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IC 100 Club Pick: Here are four comics to BUY NOW at or under $99. No biding. Man-Thing #1 (1979) 9.8. A high grade bronze here and origin retold for only $66.49. DC Super Stars #17 (1977) 7.5. This is the first full appearance and origin of Huntress (Helena Wayne) at only $84. Forever People #8 (1972) 9.6. An earlier Darkseid appearance, Jack Kirby story, art and cover for $84.95. Marvel Feature #4 (1972) 5.5. First Bronze Age Ant-Man appearance and origin retold. Spider-Man appearance as well. All this for only $60.

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DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1 will deliver the goods on new comic day. A ton of world class talent in this $9.99 special. DC is touting the return of Detective Chimp in this book as well. The last time we saw Detective Chimp in action was in 2011’s Zatanna #16. A hard to find/scarce comic and a fantastic Adam Hughes cover to boot. If you’re interested, Detective Chimp’s first appearance (modern) into the DC universe occurred in DC Comics Presents #35 (1981). Art from legend Gil Kane.
Deathstroke #8 concludes the ‘Professional’ story line as Deathstroke battles Superman. The Shane Davis cover is a keeper. More so if you’re a Superman fan….And that Jim Lee Suicide Squad #8 cover too. Wow.
Harley Quinn not only becomes more of a player, but will grace one of the variant covers of the new Batman TMNT Adventures #2.

Daredevil #14 puts the villain Muse front and center in the conclusion of the ‘Dark Art’ story line. Muse paints a dismal Daredevil cover here. A terrific Ron Garney cover. He’s been killing it with these unbelievable Daredevil covers hasn’t he?? Muse could be a villain that sticks in Daredevil’s side for years to come. Muse(2) first appeared a few issues ago in Daredevil #11.

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It turns out (no surprise), after much muttering, moaning and complaining (instead of giving things a chance first, what a concept there), Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows debut was a likable first issue. The consensus is stating that fans actually dig the first issue and now Marvel needs to follow it up with more of the same to garner even more interest. Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #2 will have the new modern day Fantastic Four comic, but with three, different players, a family, well you get the idea, fighting their way out of an attack from the Mole Man. The J. Scott Variant family cover is a beauty. Speaking of Mr. J. Scott Campbell, his Red Sonja #0 variant jumps off the cover.
Kate Bishop begins her solo career this Wednesday, bumping off Clint in Hawkeye #1. Kind of like what Prescott did to Romo. (NFL fans only understand this reference, sorry non-sports fan). Check out Kate Bishop’s first appearance in Young Avengers #1 (2005).
Salvador Espin pays homage to Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man #1 (1990) with his cover for Deadpool Back In Black #5. Also, Chris Stevens pays homage Rob Liefeld’s New Mutants #87 (1990) with his cover for Guardians Of The Galaxy #15.

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The battle begins for the ultimate supreme mutant team in the Marvel universe. IVX #1 pits the Inhumans against the X-Men. Lets revisit here, Disney is so perturbed with Fox Studios regarding the X-Men franchise and them not ‘teaming up’ with Marvel Studios that the original ‘X’ books and Wolverine have basically disappeared from their comic book universe altogether. Disney has announced the Inhumans will be starring in their own television show by next year. Now Disney realized a bit how insecure they have looked, so they are bringing back ONE X title(s) by early next year. So……our money is on the Inhumans. That’s until Fox relinquishes or lets Disney borrow Wolverine from their clasp. Then our dough will be on the X-Men. We can switch sides like that. So can you.
Marvel offers up one of their holiday comics this week; Gwenpool Holiday Special #1 Merry Mix Up.

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Black #3 from Black Mask Comics will sell out. Great story, great product, great company.
Mark Millar and Greg Capullo continue to truck along with their hot series, Reborn. While Reborn #1 hits its third printing this Wednesday, the latest installment, Reborn #3 will hit as well.
Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso are on the same schedule as Reborn each month with their hot series too. Moonshine #3, this Wednesday. Writer Fred Van Lante and artist Ryan Dunlavey offer up the followup to their successful first issue, check out Comic Book History of Comics #2. This series will not disappoint.

More number one comics to check out on new comic book day. New IDW Transformers comic; Transformers Lost Light #1. Writer Joe Harris’ Rockstar #1 (Image Comics). Doctor Strange Punisher Magic Bullets #1 (Marvel), the Run The Jewels variant by Marco D’Alfonso is a keeper. Shadows On The Grave #1 (Dark Horse), written and drawn by Richard Corben.

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Click on the RED links, Images or the comic cover to buy/bid from All available sellers on Ebay.

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