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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 3/23/16

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Before we hit you with the latest InvestComics Hot Picks, have you seen the new promotion (giveaway) we are running? You can enter for your chance to WIN a pair of movie tickets from to see the new Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie! Click the image below and see how. Run, do not walk.


Before we hit you with the latest InvestComics Hot Picks, have you seen the new promotion (giveaway) we are running? You can enter for your chance to WIN a pair of movie tickets from to see the new Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie! Click the image below and see how. Run, do not walk.

NOTE. Please understand that when InvestComics releases the Hot Picks article on Friday that many of the independent comics may not be available on Ebay yet. Most of the time, some of the more obscure titles make their way onto Ebay later on in the week or right on/at/before new comic book day on Wednesday. Be sure to check back and click the links or cover(s) to see if the books you want have been listed on Ebay. They usually show up, so be sure to check back!
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Avengers #154
Avengers #154 – Click To Buy Now

Each week InvestComics seeks out a comic(s) on Ebay for $100 or less and then brings it to the attention of our fans. We call it IC 100 Club Pick. The idea is to get a great book at a great price. We do not own nor are we selling these comics. The comics are found by a random process. We do not know the ebay seller(s), nor are we promoting the Ebay seller. Any knowing from the Ebay seller of InvestComics or its affiliates in purely coincidental. (See disclaimer for more details).

IC 100 Club Pick: Avengers #154 (1976) Graded 9.4. there are two standouts here regarding this pick. Let us tell you what the other non-standouts are first. It’s a 1976 book graded at a nice 9.4. It’s the first appearance of Tyrax. Legend, George Perez with interior art. Now let’s hit on the two standouts. First, the cover art is by Al Migrom and comic book legend Jack ‘King’ Kirby. Second, this graded CGC comic is priced at a Buy It Now for only $59.99. Okay one more fantastic thing….free shipping. This must be in your collection. Avengers, George Perez, Al Milgrom, first appearance, and Jack Kirby?! A 9.4 for $59.99 with FREE shipping. No-brainer here. Better grab it before it’s gone.     

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Wonder Woman #50
Wonder Woman #50 – Click To Buy/Bid
Batman #50
Batman #50 – Click To Buy/Bid
Harley Quinn #26
Harley Quinn #26 – Click To Buy/Bid
Deathstroke #16
Deathstroke #16 – Click To Buy/Bid











IDW introduces Leatherhead in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #56. Leatherhead actually first appeared back in 1988’s Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #6 (Mirage Publishing).

Bruce Wayne is back as Batman in Batman #50. Here is Synder and Capullo’s final Batman comic. They’ve had a fine run to say the least. Does it equate to Batman #1 in their run costing so much money in the aftermarket? More questions; Does that comic contain a major first appearance? A death? A creators first work? A low low print run? If the answer was ‘no’ to all of these questions, then the answer to our original question was answered. Here’s another thing. Look to the right upper hand side of the graded Batman #1’s. It’s blank. Nothing there. Not even a new costume reference. Not hating, we absolutely loved the run. Just need to point out the obvious and separate the boys from the men. Long term… wise youngsters, invest wisely.
Also reach their 50th issue this week will be Wonder Woman #50.
An awesome fight will be going down in Deathstroke #16. Deathstroke vs. Red Hood. Ding! Ding! Fight!
The Harley Quinn character faces a new direction in her life. Witness it in Harley Quinn #26.
Creator Cory Nord gives fans some eye candy this week. Check out the cover to Suicide Squad Most Wanted Deadshot Katana #3.

Hyperion #1
Hyperion #1 – Click To Buy/Bid
Avengers #70
Avengers #70 – Click To Buy/Bid
Avengers #69
Avengers #69 – Click To Buy/Bid
Sentry #1
Sentry #1 – Click To Buy/Bid



Carnage #6 introduces Jabulile van Scotter. 
The first meeting (fight) between Angela and the new Thor takes place in Angela Queen Of Hel #6. No hair pulling or cat scratching here folks!
The Howling Commandos Of S.H.I.E.L.D. #6 will have the team searching for ORRGO. ORRGO has been used sparingly over the last 53 years. Maybe a little over a dozen appearances? Crazy right? ORRGO’s first appearance was in Strange Tales #90 (1961). A book from Jack Kirby, Don Heck, Steve Ditko, and Stan Lee. Wow, what a line up.

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.
Doesn’t Hyperion remind you a bit of Superman on a couple of his covers to Hyperion #1? Maybe Marvel is trying its hand again in trying to deliver their version of Superman. Marvel last tried back in 2000 with Sentry. Sentry was basically Marvel’s Superman at the time. They don’t really have that “Superman” type character. They really don’t need one. Fast forward to Hyperion #1. Marvel may be going back to the well again with the striking resemblance on those covers. Hyperion first appeared (cameo) along with Squadron Sinister in Avengers #69 (1969). His first full appearance was in the next issue; Avengers #70. Sentry (Robert Reynolds), first appeared in The Sentry #1 (2000).
Is The New Avengers #8 comic the first appearance of American Kaiju? It might be.
Obi-Wan And Anakin enter a new world in Obi-Wan And Anakin #3. You know what that means right? New world, new characters!

The Howling Commandos Of S.H.I.E.L.D. #6
The Howling Commandos Of S.H.I.E.L.D. #6 – Click To Buy/Bid
Strange Tales #90
Strange Tales #90 – Click To Buy/Bid
Carnage #6
Carnage #6 – Click To Buy/Bid
New Avengers #8
New Avengers #8 – Click To Buy/Bid










Venom Space Knight #5 will introduce Pik Rollo. Pik is a Panda. Yep. Look at that killer cover by Ariel Olivetti…..with a Panda on it. This whole Panda thing seems so random.
Totally Awesome Hulk #4 – Women of power variant from Meghan Hetrick for the win. But that Ultimates #5 Women of Power variant from Yasmine Putri is stellar too! Okay we’ll call a tie this week. That all said, we still think the title of the Hulk book is a bit silly, not changing our minds on that one.

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All sellers on Ebay.

Angela Queen Of Hel #6
Angela Queen Of Hel #6 – Click To Buy/Bid
Totally Awesome Hulk #4
Totally Awesome Hulk #4 – Click To Buy/Bid
Ultimates #5
Totally Awesome Hulk #4 – Click To Buy/Bid
Circuit Breaker #1
Circuit Breaker #1 – Click To Buy/Bid


Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Connor, and Justin Gray team up (once again) to bring us Delete #1 from Devils Due Publishing. Always a good time when these guys (and gal!) get together. And do you know that the ‘insert’ button on your keyboard is right next to the ‘delete’ button? Looks like Jimmy, Amanda, and Justin are using that subliminal stuff on us. ‘Insert’ this comic into your collection. See, see, we’re on to you! So we’re buying this comic, not because of a button, because we like you guys…..and gal.

Bloodshot Reborn Annual #1
Bloodshot Reborn Annual #1 – Click To Buy/Bid
Delete #1
Delete #1 – Click To Buy/Bid
Tales Of The TMNT_#6 – Click To Buy/Bid
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #56
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #56 – Click To Buy/Bid
Venom Space Knight #5
Venom Space Knight #5 – Click To Buy/Bid

Other fantastic comics to check out this Wednesday…….
Shadow Glass #1 (Dark Horse). Circuit-Breaker #1 (Image Comics). Star Wars #17 (Marvel). Oh Hell #1 (Overground Comics). Independence Day #1 (Titan Comics). Bloodshot Reborn Annual #1 (Valiant Entertainment).

Obi-Wan and Anakin #3
Obi-Wan and Anakin #3 – Click To Buy/Bid
Independence Day #1
Independence Day #1 – Click To Buy/Bid
Oh Hell #1
Oh Hell #1 – Click To Buy/Bid
Shadow Glass #1
Shadow Glass #1 – Click To Buy/Bid
Star Wars #17
Star Wars #17 – Click To Buy/Bid










Invest wisely. Read comics.

Carpe Diem.

Jay Katz

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