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A very quick rundown this week due to InvestComics being at the New York Comic Con this week. Enjoy and click away!

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The Great Lake Avengers #1 debuts the team in their own book. Their first appearance came in West Coast Avengers #46 (1989).

After all the hoopla pertaining to Uncanny Inhumans #11, the first appearance of Mosaic, he will get his own title this Wednesday; Mosaic #1 This character better bring a uniqueness to it or else it’s a dead man walking.

The hot read/speculation book of the week goes to Reborn #1. Mark Millar writes and Greg Capullo pencils. How long before this comic is optioned to be a film or a television show? 3 amazing covers to gaze at too. Capello, Jock and a McFarlane. These covers add to the lure of this soon to be hot book. This series will hit the ground running (barring absolutely no delays), so stay on top of it.

Speaking of Jock, did you see that All-Star Batman #3 cover?? Wow.

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Click to Buy/Bid – Web of Spider-Man #19

We informed readers of the Deadpool Merc Money series back in January on the possibility of several spinoff series coming out of this title. We were correct on this. This week another Merc gets his own title; Solo #1. He first appeared in Web of Spider-Man #19 (1986).

…and more about Spider-Man, he begins a new epic event in Clone Conspiracy #1.

Vader meets his end, not his death, but the end of his series. Darth Vader #25 will be the final issue of the series. That’s until there’s a big number one relaunch again. The Chiang variant cover is one of our favs.

Some amazing eye candy this week, check out these covers; Suicide Squad #4 from Lee Bermejo. Deathstroke #4, doing battle with Batman by Shane Davis. Gwenpool #7, white variant by Mike Deodato. Supergirl #3 by Bengal.

Hot series Monstress comes out with its 7th issue this Wednesday.

Here are some new comic series starting up; Chimera Brigade #1, Duck Avenger #1, Lost Boys #1, Electric Sublime #1 and Black Light District 6 issues #1.

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