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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 8/12/15


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A potentially light week as far as the speculation side goes, plenty of great reading ahead. Although there is one speculation comic that will make up for the entire week this Wednesday…..

There will not be a bigger book this week. Batman #43 is where it’s at. Guarantee it. No way. Scott Synder and Greg Capullo introduce a new villain into Batman’s life this Wednesday, Mr. Bloom. We all know what happens when these two creative minds get together within these pages right? The villain is right there on the cover too. No cameo, little panel, a hand, no this dude is right there in plain sight. Although there are two other variants, the Mr. Bloom cover makes for an attractive collectors piece. He only graces the regular cover and not the others. A better resell with the character on the cover like that. Bottom line here, Mr. Bloom will be blooming in the aftermarket on Wednesday and thereafter. A seriously big book this week.

Planet Hulk 4 InvestComics
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Superman may have the same scenario brewing. DC says Superman faces a new threat lurking in the shadows in Action Comics #43. Let’s all read and find out who or what it is. And the same holds for Starfire #3. A new character appearance could be in here. The Darwyn Cooke variant is sold out too. Another sold out Darwyn Cooke variant comic this week; Justice League Gods and Monsters #1.

Comic fans get a first this week. Adam.3 #1 will be the first for creator Scott Kolins. A first in his very own creator owned character starring in a new series. Thanks to Dark Horse this is happening. Comic fans win! Be sure to check it out and support Scott. He’s a cool dude.

Independent publisher Action Lab Entertainment making some noise this Wednesday. Archon Battle of the Dragon #1 and F1rst Hero Fight For Your Life #1 are both sold out. Speaking of sold out, but not sold out….YET, From Titan Comics, Doctor Who Event 2015 Four Doctors #1. Doctor Who fans will be all over this.

There will be no shortage of number one comics to check on this week. Two very good stories await us from IDW; String Divers #1 and Boy-1 #1. From Image Comics Beauty #1 and Phonogram The Immaterial Girl #1. Beauty #1 will have a promo package sent to retailers. It will contain a pamphlet and a condom. Yes, you read that right. Click the red link or comic cover and see what those packages are selling for. Sheesh. Yankee #1 is not a baseball story, rather a unique story from Alternative ComicsGuardian Knight Comics‘ Gears And Bones #1Americatown #1 from Boom Studios, Dark Horse’s King Tiger #1, and rounding out the InvestComics Hot Picks week is DC’s DC Comics Bombshells #1.

Beauty 1 InvestComics
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DC Bombshells 1 InvestComics
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Gears and Bones 1 InvestComics
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Boy-1 1 InvestComics
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A couple of eye candy covers to mention, the Michael Del Mundo Planet Hulk #4 cover. Wow. And Secret Wars #5 Black Panther cover by Sophie Campbell is sweet.

By the time you read this, a lucky winner has already been chosen to win the Bob Layton signed Iron Man #151 featuring the Ant-Man. It was an exclusive InvestComics Instagram contest. Check out our Instagram page to see who won. There is still another contest going on right now. The InvestComics Twitter contest; Win a Secret Wars #1 Comicxposure  Gabriele Dell Otto variant. Click HERE for details on that. You have until next Friday before the new InvestComics Hot Picks, so get on it!

String Divers 1 InvestComics
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Doctor Who Event Four Doctors 1 InvestComics
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The First Hero 1 InvestComics
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Archon Battle of the Dragon 1 InvestComics
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Adam 3 1 InvestComics
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