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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 1/20/16


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Tales to Astonish 59
IC 100 Club Pick – Tales To Astonish #59 (1964) – Click to Buy now
New Avengers 5
Hot Pick of the week – New Avengers #5 – Click to Buy/Bid

NOTE. Please understand that when InvestComics releases the Hot Picks article on Friday that many of the independent comics may not be available on Ebay yet. Most of the time, some of the more obscure titles make their way onto Ebay later on in the week or right on/at/before new comic book day on Wednesday. Be sure to check back and click the links or cover(s) to see if the books you want have been listed on Ebay. They usually show up, so be sure to check back!

Check out the new InvestComics Checklist featuring Harley Quinn. Right HERE. Came out today!

This week’s IC 100 Club Pick is Tales to Astonish #59 (1964). It’s a 5.0 graded copy and it’s a beauty. This issue represents the first time the Incredible Hulk gets his name in the title of the book. Written by Stan Lee, cover by Jack Kirby and Sol Brodsky. Art by Dick Ayers and Paul Reinman. All this for $100. Great price, great book.

A quick reminder before moving on to this week’s article. On January 20th we will announce the winner of the signed/sketched blank cover The Chair from Peter Simeti (pictured). An absolutely beautiful piece of art here. Click HERE to get the details on how to enter. 
Also we have the Walking Dead #150 giveaway ending in next week’s InvestComics Hot Picks #408. The giveaway includes FIVE Walking Dead signed comics from series artist Charlie Adlard. INCLUDED in the 5 is a sketch blank (also signed). Check out this giveaway right HERE. Enter today for both of these awesome giveaways.

The Chair – Signed/Sketch by Peter Simeti – Click to read how to enter to Win!
The_Walking_Dead_150 (5)
The Walking Dead #150 – Charlie Adlard Sketch/Signed – Click to read how to enter to Win!











Ted McKeever, a main staple within the comic industry has been around since 1987. A tremendous talent with many books under his belt as well as industry stories apparently. This Wednesday fans get treated to a self created/character title called Pencil Head #1 from Image Comics. The comic is a semi-biography based on the comic book industry from Ted’s view. Some awesome stories to read in here we’re sure! InvestComics has been around for 10+ years and boy do we have some stories to tell too. Maybe someday……someday.
Symmetry #1 (Image Comics) received a nice welcome, now the hard part. Keeping the fanbase around after Symmetry #2. Check out the second issue this week. We have faith you’ll be looking for issue #3.

Avenging SpiderMan 9
Avenging Spider-Man #9 (2012) – Click to Buy/Bid
Captain Marvel #1
Captain Marvel #1 – Click to Buy/Bid
Ms. Marvel #1 (1977) – Click to Buy/Bid
Deadpool #6 – Click to Buy/Bid










Who knows if Marvel will ever really get to that Captain Marvel movie in 2018. With a flop or two, the comic book movie landscape will change dramatically. You do know this will eventually happen right? It’s inevitable, there will be failure to some degree someday. If Disney hits a bad spot and then another bad spot, the game will change in a big way. Even after the first bump in the road, Disney will pump the breaks big time. Do not be naive to the fact that comic book movies will be around forever. Don’t get us wrong here either, comic book movies will be around for a while, for years to come, but to what capacity is the question.
IF Marvel (Disney) ever makes it far enough to get Carol Danvers going, it’ll be the first major female comic character to ever have a huge budget behind them to succeed. Don’t bring up Catwoman or Supergirl or Elektra, you know what we are saying. What Marvel is doing as far as their continuing and connecting movies is cinematic history. Never been done before. A Captain Marvel movie will be made to succeed (obviously). Succeed big while grabbing the young girls and teenage girls as new Marvel’ette’s. Disney knows what they are doing, they really really hope to get to 2018 with no bumps in the road. There is an untapped comic book audience that they will market. They’ll kill. Like they always do.
Now that we have your attention, let’s get back to Carol Danvers comic books. Carol Danvers first appearance was in Ms. Marvel #1 (1977) as Ms. Marvel. Her first appearance as Captain Marvel was in Captain Marvel #1 (2012). Then you have the first Carol Danvers in Avenging Spider-Man #9 (2012) as Carol Danvers, but she’s on the cover as Captain Marvel? It’s a bit confusing the way some of these grading companies do things, but we just follow along like everyone else. Anyway, these comics should find a home in your collection sooner rather than later. If we get to 2018 with no issues and Disney is full steam ahead, these comics will be sitting in a different place monetarily. Major upside potential here. Major.
Oh yes almost forgot, there’s Captain Marvel #1 coming out this Wednesday. Check that out too.

We really wish the Deadpool movie would come out already. Every week fans have to endure another onslaught of Deadpool variants or the character appearing on random covers. We get it Marvel, we really do. Stop already. So with that said, Deadpool #6 will introduce fans to Deadpool 2099. And a big surprise here, ready for it…? Ready?…..the new character is a female. You’re surprised right?! Right?! No you’re not. Neither are we!
And as long as we’re on topic with the female character, how about checking out the New Avengers #5 this week? The introduction of a “new” Avengers team will make their first appearance. By “new”, we mean new characters; Iron Mariner, King Hulk, Marvel Woman, Collapsar, and Captain America. By the looks of it, Captain America, Iron Mariner, and Marvel Woman (obviously) are all female. Interesting no? We dig it. They look awesome.

adventure comics 247 001
Adventure Comics #247 (1958) – Click to Buy/Bid
Pathfinder Hollow Mountain 3
Pathfinder Hollow Mountain #3 – Click to Buy/Bid
Batman 48
Batman #48 – Click to Buy/Bid
Superzero 2
Superzero #2 – Click to Buy/Bid










There’s a very annoying unnecessary number one issue coming out on Wednesday. Silver Surfer #1. Written by Dan Slott and art by Mike Allred. What’s so irritating about this one may ask. The same writer and artist that started Silver Surfer #1 from 2014 went 15 issues and ended their run last month(?) and will be starting anew with a number one issue. Why not just continue with issue #16 THIS month? It makes no sense really. None. The only obvious reason would be to sell more comics by slapping the number ONE on the cover. It’s ridiculous really. We’re quite sure Dan and Mike will provide tremendous entertainment, but this starting from a new number one stuff is flat out silly. Yep, we said it.

Mr. Bloom seems to be causing all kinds of problems for Batman in Batman #48. Not too sure if this story is in fact leading to the final Synder/Capullo Batman book (number 50). Probably so, but an end of an era is coming for the best creative team on Batman in years.

Dynamite Entertainment makes the Hot Picks article this week with Devolution #1. Rick Remender writes and a Jae Lee cover. That’s enough in itself to check this out.
Pathfinder Hollow Mountain #3 paying homage to the iconic cover from 1958’s Adventure Comics #247 by Stan Kaye, Ira Schapp, and Curt Swan. This comic is the first appearance of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
451 Media Group continues to sell out every week. Sunflower #1 and #2 sold out, look for Sunflower #3 (with lots of sunflowers on the cover) to possibly continue the trend.

Plus Ultra 1
Plus Ultra #1 – Click to Buy/Bid
Herocorp Knights 1
Herocorp Knights #1 – Click to Buy/Bid
Symmetry 2
Symmetry #2 – Click to Buy/Bid
Pencil Head 1
Pencil Head #1 – Click to Buy/Bid










Writer Brian Azzarello, along with artist Juan Doe begin their new creator owned series under the After-Shock Comics umbrella. Check out American Monster #1.
Also from After-Shock Comics; Super Zero #2. Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti’s new creation. Artist Rafael de Latorre is making a quick name for himself, a new comer to the comic industry. His first work was the previous issue in this series.

Here are some other independent comics to check out this week;
Overground Comics sells out two of their titles; Herocorp Knights #1 and Plus Ultra #1.
Deep Space Tragedy #2 (Cosmic Times), Man Plus One #1 (Titan Comics), Cyberines #1 (Red Anvil)

American Monster 1
American Monster #1 – Click to Buy/Bid
Silver Surfer 1
Silver Surfer #1 – Click to Buy/Bid
Devolution 1
Devolution #1 – Click to Buy/Bid
Deep Space Tragedy 2
Deep Space Tragedy #2 – Click to Buy/Bid
Man Plus 1
Man Plus 1 #1 – Click to Buy/Bid
Sunflower 3
Sunflower #3 – Click to Buy/Bid








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