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superman-dc-comicsVixen will get her own series this Wednesday’s Justice League Of America Vixen Rebirth #1. We last saw DC try Vixen in her own title by way of a 5 issue mini-series back in 2008. Vixen first appeared in Action Comics #521 (1981). Her new series will have writers Jody Houser and Steve Orlando with art by Jamal Campbell.
Justice League Power Rangers #1. Not too sure why this team-up is happening, but we’ll remain optimistic here. New York Times best selling author Tom Taylor and artist Stephen Byrne are steering this thing. Let’s see how this goes.
New Super Man #7 has the New Bat-Man of China waiting in the wings. Check out that Bernard Chang cover too.
Artist Jock and writer Scott Snyder debut a new Mr. Freeze in All-Star Batman #6. The Jock covers are awesome too.
Stephen Segovia and Art Thibert provide fans with a great comic cover; Action Comics #971. As does Shane Davis on Deathstroke #10.

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daredevil-marvelMarvel will make it official on new comic book day. Miles and Gwen/Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen will kiss in Spider-Man #12. What will happen from here is anyone’s guess, but the romance officially starts here. Great cover and variants accompany part 1 of ‘Sitting In A Tree’ storyline.
It looks as though one of Marvel’s most notorious villains will be making an appearance in a Daredevil comic after a bit of a layoff. Bullseye will appear in this weeks Daredevil #15. Bullseye last appeared in a Daredevil comic back in 2014’s Daredevil #9. And with the latest series written by Charles Soule and penciled by Ron Garney, it’s been a fantastic ride thusfar. Adding Bullseye to the mix will bring things up a notch.
Silk will get a new costume in Silk #16. Well sort of,she goes undercover and dons a cool new uniform.

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It’s been a little bit since Image Comics had a hit number one comic in their arsenal that no one will see coming. That’s why we have your back. We met the creators of the new series coming this Wednesday God Country at the San Diego Comic Con (2016). They were so nice, writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw. They were nice enough to sign a huge promotional poster for us. They told us a bit about the premise and were extremely passionate in explaining. We urge readers to check out this comic on Wednesday as we can say it will probably sell out quickly. God Country #1.

Motor Crush #1 saw some nice sales. So much so that it sold out and went to a second print. Check out the Babs Tarr, Cameron Stewart followup this week; Motor Crush #2.
Great indie comics to check out on new comic day…..Deep #1 (Boom Studios), author Tom Taylor writes. Another Red Sonja series debuts from Dynamite Entertainment. Check out that J.Scott Campbell cover; Red Sonja #1.
Dr Crowe #1 (215 Ink), Red Dog #2 (451 Media Group), Hard Case Assignment #1 and Khaal #1 (Titan Comics).

Deep #1
Dr Crowe #1
God Country #1
Motor Crush #2
Reassignment #1
Red Dog #2


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