks.

GI Joe #215 InvestComics
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Superman #41 InvestComics
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Venture #1 InvestComics
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We Are Robin #1 InvestComics
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Carpe Diem.

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