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Hot Picks based on new comics coming this Wednesday 8/10/16

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New to InvestComics? Please read the Disclaimer here before proceeding…

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Justice League #40
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Each week InvestComics seeks out a comic(s) on Ebay for $100 or less and then brings it to the attention of our fans. We call it IC 100 Club Pick. The idea is to get a great book at a great price. We do not own nor are we selling these comics. The comics are found by a random process. We do not know the ebay seller(s), nor are we promoting the Ebay seller. Any knowing from the Ebay seller of InvestComics or its affiliates is purely coincidental. (See disclaimer for more details).

IC 100 Club Pick: Justice League #40 (2015) 9.8. This modern comic is more about the new Justice League trailer and what the potential it could carry. The new trailer has Bruce Wayne building a team to defeat an evil like no one has ever seen. That evil, we hope, could be Darkseid. If Darkseid is the main villain (we hope), this comic possesses the first appearance of his daughter Grail (cameo). If the female presence continues to make their indelible mark within the comic book industry like they have never before, expect to possibly see Grail on the big screen. This comic will leave that $99.99 price tag long, long, long behind if Grail makes that leap to the big screen. A speculative move here indeed. You make the call. 

Before reading ahead, we feel we need to warn you that our articles contain very harsh truths in them. Not vulgar language, just a good solid dose of honesty. They always have, they always will. If you are easily offended, cannot come to terms that other people have opinions too beside yourself and especially if you’re a fanboy, discontinue reading. Go back to the other places selling you the farm. This is NOT the place for you. We’re here to have fun and not lie to you. Thank you and enjoy!

All Star Batman #1 Jock
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All Star Batman #1 John Romita Jr
Click to Buy/Bid – Batman – Romita
Deathstroke Rebirth #1
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Moon Knight #55
Click to Buy/Bid – Moon Knight #55

We start off this week towards the speculative side of the hobby……
All-Star Batman #1 from DC Comics is one of those tough call speculator books. Not all all a question this comic will be a tremendous read (we hope anyway!). The book itself will bring sure-fire creative super power. Scott Snyder writes and John Romita Jr. will pencil. There will be other dynamic creators attached to this comic, but those two will get top billing. Scott Synder will be re-imagining Batman villains as we have never seen them before. That according to DC of course, don’t hold us to that. First up will be Two-Face. With all of the changes going on from DC from the past 10 years or so, will this be any different really? It’s a good possibility it will be “different”, but therein lay one of the issues as far as speculation goes. Just because something is different and touches off some fanboy nerve in a good way, it may drive the speculation market to max status. Here’s a question you must ask yourself, what happens once the romance wears off?
In recent memory one of the only books to sustain a monetary value and marketability with absolutely no redeeming comic book collector substance (first appearance, death, new character look, gender change character, etc) is Scott Synder/Greg Capullo Batman #1. We have stated this before in numerous articles, if you look at a graded copy, upper right hand corner, it’s completely blank. No first appearance, no appearances, no new costumes, nothing. That book still commands some decent aftermarket prices and it holds a fantastic beginning of a storybook run by two unbelievably talented creators, we get it (we think). Think about this. There have been some amazing Batman stories told over many, many decades by legends in the industry. Amazing runs of their own. Some of their books couldn’t even touch the Synder/Capullo Batman books as far as aftermarket pricing goes. Is that Batman #1 (Synder/Capullo) graded 9.8, which just sold for $300 a few days ago REALLY worth $300?? That’s $300, essential for a…..”Batman story”. Before you fanboys start whining and crying, we’re fans of Synder and Capullo, so stop getting your panties in a bunch. You’re going to learn here, don’t worry about when the next Scooby Doo/Harley Quinn team-up will happen. There are plenty of story driven comics throughout history that command some aftermarket monies. Miller’s Dark Knight and Gaiman’s Sandman, come to mind right away, but those stories were industry changing stories. We’re not saying Scott and Greg didn’t bring their Batman run to another level, but did they really change things in the long term? We’ll actually have to wait and see about this. Five years does not qualify a $300 book (in OUR opinion. Fanboys please sit down. Adults, please speak if you want). Neal Adams, Frank Miller, Alan Moore and a few others have literally changed the Batman landscape that still reverberates in today’s modern era. This market is modern top heavy, been that way for quite some time now. Be weary of what you are putting in to get out. Many have put too much into these modern books and are getting torched with red numbers. The Batman #1 book (and some others) have paid off, but more often than not, that “big/obvious” book winds up not meeting expectations for speculators. Wytches (Snyder + Jock = WOW) comes to mind rather quickly. So many more though. 
Which brings us back to All-Star Batman #1 this Wednesday. The creative firepower is there and the amazing variants are there. The big questions; will the story be interesting enough to compel demand? Will interest wane after the first read? The second issue? Will this be all hype and no punch? Will delays in release happen? Will there be a large print run? How many times have we seen an all-star creative team assembled and it turns out to be just “okay” or “good” or even a flop. It’s when collectors aren’t counting on it, case in point Batman #1 (Synder/Capullo) that it becomes a huge hit. Yes we know, we know, sit down fanboys, they were fabulous creators when they were announced for that Batman book, but no one would have predicted a 9.8 for $300 in late July 2016. No one.
So going full circle here and back to the beginning, we are definitely without a doubt looking forward to the new All-Star Batman comic. More so as a comic book fan and not as a speculator. We could be completely wrong on this, we’ve been wrong before, we accept that. But we think this may be one of those creative all-star teams with a good story to tell and that’s it. Which, at the end of the day is the goal anyway. As for the REAL speculative side regarding All-Star Batman #1 this Wednesday, one word…….Jock.

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Superwoman #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Superwoman #1
DC Comics Presents Annual #2
Click to Buy/Bid – DC Annual #2
Detective Comics #938
Click to Buy/Bid – Detective #938
New Super-Man #2
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With the influx of female comic characters dominating the industry these days, DC will go back to the well this week. Superwoman #1 will be written and drawn by the great Phil Jimenez. We’re so on board here. We expect the new series to do well and we urge collectors to check it out. Because we really like the potential of the new Superwoman book, you may want to click on the following comic to see what is available; DC Comics Presents Annual #2 (1983). This is the first appearance of Superwoman. Cover from legend Gil Kane and pencils by Keith Pollard.

The New Super-Man #1 fared well and now the follow up; New Super-Man #2. Be sure to check out the constant introduction of new characters during this series.
InvestComics had Deathstroke’s first appearance in the very first issue of the InvestComics magazine more than 11 years ago. Back when it was more obtainable. A 9.8 first appearance sold for a mere $550 a couple of weeks ago. Now this Wednesday, Deathstroke Rebirth #1 hits and we’re stoked. It won’t be a $550 book, probably ever, but the story will kick all kinds of as*. Writer Christopher Priest will deliver, get this on your pull list. The Stephen Platt variant cover is fantastic and it makes us reflect back to the early nineties when Stephen first tackled his first Marvel book; Moon Knight #55 (1993). That was a huge hot book back then. A 9.8 Moon Knight #55 just sold for $189 in early July. Definitely worth mentioning here too, the regular Aco Deathstroke Rebirth #1 cover is phenomenal as well, but InvestComics has always spoken about Stephen Platt thru-out the years. We’re huge fans.
Speaking of covers, a tremendous Rafael Albuquerque variant cover; Detective Comics #938. Rafael is making a habit of cutting right into the InvestComics Hot Picks almost every week with an amazing variant cover. Keep that up sir, we certainly do not mind.

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A bevy of creators will have a hand in All New All Different Avengers Annual #1. See if your favorite creator(s) are in there. Nice Alex Ross linking covers too.
Accused #1 will feature a Daredevil Fiona Staples variant cover.
When InvestComics informed readers that the Spider-Man Deadpool #1 comic and series was going to be one to get and follow, we were kinda right. Well not kinda, we were. Spider-Man Deadpool #8 comes out with Marvel touting the same thing we have been saying, that every issue sells out and you need to be on top of this series. Spider-Man Deadpool #1 is headed to its seventh printing. The two biggest characters within Disney’s arsenal each month in their own team-up book, it’s a no-brainer here.

Accused #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Accused #1
All New All Different Avengers Annual #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Avengers Annual #1
Spider-Man Deadpool #8
Click to Buy/Bid – Spidey/Deadpool #8
Norman #3
Click to Buy/Bid – Norman #3



Here are some Indie comics and number one issues to definitely check out on Wednesday.
A new book from writer Jonathan Hicks (East of West) will be on the shelf. Check out Black Monday Murders #1 from Image Comics.
Want a dark and twisted retelling of the Peter Pan story? Sure you do! Check out 451 Media Group’s Nvrlnd #1.

We gave our readers an alert on Henchgirl (Scout Comics), which turned out to be a very nice aftermarket series. Now we have been telling readers about the Norman title from Titan Comics every month. Each of the previous two issues have sold out and Norman #3 has sold out before Wednesday’s new comic book day. The series has proven to be an interest to fans and you best be on it.
Sons Of Anarchy Redwood Original #1 (Boom Studios) has show creator Kurt Sutter on board to supervise the making of this comic series. He wants to protect his property and provide the best SOA book for his fans. We get it and that’s awesome.
Starring Sonya Devereaux #1 (American Mythology) features a Walking Dead #1 variant cover.
Blue Hour #1 (Action Lab Entertainment). Suicide Squad Most Wanted El Diablo & Boomerang #1 (DC Comics).

Click on the RED links or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay.

Starring Sonya Devereaux #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Sonya #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Nvrlnd #1
Black Monday Murders #1
Click to Buy/Bid – B M Murders #1
Blue Hour #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Blue Hour #1


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