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New to InvestComics? Please read the Disclaimer here before proceeding…

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IC 100 Club Pick: Batman The Cult #1 (1998) 9.8. Here is a classic Batman story told in four issues from two of the industries best in the biz. Writer Jim Starlin and artist Bernie Wrightson have their hands on this series. They also have their hand in actually signing the cover of this fabulous comic. A MERE $79.99 price tag for two legends of the industry signing the cover here. This is a beauty at that price, for this grade. Buy this now, here, before it’s gone forever. This will be a sure fire collectors item 25 years from now. Jim and Bernie are comic book industry legends because of their styles and the way they told their stories. The industry has learned and follows these two giants because of their amazing talents. This is an amazing book to own. Period.   

Click to Buy/Bid – SPM Deadpool #1
Click to Buy/Bid – SPM Deadpool #9
Click to Buy/Bid – New Avengers #16
Click to Buy/Bid – Moon Girl Dino #11

Love when cover artist get creative and do their horizontal (sideways) covers. Artist; Amy Reeder gives comic fans her sideways cover; Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #11. Love it!

Marvel readers be warned, New Avengers #16 will bring some big time twist and turns within the pages of this book on Wednesday.

InvestComics has a serious influence on the comic book market and industry. Sorry haters, but the truth be told. We mentioned the first issue of Spider-Man Deadpool #1 as a no-brainer speculative/read comic quite a while ago. We predicted a sell out. Naturally (and obviously) this happened. It’s on its 8th printing. As each issue came out we told fans to keep getting each issue. Not only because the series was a well written, action packed book, but the fact that each issue kept selling out. We stated this phrase; “…..each book in this series keeps selling out, so get on top of this…” Well guess who now uses that line as part of their “up-sell” of this series? Yes you got it, Marvel does! You’re welcome guys/gals! So with all of our gloating and patting ourselves on the back out of the way, we arrive to Spider-Man Deadpool #9 this week. Itsy-Bitsy first appeared in the last issue, find out who or what she’s about this coming Wednesday. As for the series? We’re still in the bull market here (bullish). Hey Marvel…….”We’re still in bull market mode regarding the Spider-Man Deadpool series”. It’s okay, you can use it if you’d like, just some credit this time maybe?? And hey Image Comics, the same to you! C’mon guys! Relax fanboys, just having fun here. Save your thread messages and emails, we never listen to what you have to say anyway. 

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Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme #1 will debut in late October. It will feature the first appearance of some characters on the new team Doctor Strange will put together. Marvel clued fans onto this info a while back, but it looks as though fans may get the first appearance(s) happening a bit earlier in this week’s Doctor Strange Annual #1. The Sorcerers Supreme team may appear in this book before their ‘official’ debut a few weeks later in late October.
Deadpool Annual #1 will feature his ‘Insufferable Pals’. Those pals will be Firestar and Iceman. This annual is obviously spoofing on the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends #1 from 1981, which happens to feature the first appearance of Firestar in Marvel’s continuity.
Spider-Gwen #12 pits Spider-Gwen against the Punisher. Should be a fun fight! Go Frank! (Did we say that out loud?). A very cool B&W Baltimore Comic Con variant exist of the regular cover on Ebay. Be sure to check that cover out too when you click the link. 
Cosplay guru Riki ‘Riddle’ Lecotey has sold out her Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #12 variant cover. Kudos Riki!

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Writer Dan Jurgens and artist Ryan Sook bring fans the new Batman Beyond Rebirth #1 title. The delayed Blue Beetle #1 comes out this week. This book is brought to us by Keith Giffen (writer) and Scott Kolins (pencils).
A few weeks ago, readers learned more about the villain Harley Sinn. Find out who Harley Sinn actually is in the revealing of her identity in Harley Quinn And Her Gang Of Harleys #6.
Deathstroke writer Christopher Priest continues to make his title a go-to book each month. Deathstroke #3 brings Rose Wilson (The Ravager) front and center. Rose Wilson (Ravager) first appeared in Deathstroke The Terminator #15 (1992). A very affordable first appearance… the moment. And check out the awesome Shane Davis variant. The Ravager looks fantastic. And also, have you seen our Deathstroke checklist that came out in May 2015 on InvestComics? It’s quite the extensive list. Click HERE and get your books into your collection now.

Click to Buy/Bid – Batman BYND !1
Click to Buy/Bid – Deathstroke #3
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New from DC’s imprint; Vertigo,they are always (well, most of the time) on point as far as reading material goes. Check out Frostbite #1, written by Joshua Williamson and pencils by Jason Shawn Alexander.

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Not only will Valiant Entertainment’s X-O Manowar #50 be a spectacular 64 page anniversary issue, but the variant covers that will accompany this issue are gorgeous. We’ve narrowed down to four covers we love the most, but readers should, without a doubt get a copy of X-O Manowar #50 this Wednesday no matter which cover! Here are the four covers we dig the most; Kaare Andrews, Chip Zdarsky, Shane Davis and Phil Jimenez. The Phil Jimenez variant cover is an Amazing Spider-Man #583 homage. A cover he actually did himself! Valiant Entertainments new team book Generation Zero is making some noise. Readers should definitely be on top of Generation Zero #2. This series will gain momentum as the issues come out, be on top of this one.
Eric Powell continues to destroy any hope in getting first prints of his new hit series; Hillbilly. It looks like Hillbilly #3 will sell out by the time you reach the end of this article. Actually, nope, sold out already. Best get your copy off the rack if you want one.

Click to Buy/Bid – X-O Phil Jimenez
Click to Buy/Bid – AMZ SPM #583
Click to Buy/Bid – X-O Chip Zdarsky
Click to Buy/Bid – X-O Kaare Andrews

The John Watkiss cover from Surgeon X #1 will turn some heads on the new release wall. Then look for readers to love it because Sara Kenney will deliver a unique comic unlike anything else on the market. A possible sleeper hit, be sure to pull this one off the rack. The best part? No variants, just one cover!

Writers Marguerite Bennett/Cameron Deordio, along with artist Audrey Mok bring the new Archie Comics title Josie And The Pussycats #1. Archie’s new television series will bring the ratings and the fans (and new fans) along with it. We think the Archie series will do extremely well, so you better have those Archie comics in order. We put out an Archie Comics checklist back in January of 2015. You can click HERE to get an early start on your Archie collection. Below you will see the covers for Archie Pals N Gals #23 (1962); first appearance of Josie and Josie And The Pussycats #45 (1969); First appearance of Josie and the Pussycats. Click em’, buy them if they are within your price range.

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Click to Buy/Bid – Hillbilly #3
Click to Buy/Bid -Josie Pussycats #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Spider-Gwen #12
Click to Buy/Bid – Surgeon #1





Check out the latest team-up of Tarzan and The Planet of The Apes franchises. Tarzan On The Planet Of The Apes #1 (Dark Horse) will be written by Tim Seeley. We’re there!

IDW Publishing will continue their ‘Revolution‘ crossover event in a few titles this week.
It’s an election year, so American Mythology publishing has your back. Check out Three Stooges Red White & Stooge #1, featuring a “Vote For…” cover for each stooge.

Another sleeper cell this week will be Sentient #1 (Hermes Press). Writer M. Zachary Sherman and artists Emmanuel Xerx/J. Brown on this one. More of the same here as with Surgeon X #1. A different type of story will bring interest from fans once word gets out. A sci-fi/thriller type story that’ll have you coming back.
Vikings Uprising #1 (Titan Comics) is completely sold out.

Click to Buy/Bid – Gen Zero #2
Click to Buy/Bid – Sentient #1
Click to Buy/Bid – Vikings UPR #1
Click to Buy/Bid – X-O Shane Davis






Cover candy from Chapter House Publishing. Northguard #2 cover from Ron Salas is fantastic. The inside of this comic is great too!

Another horizontal cover this week we like, Kings Quest #5 (Dynamite Entertainment).
Other comics to check out this week; Teen Titans Rebirth #1 (DC Comics). Star Trek Waypoint #1 (IDW). Castoffs #1 is sold out (Lion Forge).

Click to Buy/Bid – Pals N Gals #23
Click to Buy/Bid – Josie/Pussycats #45
Click to Buy/Bid – Northguard #2
Click to Buy/Bid – Titans Rebirth #1

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Toy/Figures to check out this Wednesday!

The Walking Dead Travis Manawa 7 inch Action Figure (McFarlane Toys).
POP Heroes 124 Harley Quinn Man Impopster.

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